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Brass Monkey: Flame of Fire

Brass Monkey: Flame of Fire (Topic TSCD550)

Flame of Fire
Brass Monkey

Topic Records TSCD550 (CD, UK, 26 April 2004)

Recorded at The Old Vicarage, Bussage, Gloucestershire and at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, November 2003;
Recorded by Oliver Knight of Panda Sound;
Mixed by John Kirkpatrick and Oliver Knight;
Produced by John Kirkpatrick;
Photography and design by John Haxby, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Musical Traditions CD review by Rod Stradling


Martin Brinsford: drums, tambourine, cymbal, shaker, berimbau, reco-reco, mouth organs, saxophone;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, mandolin, 5 string banjo;
Howard Evans: trumpets, flugelhorn;
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, button accordion, Anglo concertinas;
Roger Williams: bass trombone, tenor trombone, tuba, euphonium


  1. The Swinton May Song (Roud 305) (3.04)
  2. The Installation tune (3.03)
  3. A Brisk Young Widow (Roud 2438) (3.30)
  4. The Maid of Australia (Roud 1872) (5.09)
  5. Bill Driver’s Quickstep / Maiden Lane tunes (3.45)
  6. The Game of All Fours (Roud 232) (3.04)
  7. Happy Hours tune (3.18)
  8. The Queen’s Birthday / New Whitehall / Dick’s Maggot tunes (7.46)
  9. Flame of Fire (Roud 568; Laws P34; G/D 2:341) (4.32)
  10. The Marriage Vow tune (2.41)
  11. The Streams of Lovely Nancy (Roud 688; Henry H520) (5.49)
  12. La Bella Jeannette / Billy Harrison’s Father’s Polka tunes (3.35)
  13. Limbo (Roud 969) (5.12)
  14. The Duke of Wellington’s March tune (3.54)

All tracks except Happy Hours trad. arr. Brinsford / Carthy / Evans / Kirkpatrick /Williams