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Kim Edgar: Consequences (Quietly Fantastic QFM006) Kim Edgar, Consequences, CD, Quietly Fantastic QFM006, early 2023

Emily Portman & Rob Harbron: Time Was Away (Rob Records CD04) Emily Portman & Rob Harbron, Time Was Away, CD, Rob Records CD04, 22 November 2022

Lady Maisery: Tender (Lady Maisery) Lady Maisery, Tender, CD, Lady Maisery, 4 November 2022

Janice Burns & Jon Doran: No More the Green Hills (Janice Burns & Jon Doran JBJD002) Janice Burns & Jon Doran, No More the Green Hills, CD, Janice Burns & Jon Doran JBJD002, 28 October 2022

Eliza Carthy & The Restitution: Queen of the Whirl (Hem Hem) Eliza Carthy & The Restitution, Queen of the Whirl, CD, Hem Hem, 28 October 2022

Sam Sweeney: Escape That (Hudson HUD032CD) Sam Sweeney, Escape That, CD, Hudson HUD032CD, 21 October 2022, LP, Hudson HUD032LP, 11 November 2022

Breabach: Fàs (Breabach BRE007CD) Breabach, Fàs, CD, Breabach BRE007CD, 14 October 2022

The Magpies: Undertow (Gilded Lily GLWCD18) The Magpies, Undertow, CD, Gilded Lily GLWCD18, 14 October 2022

The Unthanks: Sorrows Away (RabbleRouser RRM024) The Unthanks, Sorrows Away, CD, RabbleRouser RRM024, 14 October 2022

Angeline Morrison: The Sorrow Songs (Topic TSCD611) Angeline Morrison, The Sorrow Songs, CD, Topic TSCD611, 7 October 2022

Siskin Quartet: Flight Paths (Eight Nerve 8nerve0xx) Siskin Quartet, Flight Paths, CD, Eight Nerve 8nerve0xx, 30 September 2022

Various: Sea Song Sessions (Topic TSCD612) Various Artists, Sea Song Sessions, CD, Topic TSCD612, 30 September 2022

Siobhan Miller: Bloom (Songprint SPR006CD) Siobhan Miller, Bloom, CD, Songprint SPR006CD, 16 September 2022

Frankie Archer: Lucy Wan (Frankie Archer) Frankie Archer, Lucy Wan, DL single, Frankie Archer, 9 September 2022

Iona Fyfe: Lady Finella (Cairnie IF22LF) Iona Fyfe, Lady Finella, DL single, Cairnie IF22LF, 3 September 2022

Brìghde Chaimbeul, Ross Ainslie, Steven Byrnes: LAS (Great White GWR008CD) Brìghde Chaimbeul, Ross Ainslie, Steven Byrnes, LAS, CD, Great White GWR008CD, 2 September 2022

Jackie Oates: Gracious Wings (Needle Pin Records NP2) Jackie Oates, Gracious Wings, CD, Needle Pin NP2, 2 September 2022

Eliza Carthy & The Restitution: Queen of the Whirl EP 2 (Hem Hem) Eliza Carthy & The Restitution, Queen of the Whirl EP 2, EP, Hem Hem, 1 September 2022

Tarren: Revel (Tarren) Tarren, Revel, CD, Tarren, 29 August 2022

Fara: Energy Islands (Fara FARA003) Fara, Energy Islands, CD, Fara FARA003, 26 August 2022

Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh: Flowers (Daria Kulesh) Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh, Flowers, EP, Daria Kulesh, 15 August 2022

Eliza Carthy & The Restitution: Queen of the Whirl EP 1 (Hem Hem) Eliza Carthy & The Restitution, Queen of the Whirl EP 1, EP, Hem Hem, 4 August 2022

Hushman: It's All in the Distance (Hudson) Hushman, It's All in the Distance, DL single, Hudson, 1 August 2022

Katie Doherty and The Navigators: Flow (Nookton NOOKCD01) Katie Doherty and The Navigators, Flow, CD, Nookton NOOKCD01, 29 July 2022

