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Mazurka Berserker

John Kirkpatrick: Mazurka Berserker (Fledg’ling FLED 3030)

Mazurka Berserker
John Kirkpatrick

Fledg’ling Records FLED 3030 (CD, UK, 17 September 2001)

Produced by John Kirkpatrick, Oliver Knight & David Suff;
Recorded and mixed at Panda Sound Studios by Oliver Knight;
CD mastering by Denis Blackham at Country Masters


John Kirkpatrick: button accordion, baritone and treble Anglo concertinas, one row four-stop melodeon, bass, treble and baritone concertinas, vocals;
Nancy Kerr: fiddle [1];
James Fagan: bouzouki [1];
Alistair Anderson: English concertina [2];
Bob Johnson: electric guitar [3];
Kevin Dempsey: guitar [6];
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle [8];
Martin Carthy: guitar [10], chorus [13];
Richard Thompson: electric guitar [12];
Ray Fisher: vocals [13];
Hijaz Mustapha: Vietnamese lap steel, bouzouki [14]


  1. The Bold Keeper (Roud 321; Laws M27) (5.43)
  2. The Citroën Took Unleaded After All (3.38)
  3. There Stands a Cottage (3.58)
  4. Black Bess (5.18)
  5. Fain I Would (3.38)
  6. Tripping to the Quintles (2.54)
  7. Dust to Dust (4.29)
  8. Nodrog’s Woofing Waltz (2.50)
  9. The Gown So Green (Roud 1085; G/D 4:907) (2.52)
  10. The March of the Siamese Children (3.48)
  11. Belinda Brown (5.46)
  12. The Dance of the Jews / Lebedik un Freylekh (5.37)
  13. The Song of the Weaver (5.08)
  14. The Pickpocket’s Mazurka / Mazurka Berserker (6.03)

All tracks John Kirkpatrick except
Tracks 1, 5 trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick;
Track 3 tune trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick, words reworked by John Kirkpatrick;
Track 4 music trad., words by John Kirkpatrick;
Track 7 John Kirkpatrick, EFDSS;
Track 9 trad. arr. and reworked by John Kirkpatrick;
Track 10 Richard Rodgers, Williamson Music;
Track 12a Hans Newsidler arr. John Kirkpatrick;
Track 12b Klezmer arr. John Kirkpatrick;
all tracks published by Squeezer Music unless otherwise noted