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The Children in Need Album

The Children in Need Album (Pudsey PUD 001)

The Children in Need Album
Presented by BBC Manchester’s “Folk Like Us”
Various Artists

Pudsey Recordings PUD 001 (cassette, UK, 1987)

All the material on this cassette has been donated by the artists especially for the occasion and, with the exception of Fairport Convention, all tracks are unavailable by the artist on previous recordings. Keith Hancock and Bernard Wrigley’s contributions have appeared on their albums but appear here as completely new arrangements. The album is produced by BBC Manchester’s programme “Folk Like Us” c/o Michael Billington. All proceeds will go to the Children in Need Appeal.


Side 1

  1. John O’Hagan & Dave Howard: Jock o’ Hazeldean (Roud 250; Child 293; G/D 5:1029) (3.30)
  2. Stanley Accrington: Hello Little Stranger [Stanley Accrington] (5.45)
  3. Martin Carthy: Dollia (Roud 2611) (3.26)
  4. Keith Hancock: Eyes of a Child [Keith Hancock] (3.27)
  5. Kashmir: Mendocino [Kate McGarrigle] (2.40)
  6. Bram Taylor: Sand in Your Shoes [Al Stewart] (2.44)
  7. John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: The Burning Spear [trad. Cuban] (5.30)
  8. Fiona Simpson: Save the Last Dance [Doc Pomus, Mort Schuman] (3.49)
  9. Tom Shepley’s Band: Factory Doll (Roud 3470) (3.44)
  10. Brian Peters: King Knapperty (Roud 32; Child 33; G/D 7:1505) (2.40)
  11. Lynne Percival: Winter’s Song [Grace Slick] (3.43)
  12. Fairport Convention: Innstück [Maartin Allcock] (2.03)

Side 2

  1. Tom Topping Band: A Sight for Sore Eyes [Tom Topping Band] (3.17)
  2. Bernard Wrigley: Other Folk’s Childer [Bernard Wrigley, Pomfret] (1.53)
  3. Pat Ryan: Pteri [I. Carter] (3.49)
  4. The Houghton Weaver: When I Was a Lad [Fay, McVey] (2.57)
  5. Tony Nyland: This Town [Tony Nyland] (3.55)
  6. Geoff Higginbottom: Spare the Child [Geoff Higginbottom] (4.48)
  7. Gentleman Soldier: The Witch [trad.] (3.53)
  8. Les Barker: The Lonely Little Lemming [Les Barker] (2.04)
  9. Clive Gregson & Christine Collister: I Wonder What Went Wrong [Clive Gregson] (3.04)
  10. Maggie Billington: Little Piecer [trad.] (1.25)
  11. The Electropathics: Harry Rag [Ray Davies] (2.48)
  12. Pete Morton: Old Riley [trad.] (4.45)
  13. Gordon Jones & Bob Thomas: New York Girls (Roud 486) (1.36)
  14. John & Phil Cunningham: Fairy Dance [trad.] (2.40)


Thanks to Michael Billington for sending me a copy of the cassette.