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John Kirkpatrick Chronological Discography

See also: John Kirkpatrick's own discography and David Suff's John Kirkpatrick discography


Various Artists, Festival at Towersey, LP, Zeus CF 201, 1968


Tony Rose, Young Hunting, LP, Trailer LER 2013, 1970


Roy Bailey, Roy Bailey, LP, Trailer LER 3021, 1971

Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band: No Roses (Pegasus PEG 7) Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band: No Roses (B&C CREST 11) Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band: No Roses (Philips 6303 046) Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band, No Roses, LP, Pegasus PEG 7, 1971

Tony Rose, Under the Greenwood Tree, LP, Trailer LER 2024, 1971


Sandy Denny, Sandy, LP, Island ILPS 9207, 1972

Ashley Hutchings and Friends, Morris On, LP, Island HELP5, 1972

John Kirkpatrick, Jump at the Sun, LP, Trailer LER 2033, 1972

Richard Thompson, Henry the Human Fly!, LP, Island ILPS 9197, 1972


Ashley Hutchings & John Kirkpatrick, The Compleat Dancing Master, LP, Island HELP17, 1974

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, The Rose of Britain's Isle, LP, Topic 12TS247, 1974

Shusha, This Is the Day, LP, United Artists UAS 29684, 1974

Richard & Linda Thompson, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, LP, Island ILPS 9266, 1974

Rave On (Edsel EDCD 685) Various Artists, Rave On, LP, B&C/Mooncrest CREST 17, 1974


Jack the Lad, Rough Diamonds, LP, Charisma CAS 1110, 1975

Leon Rosselson & Roy Bailey, That's Not the Way It's Gotta Be, LP, Acorn CF251, 1975

Jon Raven, Ballad of the Black Country, LP, Broadside BRO 116, 1975

Jon Raven, The Bold Navigators, LP, Traditional Sound TSR 019, 1975

Richard Thompson, Hokey Pokey, LP, Island ILPS 9305, 1975

Richard & Linda Thompson, Pour Down Like Silver, LP, Island ILPS 9348, 1975

Electric Muse (Island/Transatlantic 1001) Various Artists, The Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 4 LP, Island/Transatlantic Folk 1001, 1975


Albion Country Band, Battle of the Field, LP, Island HELP 25, 1976

Tony Bird, Tony Bird, LP, CBS 81183, 1976

Bill Caddick, Rough Music, LP, South Hill Park Trust SHP 102, 1976

Shirley Collins, Amaranth, LP, Harvest SHSM 2008, 1976

John Kirkpatrick, Plain Capers, LP, Free Reed FRR 010, 1976

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Among the Many Attractions at the Show Will Be a Really High Class Band, LP, Topic 12TS295, 1976

Richard Thompson, (guitar, vocal), 2 LP, Island ICD 8, 1976

Folk Festival (Transatlantic TRA 324) Various Artists, Folk Festival, 2 LP, Transatlantic TRA(D) 324, 1976


John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Shreds and Patches, LP, Topic 12TS355, 1977

Jon Raven, John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, The English Canals, LP, Broadside BRO 118, 1977

Steeleye Span, Storm Force Ten, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1151, 1977

Steeleye Span, The Boar's Head Carol / Gaudete / Some Rival, single, Chrysalis CHS 2192, 1977


Julie Covington, Julie Covington, LP, Virgin V23107, 1978

Sue Harris, Hammers and Tongues, LP, Free Reed FRR020, 1978

John Kirkpatrick, Going Spare, LP, Free Reed FRR 030, 1978

Steeleye Span, Live at Last!, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1199, 1978

Allan Taylor, The Traveller, LP, Rubber RUB026, 1978

Richard & Linda Thompson, First Light, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1177, 1978

Various Artists, 7. Folk-Festival auf der Lenzburg, 2LP, VoxPop 4009/10, 1978


Roy Bailey & Leon Rosselson, If I Knew Who the Enemy Was, LP, Fuse CF284, 1979

Martin Best, Desdemonalisa, LP, EMI EMC 3281, 1979

Martin Carthy, Because It's There, LP, Topic 12TS389, 1979

Richard Digance, Commercial Road, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1262, 1979

Ralph McTell, Slide Away the Screen, LP, Warner K56599, 1979

Gerry Rafferty, Night Owl, LP, United Artists UAK 30238, 1979

Richard & Linda Thompson, Sunnyvista, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1247, 1979


eith Dewhurst & The Albion Band<: Lark Rise to Candleford (Charisma CDS 4020) Keith Dewhurst & The Albion Band, Lark Rise to Candleford, LP, Charisma CDS 4020, 1980

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Facing the Music, LP, Topic 12TS408, 1980

John Kirkpatrick, Jogging Along With Me Reindeer / King Neptune's Lament, single, Dingle's SID 226, 1980

Sally Oldfield, Celebration, LP, Bronze BRON 528, 1980

Bernie Parry, Sailing to the Moon, LP, Free Reed FRR026, 1980

Phil Rambow, Shooting Gallery, LP, EMI EMC 3304, 1980

Allan Taylor, Roll on the Day, LP, Rubber RUB 040, 1980

Umps and Dumps, The Moon's in a Fit, LP, Topic 12TS416, 1980

Various Artists, The Good Old Way, LP, Topic TPSS412, 1980


Max Boyce, It's Good to See You, LP, EMI MAX 1004, 1981

Tim Hart, My Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme Record, LP, Axis TC-AX-260193, 1981

Vivian Stanshall, Teddy Boys Don't Knit, LP, Charisma CAS 1153, 1981

Steeleye Span, Recollections, LP, Chrysalis L 37753, 1981

Various Artists, Lovely in the Dances: Songs of Sydney Carter, LP, Plant Life PLR 032, 1981

Nuclear Power No Thanks!!? (Plane IMP 2) Various Artists, Nuclear Power: No Thanks!!?, LP, Plane IMP 2, 1981


Roy Bailey, Hard Times, LP, Fuse CF386, 1982

Martin Carthy, Out of the Cut, LP, Topic 12TS426, 1982

The English Country Blues Band, No Rules, LP, Dingle's DIN 323, 1982

John Kirkpatrick, Concertina Album, non-commercial library record, LP, April APR 1003, 1982

Shusha, Here I Love You, LP, Rhapsody RHAP 2, 1982

Various Artists, The Irish R.M., LP, Ritz LP0011, 1982


Brass Monkey, Brass Monkey, LP, Topic 12TS431, 1983

Maggie Holland, Still Pause, LP, Rogue FMSL 2002, 1983

John Kirkpatrick, Three in a Row, LP, Squeezer SQZ 123, 1983

Six Hands in Tempo, Desperate Digits, LP, Plant Life PLR054, 1983

Richard Thompson, Hand of Kindness, LP, Hannibal HNBL 1313, 1983


Martyn Wyndham-Read, A Rose From the Bush, LP, Greenwich Village GVR 222, 1984

Martyn Wyndham-Read et al., The Old Songs, LP, Greenwich Village GVR 225, 1984


Roy Bailey, … Freedom Peacefully, LP, Fuse CF386, 1985

Richard Thompson, Doom and Gloom From the Tomb, cassette, Flypaper FLYC 001, 1985

Various Artists, Feed the Folk, LP, Temple FTP 001, 1985


Brass Monkey, See How It Runs, LP, Topic 12TS442, 1986

The Kipper Family, The Crab Wars, 2xLP, Dambuster DAM 017, 1986

Leon Rosselson, Bringing the News from Nowhere, LP, Fuse CF390, 1986

Richard Thompson, Daring Adventures, LP, Polydor POLD 5202, 1986

Loudon Wainwright III: More Love Songs (Demon FIEND 79) Loudon Wainwright III, More Love Songs, LP, Demon FIEND 79, 1986

Martyn Wyndham-Read, Across the Line, LP, Greenwich Village GVR 232, 1986

Martyn Wyndham-Read et al., Yuletracks, LP, Greenwich Village GVR 235, 1986


John Kirkpatrick: Blue Balloon (Squeezer SQZ 124) John Kirkpatrick, Blue Balloon, LP, Squeezer SQZ 124, 1987

Simon Nicol, ‘Before Your Time…’, LP, Woodworm WR010, 1987

Leon Rosselson: Ballad of a Spycatcher (Upside Down UPDO 007) Leon Rosselson, Ballad of a Spycatcher / Song of the Free Press, single, Upside Down UPDO 007, 1987

The Children in Need Album (Pudsey PUD 001) Various Artists, The Children in Need Album, cassette, Pudsey Recordings PUD 001, 1987


