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Facing the Music

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: Facing the Music (Topic 12TS408)

Facing the Music
John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

Topic Records 12TS408 (LP, UK, 1980)
Topic Records TSDL408 (digital download, UK, January 2010)

Recorded at Millstream Studios by Nick Critchley;
Produced by Tony Engle and John Kirkpatrick;
Notes by John Kirkpatrick;
Design by Tony Engle;
Photography by Bob Naylor


John Kirkpatrick: Anglo concertina, bass concertina, melodeon, button accordion;
Sue Harris: hammered dulcimer, oboe


Side 1

  1. John Locke’s Polka / Three Jolly Sheepskins (4.10)
  2. Kettle Drum (3.39)
  3. Trip to the Cottage / Hunting the Squirrel / Jack Of the Green (6.15)
  4. A Shelter in the Time of Storm / We Shall Be Happy (3.31)
  5. Millfield / Saturday Night and Sunday Morn (3.32)

Side 2

  1. Garrick’s Delight / The Flaxley Green Dance (3.49)
  2. Crocker’s Reel (2.05)
  3. Roast Beef / All Flowers in Broome (4.56)
  4. The Rope Waltz (5.24)
  5. A Cheshire Hornpipe / Black Mary’s Hornpipe (4.07)

All tracks trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris