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Tony Bird

Tony Bird: Tony Bird (CBS 81183)

Tony Bird
Tony Bird

CBS 81183 (LP, UK, 1976)

Recorded at CBS Studios, London, England;
Engineer: Bernie O'Gorman; assistant: Damian Korner;
Produced by Tom Wilson and Larry Fallon for Namjac Record Productions;
Cover design: Richard Bird, Roslav Szaybo;
Photographs by Gered Mankowitz;
Front conver retouching by Michael Mann Studio


Tony Bird, acoustic guitar, vocals;
Jeremy Taylor, acoustic guitar [3, 8], penny whistle [4, 9];
Emmanuel Rentzos, keyboards;
Winston Delandro, electric guitar;
Richard Bailey, drums;
Ernest Baido, electric bass;
Lucky Ramko, electric guitar [9];
James Mene, drums [9];
Ernest Mothle, electric bass [9];
John Kirkpatrick, accordion, concertina;
Graham Smith, harmonica;
The Kwa Zulu Singers;
T.L. Bedeau, baritone saxophone;
George Lee, tenor and soprano saxophone;
Steve Amazing, bass [3]


Side 1Side 2
  1. Song of the Long Grass (3.15)
  2. Windows of My Life (4.40)
  3. Outeniqua (4.31)
  4. Athlone Incident (6.06)
  1. Wayward Daughters (3.46)
  2. Old Man's Song (4.26)
  3. Grinding Stone (1.44)
  4. She Came from the Karroo (3.40)
  5. Riff Valley (5.10)

All tracks written by Tony Bird