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Rumor and Sigh

Richard Thompson: Rumor and Sigh (Capitol CDP 7 95713 2)

Rumor and Sigh
Richard Thompson

Capitol CDP 7 95713 2 (CD, UK, May 1991)

Produced by Mitchell Froom;
Mixed by Tchad Blake, Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles;
Second Engineer, Paula “Max” Garcia;
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Sunset Sound Factory, Los Angeles;
Second Engineer Mike Kloster;
Overdubs recorded by Lance Phillips, Rak Studios, London and by Tchad Blake, Sunset Sound Factory;
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk;
Cover art and photography by Laura Levine;
Set design by Kelly Ray;
Art direction by Tommy Steele;
Design by Jeffery Fey


Richard Thompson: guitars, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy;
Mitchell Froom: piano, hammond organ, portative organ, chamberlin, celeste, clavioline, echo harp;
Jim Keltner: drums;
Mickey Curry: drums [1-2, 5, 8-9, 11];
Alex Acuña: percussion;
Jerry Scheff: bass;
Simon Nicol: guitar;
Philip Pickett: shawm, curtal, crumhorn;
John Kirkpatrick: accordion, concertina;
Aly Bain: fiddle;
Clive Gregson, Christine Collister: vocals


Side 1Side 2
  1. Read About Love (3.33)
  2. I Feel So Good (3.21)
  3. I Misunderstood (4.04)
  4. Grey Walls (4.21)
  5. You Dream Too Much (4.05)
  6. Why Must I Plead (4.58)
  7. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (4.42)
  1. Backlash Love Affair (4.48)
  2. Mystery Wind (4.35)
  3. Don't Sit on My Jimmy Shands (4.26)
  4. Keep Your Distance (4.10)
  5. Mother Knows Best (4.58)
  6. God Loves a Drunk (4.39)
  7. Psycho Street (4.28)

All songs composed by Richard Thompson