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The Acoustic Folk Box

The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic TSFCD 4001)

The Acoustic Folk Box
Various Artists

Topic Records TSFCD 4001 (4 CD, UK, 2002)

Four decades of the very best acoustic folk music from the British Isles. The Acoustic Folk Box is an exciting four CD journey through the inspiring and provocative first four decades of the folk revival in Britain. There have been other anthologies but this is the first one devoted to the acoustic thread and features the leading artists of the genre.

The package contains four CDs—85 tracks in a roughly chronological sequence, together with a lavish 56 page booklet containing scores of photographs and illustrations and comprehensive notes on every artist and every track. The project was produced by the acclaimed folk historian, David Suff, who has written in depth scene-setting essays, describing the music and putting it in context. Of the 85 tracks, many are rare and have not been released before on CD and all have been carefully remastered to give the best possible sound.

Compilation researched and produced by David Suff for Deep Sea;
Project coordination: Tony Engle for Topic Records;
Digital mastering: Denis Blackham;
Design, photo montages and art direction: John Haxby


CD 1

  1. Lonnie Donegan: Jack O’Diamonds (2.49)
    single (Pye 7N 15116, 1957)
  2. Davy Graham & Alexis Korner: 3/4 AD (4.37)
    from 3/4 AD (TOP70, 1962)
  3. The Galliards: MacPherson’s Rant (Roud 2160; G/D 3:697) (2.19)
    from The Galliards (Beltona SEP 90, 1960)
  4. Ray & Archie Fisher: The Twa Corbies (Roud 5; Child 26) (2.05)
    from Far Over the Forth (TOP67, 1961)
  5. Bob Davenport: Tramps and Hawkers (Roud 1874; G/D 3:487) (2.57)
    from Wor Geordie (TOP83, 1962)
  6. The Dubliners: The Rocky Road to Dublin (Roud 3012; Henry H44) (2.28)
    from The Dubliners (Transatlantic TRA 116, 1964)
  7. Ewan MacColl: Song of the Iron Road (3.09)
    from Second Shift (10T25, 1958) and Steam Whistle Ballads (12T104, 1964)
  8. Anne Briggs: She Moves Through the Fair (Roud 861; Henry H141) (2.14)
    from Edinburgh Folk Festival (Decca LK 4546, 1963)
  9. The Ian Campbell Folk Group: The Times They Are A-Changin’ (3.06)
    Ian and Lorna Campbell, vocals; Brian Clark, guitar; Dave Swarbrick, fiddle; John Dunkerley, banjo; Brian Brocklehurst, double bass
    single (Transatlantic SP5, 1964)
  10. The Three City Four: Across the Hills (1.58)
    Marian McKenzie, vocals, Leon Rosselson, vocals, banjo; Martin Carthy, guitar; Ralph Trainer, guitar
    from The Three City Four (Decca LK 4705, 1965)
  11. The Fisher Family: Joy of My Heart (1.49)
    from Traditional & New Songs From Scotland (12T137, 1966)
  12. Bert Jansch: Anji (3.99)
    from Bert Jansch (Transatlantic TRA 125, 1964)
  13. Shirley Collins & Davy Graham: Reynardine (Roud 397; Laws P15; G/D 2:333) (2.28)
    from Folk Roots, New Routes (Decca LK 4652, 1964)
  14. Julie Felix: Geordie (Roud 90; Child 209; G/D 2:249) (2.21)
    Julie Felix, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar; Dave Swarbrick, fiddle
    from Changes (Fontana TL 5368, 1966)
  15. The Watersons: Dido Bendigo (Roud 584; TYG 76) (2.53)
    Lal, Mike & Norma Waterson, John Harrison, vocals
    from The Watersons (12T142, 1966)
  16. AL Lloyd: The Two Magicians (Roud 1350; Child 44; G/D 2:334) (4.40)
    from The Bird in the Bush (12T135, 1966)
  17. The Exiles: The Moving On Song (Roud 6852) (3.07)
    from Freedom, Come All Ye (12T143, 1966)
  18. Martin Carthy: Sovay (Roud 7; Laws N21; Henry H35) (2.09)
    Martin Carthy, vocals, guitar; Dave Swarbrick, fiddle
    from Martin Carthy (Fontana STL 5269, 1965)
  19. The Incredible String Band: First Girl I Loved (4.56)
    from The Chelsea Sessions (Pigs Whisker PWMD 5022, 1997, rec. 1967)
  20. The Young Tradition: Lyke Wake Dirge (Roud 8194; TYG 85) (2.46)
    from The Young Tradition (TRA 142, 1966)
  21. John Renbourn: Transfusion (1.58)
    from Sir John Alot of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & ye Grene Knyght (Transatlantic TRA 167, 1968)
  22. Sandy Denny: You Never Wanted Me (3.21)
    Sandy Denny, vocals, guitar
    from Sandy Denny (Saga EROS 8153, 1967)
  23. Dave Swarbrick: The Cuckoo’s Nest (Roud 1506) (2.37)
    Dave Swarbrick, fiddle, Martin Carthy, guitar
    from Rags, Reels & Airs (Bounty BY 6030, 1967)
  24. Sweeney’s Men: The House Carpenter (Roud 14; Child 243; G/D 2:332) (3.54)
    from Sweeney’s Men (Transatlantic TRA 170, 1968)
  25. Ralph McTell: Spiral Staircase (3.34)
    from Spiral Staircase (Transatlantic TRA 177, 1969)

