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Various Artists: Undefeated (Fuse M100)

A Benefit for the Miners
Various Artists

Fuse Records M100 (2 cassettes, UK, 1993)

Original recordings and compilation at: JB Recording Services, Windsor; Meadow Farm Studio, Lower Hartshay, Ripley, Derbyshire; Panda Sound, North Dalton, North Humberside.
Thank you to The Grimethorpe Colliery Band and to Matthew Scott for permission to use his arrangement of Raise Your Banners High.
The extract of Tony Benn’s speech is from the House of Commons debate of 21 October 1992.


Attila the Stockbroker, Roy Bailey, Tony Benn MP, Coope Boyes & Simpson. Billy Bragg, Nick Burbridge & The McDermotts, Martin Carthy, Chumbawamba, Pip Collings, The Grimethorpe Collier Band, Sue Harris, Ray Hearne, Maggie Holland, Robb Johnson, The Johnson Collings Band, Ron & Miriam Kavana, John Kirkpatrick, Liberty Cage, Joan & Dave Malloy, Liz Mansfield, The Price, Press Gang, Jock Purdon, Tom Robinson, Leon Rosselson, Janet Russel, Stalking Horses, TV Smith, Dave Swarbrick, Taffy Thomas, Velvet Fist, Mike Waterson, Roger Watson


Side 1

  1. Tony Benn & The Grimethorpe Colliery Band: Speech to Parliament (3.30)
  2. Chumbawamba: Coal Not Dole (3.12)
  3. TV Smith: My String Will Snap (2.59)
  4. Coope, Boyes & Simpson: Remembrance Day (1.46)
  5. Ron & Miriam Kavana: Stand / Close It Down (3.50)
  6. Ray Hearne: Moonpenny Hill (4.36)
  7. Billy Bragg: A Change Is Gonna Come (3.31)
  8. Liberty Cage: Je Suis Mickey Mouse (3.40)
  9. Roy Bailey & Pip Collings: Red and Green (4.46)

Side 2

  1. Tom Robinson: What You Gonna Do Now? (3.16)
  2. Press Gang: Riddle Song (4.25)
  3. Maggie Holland: The Collier Laddie (Roud 3787; G/D 5:991) (2.26)
  4. John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: The Old Miner (Roud 1136) (4.48)
  5. Velvet Fist: Song of the Grunwick Pickets (1.47)
  6. Martin Carthy: The Song of the Lower Classes (Roud V39520) (4.43)
  7. Robb Johnson with Roy Bailey, Pip Collins, Maggie Holland, TV Smith: Undefeated (4.22)
  8. Roy Bailey & The Grimethorpe Colliery Choir: Raise Your Banners High (3.36)

Side 3

  1. Coope Boyes & Simpson: Coal Not Dole (4.14)
  2. Attila the Stockbroker: 40 Years (3.22)
  3. Mike Waterson: Major’s Minor Triumph (2.54)
  4. Janet Russell: Sanctuary (4.39)
  5. The Johnson Collings Band: Weigh the Value (3.33)
  6. The Price: I Made a Stand (2.21)
  7. Roger Watson: Farewell to the Monty (2.25)
  8. Roy Bailey with Stalking Horses: Draglines (5.23)

Side 4

  1. Nick Burbridge & The McDermotts: North & South (4.45)
  2. Leon Rosselson with Liz Mansfield, Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick: Out of the Smoke and Fire of History (4.04)
  3. Jock Purdon: Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down (2.19)
  4. Joan & Dave Malloy: A Miner’s Life (Roud 3510) (4.45)
  5. Taffy Thomas: The Pear Pip (7.21)
  6. Robb Johnson & Pip Collings: Rejoice, the Junta Is Collapsing (3.56)
  7. Tony Benn & The Grimethorpe Colliery Band: Raise Your Banners High (3.36)