The Wilderness Yet: What Holds the World Together (Scribe SRCD09) The Wilderness Yet, What Holds the World Together, CD, Scribe SRCD08, 21 July 2022

Damian McKee, Gudrun Walther, Aaron Jones: High Doh (artes ARCD5030) Damian McKee, Gudrun Walther, Aaron Jones, High Doh, CD, artes ARCD5030, 15 July 2022

Jenny Sturgeon & M.G. Boulter: Flint Knapped (Hudson) Jenny Sturgeon & M.G. Boulter, Flint Knapped, DL single, Hudson, 15 July 2022

Bella Hardy: Love Songs (Noe NOE13) Bella Hardy, Love Songs, CD, Noe NOE13, 8 July 2022

Ruth Keggin & Rachel Hair: Lossan (March Hair MHRCD006) Ruth Keggin & Rachel Hair, Lossan, CD, March Hair MHRCD006, 8 July 2022

Hushman: Bite of Fire (Hudson) Hushman, Bite of Fire, DL single, Hudson, 1 July 2022

Tamsin Elliott: Frey (Penny Fiddle PFR2206CD) Tamsin Elliott, Frey, CD, Penny Fiddle PFR2206CD, 30 June 2022

Tina Jordan Rees: Beatha (Tina Jordan Rees TJR005CD) Tina Jordan Rees, Beatha, CD, Tina Jordan Rees TJR005CD, 24 June 2022

Kim Carnie: And So We Gather (Càrn CÀRN001) Kim Carnie, And So We Gather, CD, Càrn CÀRN001, 17 June 2022

Anna Tam: Hatching Hares (Tam TAM003) Anna Tam, Hatching Hares, CD, Tam TAM003, 10 June 2022

M.G. Boulter: A Shadow Falls Over New Brighton (Hudson HUD030) M.G. Boulter, A Shadow Falls Over New Brighton, DL EP, Hudson HUD030, 3 June 2022

Fräulein Frey: Ein Wagnis (Janetomat) Fräulein Frey, Ein Wagnis, CD, Janetomat, 3 June 2022

Hannah Rarity: To Have You Near (Hannah Rarity HR085HYN) Hannah Rarity, To Have You Near, CD, Hannah Rarity HR085HYN, 3 June 2022

Hannah Read & Michael Starkey: Cross the Rolling Water (Hudson HUD028CD) Hannah Reed & Michael Starkey, Cross the Rolling Water, CD, Hudson HUD028CD, 3 June 2022; LP, Hudson HUD028LP, 12 August 2022

Maz O'Connor: What I Wanted (Restless Head RHRCD2201) Maz O'Connor, What I Wanted, CD, Restless Head RHRCD2201, 27 May 2022

Steeleye Span: Good Times of Old England (Chrysalis CRB1491) Steeleye Span, Good Times of Old England, 12 CD, Chrysalis CRB1491, 27 May 2022

Stick in the Wheel with Nabibah Iqbal, Jon1st & Olugbenga: Perspectives on Tradition (From Here SITW018CD) Stick in the Wheel with Nabibah Iqbal, Jon1st & Olugbenga, Perspectives on Tradition, CD, From Here SITW018CD, 27 May 2022

Eabhal: Aisling (Eabhal EAB02) Eabhal, Aisling, CD, Eabhal EAB02, 20 May 2022

Hushman: The Rising Line (Hudson) Hushman, The Rising Line, DL single, Hudson, 17 May 2022

Eliza Delf: Into the Wilderness (Peace in the Head EJDCD001) Eliza Delf, Into the Wilderness, CD, Peace in the Head EJDCD001, 13 May 2022

Ye Vagabonds: Nine Waves (River Lea RLR016LP/CD) Ye Vagabonds, Nine Waves, LP/CD, River Lea RLR016LP/CD, 13 May 2022

The Shackleton Trio: Mousehold (Shackleton Trio) The Shackleton Trio, Mousehold, CD, Shackleton Trio, 7 May 2022