CD 2

  1. Pentangle: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180) (2.44)
    from The Pentangle (Transatlantic TRA 162, 1968)
  2. Shirley Collins: Bonnie Boy (Roud 293; G/D 6:1141; Henry H215) (2.44)
    from The Power of the True Love Knot (Polydor 583 025, 1968)
  3. Robin & Barry Dransfield: The Rout of the Blues (Roud 21098) (2.34)
    from The Rout of the Blues (Trailer LER 2011, 1970)
  4. Lal & Mike Waterson: Bright Phoebus (2.53)
    Mike, Lal & Norma Waterson, Tim Hart, Maddy Prior, Martin Carthy, vocals; Martin Carthy, Mike Waterson, acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson, lead guitar; Ashley Hutchings, bass guitar; Dave Mattack, drums
    from Bright Phoebus (Trailer LES 2076, 1972)
  5. Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: Sorry the Day I Was Married (Roud 1561) (1.25)
    Tim Hart, Maddy Prior, vocals
    from Summer Solstice (B&C CAS 1035, 1971)
  6. Oak: Scan’s Polkas (2.12)
    from Welcome to Our Fair (12TS212, 1971)
  7. Dick Gaughan: Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie (Roud 6192; G/D 4:776) / The Friar’s Britches (2.13)
    from No More Forever (Trailer LER 2072, 1972)
  8. Frankie Armstrong: The Crafty Maid’s Policy (Roud 1624) (2.13)
    Frankie Armstrong, vocals; Jeff Lowe, whistle
    from Lovely on the Water (12TS216, 1972)
  9. Nic Jones: Billy Don’t You Weep for Me (Roud V2845) (4.51)
    Nic Jones, vocals, guitar
    from From the Devil to a Stranger (LTRA507, 1978)
  10. John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: The Rose of Britain’s Isle (Roud 1796; Laws N16) / Glorishears (4.38)
    Sue Harris, vocals, oboe; John Kirkpatrick, vocals, accordion
    from The Rose of Britain’s Isle (12TS247, 1974)
  11. Etchingham Steam Band: Hard Times of Old England (Roud 1206) (4.21)
    Shirley Collins, vocals; Vic Gammon, concertina; Ian Holder, accordion; Ashley Hutchings, acoustic bass guitar
    from Etchingham Steam Band (FLED 3002, 1995; rec. 1974)
  12. The Bothy Band: The Kesh Jig / Give Us a Drink of Water / The Flower of the Flock / Famous Ballymore (4.30)
    from The Bothy Band (Mulligan LUN 002; 1975)
  13. Leon Rosselson & Roy Bailey: The Ant and the Grasshopper (2.33)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Roy Bailey, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar
    from That’s Not the Way It’s Gotta Be (Acorn CF251, 1975)
  14. Roy Harris: The Methody Parson (2.22)
    from Champions of Folly (12TS256, 1975)
  15. Bill Caddick: John O’Dreams (4.19)
    from Rough Music (South Hill SHP 102, 1976)
  16. Bandoggs: The Rose of Allandale (Roud 1218) (4.43)
    Nic Jones, lead vocals, guitar; Tony Rose, harmony vocals, English concertina; Pete & Chris Coe, harmony vocals
    from Bandoggs (LTRA 504, 1978)
  17. Peter Bellamy: The Shepherd of the Downs (Roud 1215) (4.47)
    Peter Bellamy, lead vocals; Louis Killen, harmony vocals
    from Both Sides Then (12TS400, 1979)
  18. John Kirkpatrick & Chums: Brighton Camp / The March Past (3.42)
    John Kirkpatrick, melodeon; Sue Harris, hammered dulcimer, oboe, Martin Carthy, guitar; Martin Brinsford, tambourine; Fi Fraser, fiddle
    from Plain Capers (Free Reed FRR 010, 1976)
  19. New Victory Band: Harper’s Frolick / Bonny Kate (2.28)
    from One More Dance & Then (12TS382, 1978)
  20. Steve Ashley: Once in a While (4.27)
    Steve Ashley, vocals, bouzouki; Chris Leslie, fiddle; Simon Nicol, guitar; Dave Pegg, bass; Trevor Foster, drums
    from The Family Album (Woodworm WR 002, 1979)

