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Hand of Kindness

Richard Thompson: Hand of Kindness (Hannibal HNCD 1313)

Hand of Kindness
Richard Thompson

Hannibal Records HNBL 1313 (CD, UK, June 1983)
Hannibal Records HNCD 1313 (CD, UK, 19xx)

Produced by Joe Boyd;
Recorded by Bill Gill;
Mixed by Martin Balk;
Mastered by Jack Skinner;
Cover photographs by Bill Gill;
Editorial assistance by Ilana Pelzig;
Art direction and design by Margot Core


Richard Thompson: vocals, lead guitar;
Simon Nicol: guitar;
Dave Pegg: bass;
Dave Mattacks: drums;
Pete Thomas: saxophone;
Pete Zorn: saxophone and backing vocals;
John Kirkpatrick: accordion, concertina;
Clive Gregson: backing vocals;
Aly Bain: violin [8];
John Hiatt, Bobby King: backing vocals [7, 9]


LP Side 1

  1. Tear Stained Letter (4.40)
  2. How I Wanted To (5.08)
  3. Both Ends Burning (3.49)
  4. A Poisoned Heart and a Twisted Memory (5.22)

CD Bonus Track

  1. Where the Wind Don’t Whine (4.05)

LP Side 2

  1. The Wrong Heartbeat (3.12)
  2. Hand of Kindness (5.55)
  3. Devonside (4.43)
  4. Two Left Feet (3.50)

All songs composed by Richard Thompson