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Storm Force Ten

Steeleye Span: Storm Force Ten (BGOCD 337)

Storm Force Ten
Steeleye Span

Chrysalis CHR 1151 (LP, UK, November 1977)
Chrysalis L 36432 (LP, Australia)
Phonogram/Chrysalis 6307 615 (LP, Germany)
Ariola/Chrysalis 202.748 (LP, Germany)
BGO Records BGOCD 337 (CD, UK, April 1997)

Recorded at Phonogram Studios, Hilversum, Holland in one week in September 1977;
Produced by Steeleye Span and Mike Thompson


Maddy Prior: vocals;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar;
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar;
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, accordion;
Rick Kemp: bass;
Nigel Pegrum: drums


Side 1Side 2
  1. Awake, Awake (5.06)
  2. Sweep, Chimney Sweep (Roud 1217) (4.45)
  3. The Wife of the Soldier (2.40)
  4. The Victory (Roud 2278) (8.37)
  1. The Black Freighter (5.59)
  2. Some Rival (Roud 587) (3.23)
  3. Treadmill Song (Roud 1077) (6.12)
  4. Seventeen Come Sunday (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791; Henry H152) (5.08)

All tracks trad. except
Track 5 from “The Threepenny Opera”, Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill


The return of Martin Carthy and the arrival of John Kirkpatrick was marked by an album recorded virtually “live”, with little over-dubbing, consisting largely of tracks they had worked out on their British tour of a few weeks earlier.

Tim Hart, Robin Denselow: The Complete Steeleye Span, 1978


Thanks to Gordon Oremland, Jay Jansill and especially to Marco Zanzi for getting the lyrics straight.