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Leon Rosselson: Perspectives (Fuse CFCD006)

Leon Rosselson

Fuse Records CFCD006 (Compilation CD, UK, 1997)
Gadfly Records Gadfly 241 (CD, USA, 2000)


Leon Rosselson with Roy Bailey, Steve Berry, Dave Bishop, Billy Bragg, Martin Carthy, Sue Harris, Terry Johnston, John Kirkpatrick, Rory McLeod, Steve McManus, The Oysterband, and Fiz Shapur


  1. The Ant and the Grasshopper (2.33)
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Martin Carthy, guitar
  2. Perspectives (3.01)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  3. They're Going to Build a Motorway ... (2.48)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  4. Plan (4.04)
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; John Kirkpatrick, jew's harp, button accordion, chorus; Sue Harris, oboe, chorus; Martin Carthy, chorus
  5. The Man Who Puffs the Big Cigar (4.21)
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar, backing vocals; Fiz Shapur, piano, French horn; Leon Rosselson, glockenspiel, backing vocals
  6. Garden of Stone (2.44)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Fiz Shapur, keyboards
  7. History Lesson (2.54)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  8. Ballad of a Spycatcher (5.26)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Billy Bragg, electric guitar; The Oysterband: Alan Prosser, electric guitar, chorus; John Jones, melodeon, chorus; Ian Kearey, electric bass; Ian Telfer, fiddle; Russel Lax, percussion
  9. Song of the Moderate Man (3.55)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  10. Consider the Majority (3.17)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Fiz Shapur, sysntesiser
  11. The Saint (3.18)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Fiz Shapur, piano; Steve Berry, bass
  12. No Cause for Alarm (6.00)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Fiz Shapur, piano, sysntesiser
  13. Experts (4.29)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Rory McLeod, harmonica
  14. In the Park (3.12)
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Leon Rosselson, piano, guitar, melodeon, moog; Martin Carthy, harmonicas, moog
  15. The Last Chance (11.40)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, piano
  16. The Rules of the Game (3.04)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  17. Somebody's Stolen the End of My Dream (4.33)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  18. Topside Down Party (4.49)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Fiz Shapur, keyboards; Dave Bishop, alto sax; Terry Johnston, guitars; Steve McManus, bass

All words by Leon Rosselson
#1, 2*, 3*, 4 first released on That's Not the Way It's Got to Be, Acorn CF 251
#5, 14 first released on Love, Loneliness, Laundry, Fuse CF 271
#6*, 18 first released on The Word is Hugga Mugga Chugga Lugga Humbugga Boom Chit, Trailer LER 3015
#7*, 16* first released on Palaces of Gold, Acorn CF 249
#8, 12, 13 first released on I Didn't Mean It, Fuse CF 392
#9* first released on If I Knew Who the Enemy Was ..., Fuse CF 284
#10, 11 first released on Bringing the News From Nowhere, Fuse CF 390
#15 first released on Temporary Loss of Vision, Fuse CF 384
#17* first released on For the Good of the Nation, Fuse CF 381
Tracks marked * are re-recordings.