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Festival at Towersey

Festival at Towersey (Zeus CF 201)

Festival at Towersey
Various Artists

Zeus CF 201 (LP, UK, 1969)

Recorded live at the Towersey Village Festival on the August/September bank holiday weekend 1968;
Master of ceremonies: Dennis Manners;
Record produced by Colin Sanders;
Sleeve design by Roger Handcock;
Cover photograph by Cyril Band


Side 1

  1. Introduction by Dennis Manners and Chorus: Glorious Ale (Roud 294)
  2. Brian Perrett: Maggie May (Roud 1757)
  3. The Yetties: The Hunt
  4. Bob Grant acc. John Graham: Liverpool Judies (Roud 928)
  5. Bob Grant acc. John Graham: Blow the Man Down (Roud 2624)

Side 2

  1. Jennie Manners: How Can I Keep From Singing?
  2. The Valley Folk: Who’s the Fool Now? (Roud 473; G/D 8:1703)
  3. John Kirkpatrick: Once I Loved a Maiden Fair / The Hole in the Wall
  4. The Yetties: What Is the Life of a Man? (Roud 848)
  5. The Yetties: The Threshin’ Machine (Roud 294)