Roy Bailey, Leaves from a Tree, LP, Fuse CF394, 1988

Martin Carthy, Right of Passage, LP, Topic 12TS452, 1988

John Kirkpatrick, Sheepskins, cassette, Squeezer SQZ 125, 1988

Leon Rosselson: I Didn't Mean It (Fuse CF392) Leon Rosselson, I Didn't Mean It, LP, Fuse CF392, 1988

Richard Thompson, Amnesia, CD, Capitol CDP 7 48845 2, 1988

Pere Ubu, The Tenement Year, LP, Fontana 834 537, 1988

The Derby Tub Presents… (BBC Radio Derby DTP-01) Various Artists, The Derby Tup Presents…, cassette, BBC Radio Derby DTP-01, 1988

Various Artists, Het Zwarte Goud (Black Gold), LP, BRT (Belgium) 88 7103, 1988

Various Artists, Tap Roots, LP, Folk Roots FROOT 002, 1988


Roy Bailey, Why Does It Have to Be Me?, LP, Fuse CF396, 1989

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Stolen Ground, LP, Topic 12TS453, 1989

Tim Hart, Favourite Nursery Rhymes and Other Children's Songs, CD, EMI Compacts for Pleasure CC 244, 1989


The Sporting Life? (Agit-Prop PROP 6) Various Artists, The Sporting Life? An Artists for Animals Compilation, LP, Agit-Pro PROP 6, 1990


Roy Bailey with Stalking Horses and John Kirkpatrick, Never Leave a Story Unsung, CD, Fuse CFCD398, 1991

Ray Fisher, Traditional Songs of Scotland, CD, Saydisc CD-SDL 391, 1991

Dembo Konte, Kansu Kuyateh & The Jali Roll Orchestra, Jali Roll, CD, Rogue FMSD 5020, 1991

Richard Thompson, Doom and Gloom II (Over My Dead Body), cassette, Flypaper FLYC 003, 1991

Richard Thompson, Rumor and Sigh, CD, Capitol CDP 7 95713 2, 1991

Richard Thompson, Sweet Talker, CD, Capitol CDP 7 94490 2, 1991

Pere Ubu, Worlds in Collision, CD, Fontana 848.564 2, 1991

Various Artists, All Through the Year, CD, Hokey Pokey 2002.2, 1991


Roy Bailey, What You Do With What You've Got, CD, Fuse CFCD399, 1992

Dan Ar Braz, Rêve de Siam, soundtrack CD, Keltia Musique (France) KMCD 32, 1992

Ian Carter & Dingle's Regatta, Folk Dance, audio cassette pack, BBC Educational Publishing, ISBN 0 563 35163 2, 1992

Leon Rosselson, Guess What They're Selling at the Happiness Counter, CD, Fuse CFCD003, 1992

Tarika Sammy, Fanafody, CD, Rogue FMSD 5024, 1992

Voices (Fellside FECD87) Voices (Musica Pangaea MP10004) Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD87, 1992


Brass Monkey, The Complete Brass Monkey, CD, Topic TSCD467, 1993

Martin Carthy, The Collection, CD, Green Linnet GLCD 1136, 1993

Martin Carthy, Rigs of the Time, CD, Music Club MCCD 145, 1993

Kepa Junkera, Riccardo Tesi, John Kirkpatrick, Trans-Europe Diatonique, CD, Silex Y 225026, 1993

Richard Thompson, Watching the Dark, 3 CD, Hannibal HNCD 5303, 1993

Various Artists: Undefeated (Fuse M100) Various Artists, Undefeated, 2 cassettes, Fuse M100, 1993

Various Artists, The Folk Collection, CD, Topic TSCD470, 1993


Band of Hope, Rhythm & Reds, CD/cassette, Musikfolk MFCD512, 1994

John Kirkpatrick, Earthling, CD, Music & Words MWCD 4006, 1994

John Kirkpatrick, A Short History of John Kirkpatrick, CD, Topic TSCD473, 1994

Martin Long, The Climbing Boy, CD, Sweep CD001, 1994

Ralph McTell, Slide Away the Screen and Other Stories, CD, Road Goes on Forever RGF CD 021, 1994

Richard Thompson, Mirror Blue, CD, Capitol CDP 7 81492 2, 1994

Loudon Wainwright III, One Man Guy: The Best of Loudon Wainwright 1982-1986, CD, Music Club MCCD 166, 1994