Alice Allen and Patsy Reid: Strathspey Queens (Ardgowan AR02) Alice Allen and Patsy Reid, Strathspey Queens, CD, Ardgowan AR02, 6 May 2022

Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones: A Year Too Late and a Month Too Soon (Splid SPLIDCD29) Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones, A Year Too Late and a Month Too Soon, CD, Splid SPLIDCD29, 6 May 2022

Bróna McVittie: The Woman in the Moon (Company of Corkbots) Bróna McVittie, The Woman in the Moon, DL single, Company of Corkbots, 6 May 2022

Kate Rusby: 30: Happy Returns (Pure PRCD73) Kate Rusby, 30: Happy Returns, CD, Pure PRCD73, 6 May 2022

Katie Doherty and The Navigators: Hurricane (Nookton) Katie Doherty and The Navigators, Hurricane, DL single, Nookton, 4 May 2022

Kinnaris Quintet: This Too (Kinnaris Quintet KQ002CD) Kinnaris Quintet, This Too, CD, Kinnaris Quintet KQ002CD, 4 May 2022

The Haar: Where Old Ghosts Meet (Under the Eaves UTE006) The Haar, Where Old Ghosts Meet, CD, Under the Eaves UTE006, 29 April 2022

Angeline Morrison: The Brown Girl and Other Folk Songs (Angeline Morrison) Angeline Morrison, The Brown Girl and Other Folk Songs, CD, Angeline Morrison, 1 May 2022

Nick Hart Sings Ten English Folk Songs (Roebuck RRCD003) Nick Hart, Sings Ten English Folk Songs, CD, Roebuck RRCD003, 29 April 2022

Topette!!: Bourdon (Topette!! TPT004) Topette!!, Bourdon, CD, Topette!! TPT004, 24 April 2022

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage: Ink of the Rosy Morning (Topic TSCD610) Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, Ink of the Rosy Morning, CD, Topic TSCD610, 1 April 2022

Iona Lane: Hallival (Iona Lane ILR001CD) Iona Lane, Hallival, CD, Iona Lane ILR001CD, 25 March 2022

Salt House: Headwater (Hudson) Salt House, Headwater, DL single, Hudson, 18 March 2022

The Haar: Wild Rover (Under the Eaves) The Haar, Wild Rover, DL single, Under the Eaves, 17 March 2022

Oysterband: Read the Sky (Running Man RMCD8) Oysterband, Read the Sky, CD, Running Man RMCD8, 4 March 2022

The Exmouth Shanty Men: Tall Ships and Tavern Tales (WildGoose WGS438CD) The Exmouth Shanty Men, Tall Ships and Tavern Tales, 2 CD, WildGoose WGS438CD, 4 March 2022

3 on the Bund: Frenzy (3 on the Bund) 3 on the Bund, Frenzy, CD, 3 on the Bund, 1 March 2022

Dom Prag: Needle & Thread (Dom Prag) Dom Prag, Needle & Thread, CD, Dom Prag, 25 February 2022

Peter Knight & John Spiers: Both in a Tune (Knight & Spiers KSCD002) Peter Knight & John Spiers, Both in a Tune, CD, Knight & Spiers KSCD002, 11 February 2022

Talisk: Dawn (Talisk TALISK03CD) Mandy Morton & Spriguns, After the Storm, CD, Talisk TALISK03CD, 11 February 2022

Talisk: Dawn (Talisk TALISK03CD) Talisk, Dawn, CD, Talisk TALISK03CD, 11 February 2022

Josienne Clarke: I Promised You Light (Corduroy Punk CPR07) Josienne Clarke, I Promised You Light, CD EP, Corduroy Punk CPR07, 4 February 2022

Heal &Harrow: Heal & Harrow (Shadowside SHADOW05) Heal & Harrow, Heal & Harrow, CD, Shadowside SHADOW05, 4 February 2022

Lyre Lyre: Gin and Strathspey (Lyre Sound LYRE001) Lyre Lyre, Gin and Strathspey, CD, Lyre Sound LYRE001, 4 February 2022

