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And They All Sang RosselSonGs

Leon Rosselson: And They All Sang RosselSonGs (Fuse CFCD012)

And They All Sang RosselSonGs
Various Artists

Fuse Records CFCD012 (CD, UK, 5 September 2005)

Leon Rosselson’s songs sung by others


  1. Still Is the Memory Green in My Mind (4.16)
    Nancy Kerr, vocals, viola; James Fagan, bouzouki
  2. Whoever Invented the Fishfinger (3.04)
    John Kirkpatrick, vocals, button accordion
  3. Don’t Get Married, Girls (3.42)
    Elisabeth Mansfield, vocals; Tim Sutton, piano
  4. Invisible Married Breakfast Blues (3.48)
    Barb Jungr, vocals; Adrian York, keyboards
  5. Who Reaps the Profits? Who Pays the Price? (8.01)
    Chris Foster, vocals, guitar, bass guitar; Bára Grímsdóttir, vocals, kantele
  6. Stand Up for Judas (5.46)
    David Campbell, vocals
  7. Song of the Olive Tree (3.51)
    Janet Russell, vocals, guitar
  8. The Poet, the Wife and the Monkey (5.06)
    Frankie Armstrong, vocals; Anthony Ingle, accordion
  9. The Wall That Stands Between (6.40)
    Martin Carthy, vocals, guitar
  10. Let Your Hair Hang Down (4.31)
    Daniela Rosselson, vocals; Jimmy Martinez, bass, backing vocals; Ernesto Estruche, piano, violin, backing vocals; Dave Pattman, congas, bongos, campana, guiro
  11. My Daughter My Son (4.12)
    Sandra Kerr, vocals, concertina
  12. William (2.49)
    Roy Bailey, vocals, guitar
  13. The Man Who Puffs the Big Cigar (6.13)
    Eliza Carthy, vocals; Jon Boden, concertina
  14. Jackboot Democrats (4.00)
    Des de Moor, vocals, synthesiser, samples; David Harrod, grand piano; Julia Doyle, double bass
  15. The World Turned Upside Down (5.03)
    Robb Johnson, vocals, guitar

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