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Wilson & Swarbrick: Lion Rampant

Wilson & Swarbrick: Lion Rampant (Shirty SHIRTY4)

Lion Rampant
Wilson & Swarbrick

Shirty Records SHIRTY4 (CD, UK, 17 February 2014)
Wheel Records WR008B (CD, Canada, 2014)

Produced by Jason Wilson, Dave Swarbrick and Mars Giammarco;
Recorded between 2009 and 2013 in Ajax, Bolton, Coventry, Edinburgh, New York and Toronto;
Engineered by Norm Baker, Bernie Cisternas, David Donnelly, Jeff Wallace, Mars Giammarco, Rick Morrison, Fred Porter, Dave Swarbrick and Jason Wilson;
Mixed at Silverbirch Studios, Toronto;
The Lion Rampant, cover painting by Jill Swarbricks-Banks;
Graphic art by Cheryl Geonauga


Marcus Ali, tenor, alto and baritone saxophone, clarinet;
Iain Green, drums;
R.J. Satchithananthan, trombone, euphonium;
Andrew Stewart, bass, banjo;
Dave Swarbrick, fiddle, mandolin;
Jason Wilson, vocals, piano, organ, bass, guitar, accordion

The Bevvy Sisters (Lindsey Black, Heather Macleod, Kaela Rowan), vocals [3-5, 1o-11];
Tim Bovaconti, acoustic guitar and mandolin [10], lap steel [11];
Carol Brown, vocals [9];
Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar [7];
Jerry Donahue, lead guitar [11];
Pee Wee Ellis, tenor saxophone [2];
Mars Giammarco, vocals [3, 10], acoustic guitar [11];
Sunray Grennan, drums [4-5, 7];
Bobby Hsu, alto saxophone [2, 8];
John Kirkpatrick, button accordion [7];
Peggy Seeger, banjo [4];
Chris Whiteley, cornet [7, 10]


  1. Will Ye Go to the Indies, My Mary (1.54)
  2. John the Gun (4.36)
  3. Why Must I Plead / Jamaica (5.39)
  4. The Fish Gutters Song (Roud 12504) (2.39)
  5. Red Rose Medley: My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose / No Woman, No Cry (3.56)
  6. Among Proddy Dogs and Papes (3.30)
  7. Lads-A-Bunchum Medley: Lads-A-Bunchum / Highland Mary / Monks March (4.12)
  8. The Ballad of Jack McLaren (3.09)
  9. War Down a Monkland (1.22)
  10. Damascus (9.22)
  11. Sail On (5.37)

Tracks 1, 5a Robert Burns arr. Jason Wilson, Dave Swarbrick;
Track 2 Sandy Denny;
Track 3a Richard Thompson;
Track 3b trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Jason Wilson, Arjuna Satchithananthan;
Track 4 trad., new words by Ewan MacColl;
Track 5b Vincent Ford;
Track 6 Alistair Hulett;
Track 7 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Jason Wilson;
Track 8 Jason Wilson;
Track 9 trad. arr. Jason Wilson;
Track 10 Jason Wilson, Dave Swarbrick;
Track 11 Dick Gaughan