RURA: Our Voices Echo (RURA RURACD004) RURA, Our Voices Echo, CD, RURA RURACD004, 4 February 2022

Sam Sweeney: Solo (Hudson HUD027CD) Sam Sweeney, Solo, DL EP, Hudson HUD027CD, 4 February 2022

Jon Wilks: The Fowler (Jon Wilks) Jon Wilks, The Fowler, DL single, Jon Wilks, 4 February 2022

Megson: Unknown Waters (EDJ EDJ032) Megson, Unknown Waters, CD EDJ EDJ032, 2 February 2022

Trip: A Drop for Neptune (Trip Music TMRCD001) Trip, A Drop for Neptune, CD, Trip Music TMRCD001, 28 January 2022

Megan Henderson: Pilgrim Souls (Mega Henderson MHM01CD) Megan Henderson, Pilgrim Souls, CD, Megan Henderson Music MHM01CD, 21 January 2022

Adam Ross: Staring at Mountains (Olive Grove ORG0047) Adam Ross, Staring at Mountains, LP/CD, Olive Grove OGR0047, 14 January 2022

Talisk: Echo 22 (Talisk) Talisk, Echo 22, DL single, Talisk, 31 December 2021

Nancy Kerr: The Poor Shall Wear the Crown (Little Dish LiDiCD004) Nancy Kerr, The Poor Shall Wear the Crown: Songs of Leon Rosselson, CD, Little Dish LiDiCD004, 26 December 2021

Iona Fyfe: Poor Ditching Boy (Cairnie IF21POOR) Iona Fyfe, Poor Ditching Boy, DL single, Cairnie IF21POOR, 20 December 2021

The Wilderness Yet: Turn the Year Round (Scribe SRCD08) The Wilderness Yet, Turn the Year Round, CD, Scribe SRCD08, 14 December 2021

Island Girls: Beach Daze (May Monday Adventures MMA6327005) Island Girls Beach Daze, CD, May Monday Adventures MMA6327005, 13 December 2021

Belshazzar's Feast: That's All Folkies! (WildGoose WGS437CD) Belshazzar's Feast, That's All Folkies!, CD, WildGoose WGS437CD, 10 December 2021

Spell Songs II: Let the Light In (Quercus QRCD005) Various Artists, Spell Songs II: Let the Light In, CD, Quercus QRCD005, 10 December 2021

Jim Causley: Devonia (Hrōc HROC06) Jim Causley, Devonia, CD, Hrōc HROC06, 8 December 2021

Duncan Lyall: A Tale of Tolbooth (Duncan Lyall) Duncan Lyall, A Tale of Tolbooth, CD, Duncan Lyall, 3 December 2021

Salt House: Working for Zeus (Hudson HUD026CD) Salt House, Working for Zeus, CD EP, Hudson HUD026CD, 3 December 2021

Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh: The Cossack's Bride (Daria Kulesh) Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh, The Cossack's Bride, DL single, Daria Kulesh, 30 November 2021

Fourth Moon: Odyssey (Fourth Moon) Fourth Moon, Odyssey, CD, Fourth Moon, 26 November 2021

Marit and Rona: Nollaig (Marit and Rona) Marit and Rona, Nollaig, DL EP, Marit and Rona, 26 November 2021

Hannah James & Toby Kuhn: Sleeping Spirals (JigDoll JDR003) Hannah James & Toby Kuhn, Sleeping Spirals, CD, Jigdoll JDR003, 19 November 2021

Seth Lakeman: Make Your Mark (Honour Oak HNR04CD) Seth Lakeman, Make Your Mark, CD, Honour Oak HNR04CD, 19 November 2021

Seth Lakeman: Freedom Fields (Anniversary Edition) (Honour Oak HNR06CD) Seth Lakeman, Freedom Fields (Anniversary Edition), 2 CD, Honour Oak HNR06CD, 19 November 2021

