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Shusha: Shusha / This Is the Day

Shusha: Shusha (United Artists 29757)


United Artists Records UAS 29575 (LP, UK, 1974)

This Is the Day

United Artists Records UAS 29684 (LP, UK, 1974)

Shusha: This Is the Day (United Artists 29684)
Shusha: Shusha / This Is the Day (BGO BGOCD531)

Shusha / This Is the Day

BGO Records BGOCD531 (CD, UK, 2001)

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The CD is a compilation of Shusha's LPs Shusha (tracks 1-10) and This Is the Day (tracks 11-21).


ShushaThis Is the Day

Shusha, vocals;
Tim Jones, piano, electric piano, organ, percussion;
Tom Whyte, bass, percussion;
Martin Hayward, guitar, 12-string guitar, percussion;
Graham Matthews, drums, percussion;
Gerald T. Moore, guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, Moog synthesiser, organ

Shusha, vocals;
Gerald T. Moore, Martin Hayward, guitar;
Tim Jones, organ, piano [14];
Gerry Conway, drums;
Pat Donaldson, electric bass;
Chris Lawrence, acoustic bass;
John “Rabbit” Bundrick, piano;
Mox, harmonica;
Frank Ricotti, percussion;
B.J. Cole, pedal steel, dobro guitar;
John Kirkpatrick, accordion


The track numbers are those of the CD reissue.

ShushaThis Is the Day
  1. Natalia (3.48)
  2. Durable Fire (3.36)
  3. Ariel (3.13)
  4. Barun Baruneh (2.51)
  5. Here and Now (4.11)
  6. In the Ghetto (3.48)
  7. How Sweet I Roamed (3.15)
  8. Wind of Keltia (3.15)
  9. Wild Flowers (3.08)
  10. South of the Great Sea (3.54)
  1. This Is the Day (3.10)
  2. Bye Bye Johnny (Johnny B Goode) (2.56)
  3. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (4.13)
  4. Marieke (3.05)
  5. Heroes (4.01)
  6. Every Time We Say Goodbye (3.33)
  7. Siren's Call (3.54)
  8. Young Lovers Do (4.09)
  9. Pretty Boy Floyd (3.49)
  10. The Lake Isle of Innisfree (1.59)
  11. Song of America (Shenandoah) (4.12)

Tracks 1, 5, 9, 15, 17 Shamsi Assar (Shusha), Roy Apps, Gerald T. Moore;
Track 2 Raleigh, Maude;
Track 3 Maude, Shakespeare;
Track 4 trad. arr. Shamsi Assar (Shusha), Gerald T. Moore;
Track 6 Mac Davis;
Track 7 William Blake, Michael Jesset;
Track 8 Alan Stivell, Steve Waring;
Track 10 Whalley, Michael Jesset;
Track 11 Don Van Vliet;
Track 12 Chuck Berry;
Track 13 Bob Dylan;
Track 14 words Jacques Brel, music Gérard Jouannest;
Track 16 Cole Porter;
Track 18 Van Morrison;
Track 19 Woody Guthrie;
Track 20 words W.B. Yeats, music Richard Dyer-Bennett;
Track 21 Gerald T. Moore

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Shusha: Here I Love You

Shusha: Here I Love You (Rhapsody RHAP 2)

Here I Love You

Rhapsody Records RHAP 2 (LP, UK, 1982)

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Recorded at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall, England;
Engineer: Jerry Boys;
Produced and arranged by Claude Alvarez;
Executive producer: Dominique Vignet;
Cover photo, Adrian Buckmaster


Shusha, vocals, backing vocals;
Lesley Duncan, Gayle Cunningham, backing vocals;
J.A. Gardet, keyboards;
Patrick Tyson, guitars;
Claude Alvarez, acoustic guitar;
John McKenzie, bass guitar;
John Kirkpatrick, accordion;
David Winthrop, saxophone;
Richard Bailey, sono drums;
Daryl Le Que, percussion


Side 1Side 2
  1. Here I Love You (3.08)
  2. Pity the Children (4.43)
  3. You Can Always Feel It (2.50)
  4. Brief (2.40)
  5. Poet and the Gypsy (4.06)
  1. Lola (3.50)
  2. Sunset on Persepolis (4.04)
  3. King of Hearts (3.22)
  4. Refugee (3.02)
  5. The Idol (3.12)

All tracks written by Shamsi Assar (Shusha) except
Tracks 5, 6 Shamsi Assar (Shusha), Roy Apps;
Track 7 Shamsi Assar (Shusha), Roy Apps, Gerald T. Moore