Various Artists, Folk Routes, comp. CD, Island IMCD 197, 1994


Richard Digance, Live at the Q.E.H. / Commercial Road, CD, BGO BGOCD304, 1995

Ashley Hutchings, The Guv'nor Volume 3, CD, HTD HTDCD 38, 1995

Steeleye Span, Spanning the Years, 2 CD, Chrysalis CDCHR 6093, 1995

Various Artists, English Traditional Dancing, cass. EFDSS SCH1, 1995

Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 1 (Rhino R2 72161) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 1, CD, Rhino R2 72161, 1995


Rick Kemp, Escape, CD, Fellside FECD114, 1996

The John Kirkpatrick Band, Force of Habit, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3007, 1996

Linda Thompson, Dreams Fly Away: A History of Linda Thompson, CD, Hannibal HNCD 1379, 1996

The Voice of Folk (TSCD705) Various Artists, The Voice of Folk, CD, Topic TSCD705, 1996


Frankie Armstrong, Till the Grass O'ergrew the Corn, CD, Fellside FECD116, 1997

Vikki Clayton, Movers & Shakers, CD, A New Day AND CD 15, 1997

Christine Collister, Blue Aconite, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3010, 1997

The John Kirkpatrick Band, Welcome to Hell, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3011, 1997

Val Littlehales, Live at the Poppy House, cass., Landscape Radio & Recording Association, 1997

Leon Rosselson, Perspectives, CD, Fuse CFCD006, 1997

Ballads (Fellside FECD110) Various Artists, Ballads, CD, Fellside FECD110, 1997

Georgia on Our Mind (Deep Sea SeaD 8001) Various Artists, Georgia on Our Mind, CD, Deep Sea Records, SeaD 8001, 1997

Huntingdon Folk (SVL 04CD) Various Artists, Huntingdon Folk, CD, Speaking Volumes SVL 04CD, 1997

New Electric Muse II (Castle ESB CD 517) Various Artists, New Electric Muse, Volume 2, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 517, 1997


The Albion Band, The BBC Sessions, CD, Strange Fruit SFSCD 050, 1998

Roy Bailey, Past Masters, CD, Fuse CFCD403, 1998

Brass Monkey, Sound & Rumour, CD, Topic CD TSCD501, 1998

John Kirkpatrick, One Man & His Box, CD, Music & Words MWCD 4024, 1998

Wassail! A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter (Fellside FECD125) Wassail! A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter (Fellside FECD125) John Kirkpatrick et al, Wassail! A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter, CD, Fellside FECD125, 1998

Huntingdon Folk 2 (SVL 06CD) Various Artists, Huntingdon Folk 2, CD, Speaking Volumes SVL 06CD, 1998

Various Artists, Oliver Twist, radio dramatisation, 2 cass., BBC ZBBC 2140, 1998

The Rough Guide to English Roots Music (World Music RGNET 1018 CD) Various Artists, The Rough Guide to English Roots Music, CD, World Music RGNET 1018 CD, 1998


Frankie Armstrong, The Garden of Love, CD, Fellside FECD144, 1999

Christine Collister, Songbird, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3025, 1999, 1999

William Kimber, Absolutely Classic: The Music of William Kimber, CD, EFDSS CD03, 1999

John Kirkpatrick, How to Play the English Melodeon, Volumes 1 & 2, 2 VHS, Mrs Casey MCRV 9991/9992, 1999

Steeleye Span, A Rare Collection 1972-1996, CD, Raven RVCD 90, 1999

Steeleye Span, The Journey, 2 CD, Park Records PRKCD 52, 1999

Various Artists, Boxing Clever: A Concertina Compilation, CD, Milestones 9904, 1999

Various Artists, English Originals, comp. CD, Topic TSCD706, 1999

Various Artists, The Folk Collection, comp. 2 CD, Topic TSCD707/8, 1999

Various Artists, Megin, CD, Fflach TRADD CD212H, 1999

Various Artists, Roots, CD, Nascent ENSCDD 1999, 1999

Various Artists, Routes, CD, Nascent ENSCDD 2000, 1999


Roy Bailey, Coda, CD, Fuse CFCD404, 2000

Sandy Denny, No More Sad Refrains, 2 CD, Island CRNCD 7, 2000

Richard & Linda Thompson, The End of the Rainbow, CD, Island IMCD 270, 2000

And We'll All Have Tea (Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106) Various Artists, And We'll All Have Tea… English Folk Anthology, 2 CD, Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106, 2000

