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Storm Force Ten

Steeleye Span: Storm Force Ten (BGOCD 337)

Storm Force Ten
Steeleye Span

Chrysalis CHR 1151 (LP, UK, November 1977)
Chrysalis L 36432 (LP, Australia)
Phonogram/Chrysalis 6307 615 (LP, Germany)
Ariola/Chrysalis 202.748 (LP, Germany)
BGO Records BGOCD 337 (CD, UK, April 1997)

Recorded at Phonogram Studios, Hilversum, Holland in one week in September 1977;
Produced by Steeleye Span and Mike Thompson


Maddy Prior: vocals;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar;
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar;
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, accordion;
Rick Kemp: bass;
Nigel Pegrum: drums


Side 1

  1. Awake, Awake (5.06)
  2. Sweep, Chimney Sweep (Roud 1217) (4.45)
  3. The Wife of the Soldier (2.40)
  4. The Victory (Roud 2278) (8.37)

Side 2

  1. The Black Freighter (5.59)
  2. Some Rival (Roud 587) (3.23)
  3. Treadmill Song (Roud 1077) (6.12)
  4. Seventeen Come Sunday (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791; Henry H152) (5.08)

All tracks trad. except
Track 5 from “The Threepenny Opera”, Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill


The return of Martin Carthy and the arrival of John Kirkpatrick was marked by an album recorded virtually “live”, with little over-dubbing, consisting largely of tracks they had worked out on their British tour of a few weeks earlier.

Tim Hart, Robin Denselow: The Complete Steeleye Span, 1978


Thanks to Gordon Oremland, Jay Jansill and especially to Marco Zanzi for getting the lyrics straight.