CD 3

  1. Battlefield Band: Miss Drummond of Perth / Fiddler’s Joy / Traditional Reel / The Shetland Fiddler (3.23)
    from Stand Easy (12TS404, 1979)
  2. Rory McLeod: Farewell Welfare (3.14)
    from Angry Love (Forward Sounds LP 004, 1980)
  3. Dick Gaughan: Erin-Go-Bragh (Roud 1627; Laws Q20; G/D 2:236) (4.28)
    from Handful of Earth (12TS419, 1981)
  4. Richard Thompson: Rockin’ in Rhythm (2.43)
    Richard Thompson, mandolins, mandocello, acoustic guitars, drums
    from Strict Tempo! (Elixir LP 1, 1981)
  5. The Old Swan Band: Stephen Baldwin’s Schottisches Nos. 1 & 2 / The Kennet Jig (4.34)
    from Gamesters, Pickpockets and Harlots (Dingle DIN 322, 1981)
  6. Alistair Anderson: In Trim / Mount Hooley / Leamington Bank (3.31)
    from Steel Skies (12TS427, 1982)
  7. June Tabor: Lay This Body Down (Roud 11839) (2.55)
    June Tabor, vocals
    from Abyssinians (12TS432, 1983)
  8. Martin Simpson: The First Cut Is the Deepest (3.53)
    from Grinning in Your Face (12TS430, 1983)
  9. The English Country Blues Band: Handsome Johnny (2.56)
    Maggie Holland, vocals, banjo; Ian A. Anderson, guitar; Rod Stradling, melodeon; Sue Harris, hammered dulcimer; Chris Coe, vocals; Nic Jones, fiddle
    from No Rules (Dingle DIN 323, 1982)
  10. Vin Garbutt: If (2.13)
    from Little Innocents (12TS428, 1983)
  11. Brass Monkey: The Maid and the Palmer (Roud 2335; Child 21) (5.31)
    Martin Carthy, vocals, mandolin; John Kirkpatrick, button accordion; Howard Evans, trumpet; Martin Brinsford, percussion; Roger Williams, trombone
    from Brass Monkey (12TS431, 1983)
  12. Blowzabella: Shave the Monkey / Boys of the Mill (2.49)
    from Bobbityshooty (Plant Life PLR 064, 1984)
  13. Kathryn Tickell: A B Hornpipe / Mrs Bolowski’s (2.28)
    from Great Moments of Vinyl History (Special Delivery SPM 1009, 1988)
  14. Pete Morton: Another Train (3.18)
    from One Big Joke (Harbourtown HAR 004, 1988)
  15. Swan Arcade: Coal Not Dole (2.46)
    From the charity album Circle Dance (Hokey Pokey ConeD, 1990)
  16. Silly Sisters: Blood and Gold / Mohacs (3.47)
    Maddy Prior, June Tabor, vocals; Dan Ar Braz, guitar; Andrew Cronshaw, Chinese flutes, whistles, bombardes Huw Warren, keyboards; Jim Sutherland, percussion; Rick Kemp, bass guitar
    from No More to the Dance (12TS450, 1988)
  17. Andrew Cronshaw: Wasps in the Woodpile (3.42)
    from Till the Beasts’ Returning (12TS447, 1988)
  18. Patrick Street: Patrick Street / The Carraroe Jig (4.04)
    from Patrick Street (Green Linnet GLCD 1071, 1988)
  19. Altan: A Bhean Udai Thall (2.49)
    from A Horse With a Heart (Green Linnet GLCD 1095, 1989)
  20. Mouth Music: Fraoch A Ronaigh (3.16)
    from Mouth Music (Triple Earth TRECD 109, 1990)