Various Artists, As Good As It Gets – Folk, 2 CD, Disky DO 999902, 2000


Brass Monkey, Going & Staying, CD, Topic TSCD531, 2001

Martin Carthy: The Carthy Chronicles (Free Reed FRQCD 60) Martin Carthy, The Carthy Chronicles, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 60, 2001

John Kirkpatrick, How to Play the English Melodeon, Volume 3, VHS, Mrs Casey MCRV 1004, 2001

John Kirkpatrick, Mazurka Berserker, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3030, 2001

John Kirkpatrick & Concert Party, Tunes from the Trenches, Bishop's Castle Community College, private cassette recording, 2001

Dembo Konte, Kansu Kuyateh & The Jali Roll Orchestra, Jali Roll, CD, Weekend Beatnik WEBE9038, 2001

Martin Young, Botany Bay, CD, Sweep CD002, 2001

Various Artists, All Together Now – Children's Favourite TV Themes, CD, Universal TV 5855712, 2001

Flash Company (Fellside FECD156) Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of 25 Years of Fellside Records (1976-2001), 2 CD, Fellside FECD156, 2001

Various Artists, Folk Awards 2001, CD, Topic TSCD850, 2001


Roy Bailey, Up the Wooden Hill, CD, Fuse CFCD170201, 2002

Shirley Collins, Within Sound, 4 CD, Fledg'ling NEST 5001, 2002

The English Country Blues Band, Unruly, CD, Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9040, 2002

The Reel & Soul Association, The Reel & Soul Association, CD, Flying Sparks TBDCC 065, 2002

The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic TSFCD 4001) Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4001, 2002

Various Artists, English Folk, CD, BMG Explorer BPM 2013, 2002

Various Artists, Omnium Omnibus, CD, Omnium OMM 2030, 2002

This Label Is Not Removable (Free Reed FRTCD 25) Various Artists, This Label is Not Removable, 3 CD, Free Reed FRTCD 25, 2002


Martin Carthy, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6001, 2003

John Kirkpatrick, Orlando's Return: 55 English Traditional Tunes, CD, Mally DMPCD0301, 2003

John Kirkpatrick, Garrick's Delight: 48 English Traditional Tunes, CD, Mally DMPCD0302, 2003

John Kirkpatrick et al, Fanfare for the South West, CD Fellside FECD125, 2003

Dave Swarbrick, English Fiddler, CD, Naxos World 76045-2, 2003

Richard Thompson, More Guitar, live recording from 1988, CD, Beeswing, 2003

Various Artists, English Traditional Dancing, CD, EFDSS EFDCD 08, 2003

Various Artists, Four Seasons of Folk, CD, Parade PAR 2084, 2003

Various Artists, Nowt So Funny As Folk, CD, Ada ADA105CD, 2003

Song Links (Fellside FECD176D) Various Artists, Song Links: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their Australian Variants, 2 CD, Fellside FECD176D, 2003


Harvey Andrews, Somewhere in the Stars, CD, HASKA CD 004, 2004

Mike Bosworth, By Chance It Was, CD, Green Ltd RDG CD 1003, 2004

Brass Monkey, Flame of Fire, CD, Topic TSCD550, 2004

Bára Grímsdóttir, Funi, CD, Green Man Production GMCD 002, 2004

Benji Kirkpatrick, Half a Fruit Pie, CD, Fellside FECD181, 2004

John Kirkpatrick, The Duck Race, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3043, 2004

Logic, Carrickfergus, CD, DVS Records, 2004

Logic, Shades of Ireland, CD, DVS Records 2004

Richard & Linda Thompson, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, CD reissue w/ bonus tracks, Island IMCD304, 2004

Richard & Linda Thompson, Hokey Pokey, CD reissue w/ bonus tracks, Island IMCD305, 2004

Richard & Linda Thompson, Pour Down Like Silver, CD reissue w/ bonus tracks, Island IMCD306, 2004

Various Artists, Douarnenez port de fête, CD, Le Chasse-Marée 047, 2004

The English Collection (Highpoint HPO6010) Various Artists, The English Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6010, 2004

Various Artists: Evolving Tradition 4 (Mrs Casey MCRCD4002) Various Artists, Evolving Tradition 4, CD, Mrs Casey MCRCD4002, 2004