Old Blind Dogs: Knucklehead Circus (OBDmusic OBDCD015) Old Blind Dogs, Knucklehead Circus, CD, OBDmusic OBDCD015, 19 November 2021

Isla Ratcliff: The Castalia (Isla Ratcliff ISLAR01CD) Isla Ratcliff, The Castalia, CD, Isla Ratcliff ISLAR01CD, 19 November 2021

Amy Thatcher: Let What's In, Out (Amy Thatcher AT002) Amy Thatcher, Let What's In, Out, CD, Amy Thatcher AT002, 17 November 2021

Doran: Doran (Spinster SIS0008) Doran, Doran, CD, Spinster SIS0008, 5 November 2021

Ian Robb and James Stephens: Declining With Thanks (Fallen Angle FAM13) Ian Robb and James Stephens, Declining With Thanks, CD, Fallen Angle FAM13, November 2021

Reg Meuross and Harbottle & Jonas: Songs of Love & Death (Hatsongs HAT024) Reg Meuross and Harbottle & Jonas, Songs of Love & Death, CD, Hatsongs HAT024, 29 October 2021

Mishra: Reclaim (Misrha MSR005) Mishra, Reclaim, CD, Mishra MSR006, 29 October 2021

Findlay Napier & Megan Henwood: Story Song Scientists: Quantum Lyrics (Dharma DHARMACD44) Findlay Napier & Megan Henwood, Story Song Scientists: Quantum Lyrics, CD, Dharma DHARMACD44, 29 October 2021

Mànran: Ùrar (Mànran MAN05) Mànran, Ùrar, CD, Mànran MAN05, 22 October 2021

Maz O'Connor: Jessica (Restless Head) Maz O`Connor, Jessica, DL single, Restless Head, 22 October 2021

Steeleye Span: Hark! The Village Wait Live (Park PRK CD157) Steeleye Span, Hark! The Village Wait Live, CD, Park PRK CD157, 17 October 2021

Cara: Grounded (artes ARCD5030) Cara, Grounded, CD, artes ARCD5030, 15 October 2021

Sarah McQuaid: The St Buryan Sessions (Shovel and a Spade SAASCD002) Sarah McQuaid, The St Buryan Sessions, CD, Shovel and a Spade SAASCD002, 15 October 2021

Various: Fire Draw Near (River Lea RLR012LP) Various, Fire Draw Near, LP, River Lea RLR012LP, 15 October 2021

Julian Littman: Goblin Market Music Julian Littman (w/ Steeleye Span), Goblin Market Music, CD, Julian Littman, 10 October 2021

Granny's Attic: The Brickfields (Grimdon GRICD005) Granny's Attic, The Brickfields, CD, Grimdon GRICD005, 8 October 2021

Mel Biggs: From Darkness Comes Light (Talking Cat TCCD2103) Mel Biggs, From Darkness Comes Light, CD, Talking Cat TCCD2103, 1 October 2021

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach: Spiorachas - A High Place (Braw Sailin' CD010BSR) Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach, Spiorachas - A High Place, CD, Braw Sailin' CD010BSR, 1 October 2021

§Hamish Henderson: Ballad of the Banffies (Greentrax CDTRAX410) Hamish Henderson, Ballad of the Banffies, CD, Greentrax CDTRAX410, 1 October 2021

Devin Hoff: Voices from the Empty Moor (Kill Rock Stars CDKRS711) Devin Hoff, Voices from the Empty Moor, Songs of Anne Briggs, CD, Kill Rock Stars CDKRS711, 1 October 2021

Ian King: Inebriate of Air (Fledg'ling FLED 3113) Ian King, Inebriate of Air, CD, FLED 3113, 1 October 2021

Findlay Napier: It Is What It Is (The Bothy Society TBS04) Findlay Napier, It Is What It Is, CD, The Bothy Society TBS04, 1 October 2021

Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan: Still As Your Sleeping (Hudson HUD025CD) Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan, Still As Your Sleeping, LP/CD, HUD025LP/CD, 1 October 2021