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Rumor and Sigh

Richard Thompson: Rumor and Sigh (Capitol CDP 7 95713 2)

Rumor and Sigh
Richard Thompson

Capitol CDP 7 95713 2 (CD, UK, May 1991)

Produced by Mitchell Froom;
Mixed by Tchad Blake, Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles;
Second Engineer, Paula “Max” Garcia;
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Sunset Sound Factory, Los Angeles;
Second Engineer Mike Kloster;
Overdubs recorded by Lance Phillips, Rak Studios, London and by Tchad Blake, Sunset Sound Factory;
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk;
Cover art and photography by Laura Levine;
Set design by Kelly Ray;
Art direction by Tommy Steele;
Design by Jeffery Fey


Richard Thompson: guitars, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy;
Mitchell Froom: piano, hammond organ, portative organ, chamberlin, celeste, clavioline, echo harp;
Jim Keltner: drums;
Mickey Curry: drums [1-2, 5, 8-9, 11];
Alex Acuña: percussion;
Jerry Scheff: bass;
Simon Nicol: guitar;
Philip Pickett: shawm, curtal, crumhorn;
John Kirkpatrick: accordion, concertina;
Aly Bain: fiddle;
Clive Gregson, Christine Collister: vocals


Side 1

  1. Read About Love (3.33)
  2. I Feel So Good (3.21)
  3. I Misunderstood (4.04)
  4. Grey Walls (4.21)
  5. You Dream Too Much (4.05)
  6. Why Must I Plead (4.58)
  7. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (4.42)

Side 2

  1. Backlash Love Affair (4.48)
  2. Mystery Wind (4.35)
  3. Don’t Sit on My Jimmy Shands (4.26)
  4. Keep Your Distance (4.10)
  5. Mother Knows Best (4.58)
  6. God Loves a Drunk (4.39)
  7. Psycho Street (4.28)

All songs composed by Richard Thompson