Folk Festival Sidmouth (Godd Disks GOTTBOX 011) Various Artists, Folk Festival: A Celebration of Music Recorded at the Sidmouth International Festival, 2 CD, Gott Disks GOTTBOX 011, 2004

Various Artists, Stepping Up, CD, Topic TSCD752, 2004

Various Artists, The Transports – Silver Edition, 2 CD, Free Reed FRDCD 2122, 2004

Where the Laverock Sings (Ythan YCD08) Various Artists, Where the Laverock Sings, CD, Ythan YCD08, 2004


Roy Bailey with Martin Simpson & John Kirkpatrick, Sit Down & Sing, CD, Fuse CFCD406, 2005

Brass Monkey, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6011, 2005

Burning Bright: The Ashley Hutchings Story (Free Reed FRQCD 50) Ashley Hutchings, Burning Bright, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 50, 2005

John Kirkpatrick & Chris Parkinson, The Sultans of Squeeze, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3056, 2005

The John Kirkpatrick All Stars, Dancing Folk, CD & DVD, EFDSS, 2005

Various Artists, Anglo International! Anglo Concertina Playing from Around the World, CD, Folksound FSCD 70, 2005

Various Artists, And They All Sang RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD012, 2005

Folk Awards 2011 (Proper PROPERFOLK11) Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2005, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK01, 2005

Song Links 2 (Fellside FECD190D) Various Artists, Song Links 2: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their American Variants, 2 CD, Fellside FECD190D, 2005


John Kirkpatrick, Carolling & Crumpets, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3060, 2006

John Kirkpatrick, How to Play the English Melodeon, 2 DVD, Mrs Casey MCRDVD 6002, 2006

The Life and Music of Richard Thompson, 6 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 55, 2006

Folk Awards 2006 Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2006, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK02, 2006

Midwinter (Free Reed FRQCD30) Various Artists, Midwinter, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 30, 2006

Various Artists, Men Folk, CD, Fellside FECS 1, 2006

Various Artists, Women Folk, CD, Fellside FECS 1, 2006


Maggie Holland, Bones, CD, Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9044, 2007

John Kirkpatrick, Make No Bones, 2 CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3065, 2007

John Kirkpatrick, Plain Capers, CD reissue w/ bonus tracks, Free Reed FRRR01, 2007

John Kirkpatrick and Karen Tweed, The Severn Suite, tune book w/ CD, TASC, ISBN 978-0-9556537-0-4, 2007

Linda Thompson, Versatile Heart, CD, Rounder 11661-3217-2, 2007

Richard & Linda Thompson, …in Concert, November 1975, CD, Island IMCD 327, 2007

Steve Tilston: Reaching Back (Free Reed FRQCD 70) Steve Tilston, Reaching Back, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 70, 2007

The Mother of All Morris (Talking Elephant TECD118) Various Artists, The Mother of All Morris, CD, Talking Elephant TECD118, 2007


Thea Gilmore, Liejacker, CD, Fullfill FCCD109, 2008

Katy Lied, Late Arrival, CD, Katy Lied KLCD01, 2008

Benji Kirkpatrick: Boomerang (Navigator NAVIGATOR2) Benji Kirkpatrick, Boomerang, CD, Navigator NAVIGATOR2, 2008

John Kirkpatrick, Going Spare, CD reissue w/ bonus tracks, Free Reed FRRR10, 2008

Maddy Prior, Seven for Old England, CD, Park Records PRKCD 100, 2008

Leon Rosselson, A Proper State, CD, Fuse CFCD024, 2008

Huntingdon Folk 4 (SVL14CD) Various Artists, Huntingdon Folk 4, CD, Speaking Volumes SVL 14CD, 2008

Never Chance Your Luck Against the Sea (Deckchair Productions DPCD 102/3) Various Artists, Never Chance Your Luck Against the Sea, 2 CD, Deckchair DPCD 102/3, 2008

Various Artists, New Folk Routes, comp. CD, Rev-Ola CD REV 237, 2008


Roy Bailey, Below the Radar, CD, Fuse CFCD407, 2009

Brass Monkey, Head of Steam, CD, Topic TSCD575, 2009

Generosity (WildGoose WGS365CD) Folk for M.S., Generosity: A Unique Collection Celebrating 20 Years of Folk for M.S., CD, WildGoose WGS365CD, 2009

