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Tracey Browne: Everyone Is Ordinary

Tracey Browne: Everyone Is Ordinary

Everyone Is Ordinary
Tracey Browne

own label, no issue number (CD, UK, 2012)

Produced by Nigel Stonier;
Co-produced by Tracey Browne,
Recorded in Manchester by Tracey Browne
at St Wilfrid's Church, Northenden, and Airtight Studios, Chorlton;
Recording assistants: James Trott and Steph Walker;
Mixed by Tom Knott at Airtight Studios, Chorlton;
Mastered by Mike Cave at Loft Mastering, Liverpool;
Cover photography and design by Tom Grimshaw


Tracey Browne, vocals, backing vocals, acoustic and tenor guitars, Q chord, percussion;
James Trott, backing vocals, tenor guitar, piano, ukulele;
Sarah Kemp, violin;
Nigel Stonier, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, hammond organ, cuatro, ukulele, harmonica, percussion, bass;
Thea Gilmore, Becca Williams, backing vocals;
Liz Hanks, cello;
John Kirkpatrick, accordion, concertina;
Roy Martin, drums, percussion;
‘Duke’, harmonica


  1. Paradise Found (4.01)
  2. Under the Radar (3.43)
  3. The Cat and the Moon (4.27)
  4. River City (5.12)
  5. The Muntain Goat (3.40)
  6. The Girl I Knew (3.24)
  7. My Best Friend, My Ego (3.14)
  8. Look Through Water (4.09)
  9. Comfort Brings Pain (5.07)
  10. Little Wheels (3.34)
  11. Kate Rusby (3.19)

All tracks written by Tracey Browne except
Track 2 Nigel Stonier, Tracey Browne;