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The Voice of Folk

The Voice of Folk (Topic TSCD705)

The Voice of Folk
Various Artists

Topic Records TSCD705 (CD, UK, 1996)

Compiled by Simon Geal;
Produced by Tony Engle;
Cover montage by David Suff;
Design and digital art by John Haxby


  1. Norma Waterson: When First I Came to Caledonia (5.12)
    from Waterson:Carthy (TSCD475, 1994)
  2. Martin Carthy: Old Horse (3.47)
    from Out of the Cut (12TS426, 1982)
  3. Eliza Carthy: The Grey Cock (3.59)
    from Waterson:Carthy (TSCD475, 1994)
  4. Dick Gaughan: Bonnie Lass Amang the Heather (Roud 375; G/D 5:962; Henry H177) (3.21)
    from Gaughan (12TS384, 1978)
  5. Nic Jones: The Little Pot Stove (5.34)
    from Penguin Eggs (12TS411, 1980)
  6. Maddy Prior: Somewhere Along the Road (3.20)
    from No More to the Dance (12TS450, 1988)
  7. Ewan MacColl: The Four Loom Weaver (2.51)
    from Shuttle and Cage (10T13, 1957) and Steam Whistle Ballads (12T104, 1964)
  8. John Kirkpatrick: Old Man Jones (3.23)
    from The Rose of Britain’s Isle (12TS247, 1974)
  9. June Tabor: The King of Rome (3.49)
    from Aqaba (12TS449, 1988)
  10. Battlefield Band: The Shipyard Apprentice (3.49)
    from The Battlefield Band (12TS313, 1977)
  11. Shirley Collins: False True Love (3.42)
    from The Sweet Primeroses (12T170, 1967)
  12. Four Men and a Dog: Joh (4.05)
    from Shifting Gravel (SPDCD 1047, 1993)
  13. Richard Thompson: Time to Ring Some Changes (3.44)
    from Hard Cash (SPD 1027, 1990)
  14. The Albion Band: Striking for Another Land (5.50)
    from Give Me a Saddle, I’ll Trade You a Car (12TS454, 1989)
  15. Brass Monkey: Doctor Fausters Tumblers / The Night of Trafalgar / Prince William (6.22)
    from See How it Runs (12TS442, 1986)