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Tony Bird

Tony Bird: Tony Bird (CBS 81183)

Tony Bird
Tony Bird

CBS 81183 (LP, UK, 1976)

Recorded at CBS Studios, London, England;
Engineer: Bernie O’Gorman; assistant: Damian Korner;
Produced by Tom Wilson and Larry Fallon for Namjac Record Productions;
Cover design: Richard Bird, Roslav Szaybo;
Photographs by Gered Mankowitz;
Front conver retouching by Michael Mann Studio


Tony Bird: acoustic guitar, vocals;
Jeremy Taylor: acoustic guitar [3, 8], penny whistle [4, 9];
Emmanuel Rentzos: keyboards;
Winston Delandro: electric guitar;
Richard Bailey: drums;
Ernest Baido: electric bass;
Lucky Ramko: electric guitar [9];
James Mene: drums [9];
Ernest Mothle: electric bass [9];
John Kirkpatrick: accordion, concertina;
Graham Smith: harmonica;
The Kwa Zulu Singers;
T.L. Bedeau: baritone saxophone;
George Lee: tenor and soprano saxophone;
Steve Amazing: bass [3]


Side 1

  1. Song of the Long Grass (3.15)
  2. Windows of My Life (4.40)
  3. Outeniqua (4.31)
  4. Athlone Incident (6.06)

Side 2

  1. Wayward Daughters (3.46)
  2. Old Man’s Song (4.26)
  3. Grinding Stone (1.44)
  4. She Came From the Karroo (3.40)
  5. Riff Valley (5.10)

All tracks written by Tony Bird