CD 4

  1. Emmylou Harris, Dolores Keane & Mary Black: The Grey Funnel Line (3.46)
    from Bringing It All Back Home (BBC CD 844, 1991)
  2. Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies: A Call for the North Country (3.33)
    from Bede Weeps (Fellside FECD94, 1995)
  3. Ron Kavana: Reconciliation (4.35)
    from Home Fire (Special Delivery SPDCD 1043, 1991)
  4. The House Band: Pharaoh (3.11)
    Ged Foley, vocals, guitar; Chris Parkinson, accordion, vocals; John Skelton, low whistle, bombarde
    from the charity album The World is a Wonderful Place (HPR 2003.2, 1993)
  5. Chris Wood: Out Come the Freaks (5.05)
    Chris Wood, vocals, fiddle
    from :Lisa: (Ruf RUFCD 002, 1992)
  6. Billy Bragg: Moving the Goalposts (2.33)
    from Don’t Try This at Home (Go-Disc 828289.2, 1991)
  7. Waterson:Carthy: When First I Came to Caledonia (5.14)
    Norma Waterson, vocals; Eliza Carthy, fiddle; Martin Carthy, guitar
    from Waterson:Carthy (TSCD475, 1994)
  8. Richard Thompson: Beeswing (5.29)
    Richard Thompson, vocals, guitar; Pete Zorn, flute
    from Mirror Blue (CDP 7 81492 2, 1994)
  9. Dervish: Molly & Johnny (3.48)
    from Playing with Fire (Whirling WHIRL 002, 1995)
  10. Shooglenifty: Venus in Tweeds (4.04)
    from Venus in Tweeds (Greentrax CDTRAX076, 1994)
  11. Martin Hayes: The Graf Spey / The Boys of Balisodare (3.49)
    from Under the Moon (Green Linnet GLCD 1155, 1995)
  12. Coope, Boyes & Simpson: Jerusalem Revisited (4.54)
    Jim Boyes, Barry Coope, Lester Simpson, vocals
    from No Masters Voive (NMVCD4, 1994)
  13. Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: How Can I Leave (2.42)
    Lal and Norma Waterson, vocals; Jo Freya, vocals, clarinet; Martin Carthy, guitar; Oliver Knight, guitar
    from Once in a Blue Moon (TSCD478, 1996)
  14. June Tabor: A Place Called England (4.39)
    June Tabor, vocals; Huw Warren, piano; Mark Emerson, violin; Dudley Philips, double bass; Roy Dodds, percussion; Mark Lockheart, Andy Schofield, saxophone; Richard Iles, trumpet
    from A Quiet Eye (TSCD510, 1999)
  15. Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Reel du Pendu (2.34)
    from Steely Water (Fellside FECD145, 1999)
  16. Maddy Prior: Twankydillo (Roud 2409) (2.56)
    Maddy Prior, vocals; Terl Brynat, drums, percussion; Nick Holland, Troy Donockley, backing vocals
    from Ravenchild (PRK CD49, 1999)
  17. Fernhill: Llatai (3.37)
    from Llatai (Beautiful Jo BEJOCD-23, 1998)
  18. Kate Rusby: The Cobbler’s Daughter (2.36)
    from Sleepless (Pure PRCD 06, 1999)
  19. John Tams: From Where I Lie / Sheepcounting (5.40)
    from Unity (TSCD508, 2000)
  20. Eliza Carthy: 10,000 Miles (Roud 2409) (3.04)
    Eliza Carthy, vocals, fiddle; Sam Thomas, drums, percussion; Barbaby Stradling, electric bass; Martin Green, piano accordion; Oliver Knight, electric guitar; Ed Boyd, acoustic guitar; Lucy Adams, vocals
    from Red (TSCD493, 1998)