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Banquet of Boxes

Banquet of Boxes (Mrs Casey MCRCD1102)

Banquet of Boxes
A celebration of the English Melodeon
Various Artists

Mrs Casey Records MCRCD1102 (CD, UK, 2011)

Recorded by Ich Mowatt at Sounding Post, Nottingham except
Track 6 recorded by Paulo at Wren Music,
Track 12 recorded at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire;
Produced and mixed by Ich Mowatt, Sounding Post and Simon Care;
Mastered by Warwick Pilmer at Clipstore, Leeds;
Banquet photography by Phil Sofer;
Design and artwork by Lioux Heap, MCR and Alex Holloway, Wallis Agency


  1. Nick Cooke: Gerry the Frog / Old Noll’s Jig (4.35)
  2. John Spiers: George Green’s College Hornpipe / Ewan Mac’s Export / Autumn Hornpipe (3.54)
  3. Dan & Matt Quinn: No More Wabbits (5.32)
  4. Saul Rose: Banks of the Dee / Willam & Nancy (3.16)
  5. Mark Bazeley with Rob Murch: Over the Fields of Turnips (3.31)
  6. Ed Rennie: The Corn and the Blue / South Downs (3.48)
  7. Simon Bannister with Cate Bannister: Edward’s Waltz / 11:30 in Mallaig (4.41)
  8. Katie Howson: Thames Valley Soldier’s Joy / Lemmie Brazil’s No 1 / Cecil Pearl’s Petronella (3.29)
  9. Andy Cutting: Northern Lass / Waiting for Janet (3.00)
  10. Simon Care with Will Pound: Last of the Winter Wine Gums / Schottische de Catinaux / Shotin (2.42)
  11. Simon Ritchie: Alf Ritchie’s Balanced Incline (3.56)
  12. John Kirkpatrick: The Railway / The Steamboat Quickstep (2.33)

Track 1a Nick Cooke;
Track 1b trad. arr. Nick Cooke;
Track 2a trad. arr. John Spiers;
Tracks 2bc John Spiers;
Track 3 Matt Quinn;
Track 4 trad. arr. Saul Rose;
Track 5 trad. arr. Mark Bazeley, Rob Murch;
Track 6a Ed Rennie;
Track 6b Jim Harding;
Track 7a Simon Bannister;
Track 7b Simon Keegan-Phipps;
Track 8 trad.;
Track 9a trad. arr. Andy Cutting;
Track 9b Andy Cutting;
Track 10a Simon Care;
Track 10b trad. arr. Simon Care;
Track 11 Simon Ritchie;
Track 12 trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick