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“The Morris Dance is […] danced innocently by ragged-bearded young mathematicians to an inexpert accordion rendering of “Mrs Widgery’s Lodger” and ruthlessly by such as the Ninja Morris Men of New Ankh, who can do strange and terrible things with a simple handkerchief and a bell.”
Terry Pratchett: Reaper Man

Plain Capers

John Kirkpatrick: Plain Capers (Free Reed FRR 010)

Plain Capers
Morris Dance Tunes From the Cotswolds

John Kirkpatrick

Free Reed Records FRR 010 (LP, UK, 1976)
Topic Records TSCD458 (CD, UK, 1992)

John Kirkpatrick: Plain Capers (Topic TSCD458)
John Kirkpatrick: Plain Capers (Free Reed FRRR 01)

Free Reed Records FRRR 01 (CD, UK, June 2007)

Morris Dance Tunes From the Cotswolds, compiled and arranged by John Kirkpatrick

Engineered by Alan Green at Mid-Wales Sound Studios
Front Photography by Paddy O’Beirnes
Original design by Sue Dransfield
Design for compact disc by Tony Engle
Produced by John Kirkpatrick and Neil Wayne


John Kirkpatrick: Anglo concertina, button accordion, two-row and four-stop-one-row melodeons, jew’s harp;
Sue Harris: oboe and hammered dulcimers;
Martin Carthy: guitar;
Martin Brinsford: mouth organ and tambourine;
Fi Fraser: fiddle.


LP Side 1

  1. Glorishears (Bledington) (2.41)
  2. Hammersmith Flyover (in the Style of Longborough) (2.09)
  3. Old Molly Oxford (Field Town) (2.08)
  4. Black Jack (Longborough Style) /
    Old Black Joe (Badby) /
    Old Black Joe (Bucknell) (5.27)
  5. Blue Eyed Stranger /
    Willow Tree (Bucknell) (4.03)
  6. Brighton Camp (Eynsham) /
    The March Past (Eynsham) (3.41)
  7. Bobby and Joan (Field Town) /
    Bobbing-a-Joe (Wheatley) (3.23)
  8. Monk’s March (Sherborne) /
    The Fieldtown Processional (4.56)

LP Side 2

  1. Sweet Jenny Jones (Adderbury) /
    The Sherborne Jig (Sherborne) /
    The Sherborne Jig (Longborough) (3.40)
  2. Lumps of Plum Pudding (Bledington) (1.36)
  3. Highland Mary (Bledington) /
    Highland Mary (Oddington) (3.45)
  4. Wheatley Processional (2.59)
  5. Maid of The Mill (Bucknell) /
    Cuckoo’s Nest (Longborough) /
    William and Nancy (Bledington) (5.32)
  6. The Buffoon (Adderbury) /
    The Fool’s Jig (Bampton) (3.10)
  7. Constant Billy (Longborough) /
    Constant Billy (Sherborne) /
    Constant Billy (Adderbury) (5.38)

Bonus Track of the 2007 CD

  1. Laudnum Bunches (2.49)
  2. Video Track: Plain Capers Film

Track 2 John Kirkpatrick pub Free Reed Music
Tracks 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15 Trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick pub Free Reed Music
Tracks 1, 4, 8, 10, 12, 13 Trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick & Martin Carthy pub Free Reed Music / Mole Music