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Martin Best: Desdemonalisa

Martin Best: Desdemonalisa(EMI EMC 3281)

Martin Best
EMI EMC 3281 (LP, UK, 1979)

Stopwatch Song / She Was Beautiful (Cavatina)
Martin Best
EMI (single, UK, 1979)

Arranged by John O'Connor;
Recorded at Sawmills Studios 18-30 July 1978;
Engineered by Jerry Boys;
Produced by Rick Kemp;
Cover photograph: Tony Russell


Martin Best, vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar [1, 4, 8, 12], classical guitar [3, 10-11], lute [5];
Martin Best, Maddy Prior, Sarah Deco, Chris Gayle, Graham Lister, Alan Hodge, John Kirkpatrick, Rick Kemp, John O'Connor, vocals [6];
Sarah Deco, John Kirkpatrick, Rick Kemp, John O'Connor, backing vocals;
Alan Hodge, electric guitar [2];
John O'Connor, electric guitar [2];
Rick Kemp, electric guitar [2];
Eric Best, classical guitar [3, 7, 10-11];
John Kirkpatrick, accordion [7, 10];
Georgia Best, recorder [8];
Peter Knight, violin [8-9];
Graham Lister, pedal steel guitar [8, 12];
Pete Wingheld, brass band arrangement [8];

The band [1-2, 4, 7-10, 12]:
Alan Eden, drums, percussion;
Dave Quinn, bass;
Alan Hodge, electric and acoustic guitars;
Pete Wingfield, piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet synthesisers


Side 1Side 2
  1. Desdemonalisa
  2. Whatever Happened to Dionne Warwick?
  3. She Was Beautiful (Cavatina)
  4. Ever Ready
  5. Galliard
  6. Precious Memories
  1. St. Tropez
  2. Here There and Everywhere
  3. Stopwatch Song
  4. Maudie
  5. So We'll Go No More a-Roving
  6. Do You Remember '69?

All tracks by Martin Best except
Track 3 Stanley Myers / Cleo Laine;
Track 5 Anthony Holborne arr. Martin Best;
Track 6 trad. arr. John O'Connor;
Track 8 John Lennon / Paul McCartney;
Track 11 words Lord Byron, music Martin Best


Thanks to Alistair Banfield and to Rod Smyth's Martin Best website for the record information.