John Kirkpatrick, The Dance of the Demon Daffodils, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3075, 2009

Stuart Negus, Feast, CD, Mighty Oak Music MOM001, 2009

Three Score and Ten (Topic TOPIC70) Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Roy Bailey, Tomorrow, CD, Fuse CFCD408, 2010

Dave Swarbrick, Raison D'Être, CD, SHIRTY1, 2010

Folk Awards 2010 (Proper PROPERFOLK10) Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2010, 3 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK10, 2010


Thea Gilmore, Don't Stop Singing: Songs by Sandy Denny, CD, Island 2778351, 2011

John Kirkpatrick, God Speed the Plough, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3084, 2011

Leon Rosselson, The World Turned Upside Down, 4 CD, PM Press PMA 014-2 / Fuse CFCD077, 2011

Richard & Linda Thompson, Live at the BBC, 3 CD + DVD, Universal 533 290-9, 2011

Banquet of Boxes (Mrs Casey MCRCD1102) Various Artists, Banquet of Boxes, CD, Mrs Casey MCRCD1102, 2011


Tracey Browne, Everyone Is Ordinary, CD, own label, 2012

Rob Williams, Outstanding Natural Beauty: Songs from around the Quantock Hills, CD, Quantock QRCD101, 2012


Brass Monkey, The Best of Live: 30th Anniversary Celebration, CD, Park PRKCD 125, 2013

John Kirkpatrick, Every Mortal Place, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3089, 2013

The John Kirkpatrick Band, The Complete John Kirkpatrick Band, 2 CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3091, 2013

Linda Thompson: Won't Be Long Now (Topic TSCD822) Linda Thompson, Won't Be Long Now, CD, Topic TSCD822, 2013


Wilson & Swarbrick, Lion Rampant, CD, Shirty SHIRTY4, 2014

Folk Legacy: The 40th Girvan Traditional Folk Festival (Traditional Arts Development) Various Artists, The 40th Girvan Traditional Folk Festival, 2 CD, Traditional Arts Development, 2014


John Kirkpatrick, Tunes from the Trenches, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3099, 2015


Leon Rosselson, A New Ground, CD, Dotted Line DLCD002, 2016

Leon Rosselson, Where Are the Barricades?, CD, PM Press PMA 021-2 / Fuse CFCD999, 2016

The Journey Continues (Fellside FECD272) Various Artists, The Journey Continues: Fellside at 40, 3 CD, Fellside FECD272, 2016


Chris Foster, Hadelin, CD, Green Man GMCD008, 2017

John Kirkpatrick, Coat-Tails Flying, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3104, 22 September 2017

From Here: English Folk Field Recordings (From Here SITW005) Stick in the Wheel present: From Here: English Folk Field Recordings, CD, From Here SITW005, 2017


Will Pound: Through the Seasons (Lulubug 004) Will Pound, Through the Seasons, CD, Lulubug 004, 2018

Destination: Fellside Recordings 1976-2018 (Fellside FECD282) Various Artists, Destination: The End of an Era for a Leading Folk Music Label, 3 CD, Fellside FECD282, 2018


Ian A. Anderson: Onwards! (Ghosts from the Basement GFTB 7053) Ian A. Anderson, Onwards!, CD, Ghosts from the Basement GFTB 7053, 2019


Ian A. Anderson: Onwards! Vol. 2—A Crown of Crows (Ghosts from the Basement GFTB 7054) Ian A. Anderson, Onwards! Vol. 2—A Crown of Crows, CD, Ghosts from the Basement GFTB 7054, 2020

Stick in the Wheel: Hold Fast (From Here SITW016CD) Stick in the Wheel, Hold Fast, CD, From Here SITW016CD, 21 August 2020

Various Artists: Roy Bailey Remembered (Towersey Festival TF202001) Various Artists, Roy Bailey Remembered, A celebration of Roy's music and life recorded at Towersey Festival 2019, 2 CD, Towersey Festival TF202001, 2020


The Electric Muse Revisited (Good Deeds GDM060) Various Artists, The Electric Muse Revisited: The Story of Folk into Rock and Beyond, 4 CD, Good Deeds Music GDM060, 2021

Notes and Acknowledgements

Non-essential albums, e.g. various artists compilations with John Kirkpatrick tracks easily available elsewhere, are listed in grey instead of black.