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The Derby Tub Presents…

The Derby Tub Presents… (BBC Radio Derby DTP-01)

The Derby Tub Presents…
a Feast of Local and National Folk Music
Various Artists

BBC Radio Derby DTP-01 (cassette, UK, 1988)

This cassette was made for the 1988 Radio Derby “Money Mountain” charity appeal. Most tracks were recorded especially for it.


Side 1

  1. John & Phil Cunningham: Heather Bells Set
  2. Muckram Wakes: It’s Nowt to Do With Me
  3. Cockersdale: Doing the Manch’
  4. Graham & Eileen Pratt: We Live, We Love
  5. Muckram Wakes: Vandals of Hammerwich
  6. Rick Scollins: ’Arry’s Nose Godiva
  7. Brass Monkey: The Derbyshire Miller (Roud 138; Laws Q21; G/D 3:703)
  8. Jack Hudson: Virginia’s Reel
  9. Fire & Brimstone: The Humble Heart
  10. Roaring Jelly: Walking Wavey
  11. Rogues Gallery: Bully in the Alley (Roud 8287)
  12. R. Cajun & The Zydeco Brothers: Jolie Catin (Derby Remix)

Side 2

  1. Muckram Wakes: Winster / Castleton Tunes
  2. Ram’s Bottom: Ey Up Mi Duck
  3. Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresise: Fisher Lassies (Roud 12504)
  4. Widdershins: Van Diemen’s Land (Roud 519; Laws L18; G/D 2:252)
  5. Tufty Smith: Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
  6. Silly Wizard: The Parish of Dunkeld
  7. Robb Thompson: I’m Going Bald
  8. The Ripley Wayfarers: The Castleton Carol
  9. Umps & Dumps: The Darktown Strutters Ball
  10. Cosmotheka: The Night Began to Fall
  11. Keith Kendrick & Barry Coope: The Lion’s Den (Roud 396; Laws O25; G/D 5:1056; Henry H474)
  12. Roaring Jelly: Pimples on a Pound of Pickled Pork
  13. Cockersdale: Ten Pints of Tetsley

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 9, 17, 21-22, 24 anon.;
Track 2 George Fradley;
Tracks 3, 25 Keith Marsden;
Track 4 Graham Pratt;
Track 6 Rick Scollins;
Track 8 Guy Clark;
Track 10 Derek Pearce;
Track 12 trad. / C. Hall;
Track 14 Ian Carter;
Track 15 Ewan MacColl;
Track 19 Robb Thompson;