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The Severn Suite

John Kirkpatrick and Karen Tweed: The Severn Suite (Fledg’ling FLED 3084)

The Severn Suite
A new and original suite of social damces and tunes
composed and devised for the village of Llandinam by
John Kirkpatrick and Karen Tweed

TASC, ISBN 978-0-9556537-0-4 (tunebook w/ CD, UK, 2007)

The Severn Suite is a suite of social dances and tunes composed and arranged by John Kirkpatrick and Karen Tweed for the village of Llandinam, from an idea by Philip Freeman, and commissioned by Traditional Art Support in the Community (TASC).

CD recorded at Swn-y-Coed in May 2007 by TASC’s Suitcase Studio (Apple Powerbook with Pro Tools software).


John Kirkpatrick: button accordion;
Karen Tweed: piano accordion


  1. Fanfare for the Llandinam Bellringers (0.43)
  2. The Rant of the Rushing River (4.07)
  3. St. Llonio’s March (2.05)
  4. The Gwendoline Davies Landslide (1.32)
  5. The Malt House Cottage Conjuror (2.30)
  6. Canon Fodder played as a canon (3.22)
  7. Canon Fodder with chords (3.14)
  8. The Elgin Evacuation Code (2.06)
  9. Ted Morris’s Christmas Coal Chase (2.05)
  10. The Hafren Hornpipe and a Half (5.43)
  11. The Swn-y-Coed Waltz (2.05)
  12. Top Sawyer’s Tripling Tensome (2.44)
  13. Opposite Angell Hills (2.10)
  14. Severn Up (9.02)

Tracks 1, 4-5, 8-9, 13 Karen Tweed;
Tracks 2, 6-7, 10-12, 14 John Kirkpatrick;
Track 3 Karen Tweed, John Kirkpatrick