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June Tabor Chronological Discography

This discography is an extended version of the June Tabor discography on Anthology, which was compiled by Ken Hunt, David Suff and Richard Paul.


Tony Rose: Young Hunting (Trailer LER 2013) Tony Rose, Young Hunting, LP, Trailer LER 2013, 1970


Rosemary Hardman: Firebird (Trailer LER2075) Rosemary Hardman, Firebird, LP, Leader LER2075, 1972

Stagfolk Live Folk (Stagfolk STAG001) Various Artists, Stagfolk Live, LP, STAG001, 1972


The First Folk Review Record (Folksound FS 100) Various Artists, The First Folk Review Record, LP, Folksound FS 100, 1974


Maddy Prior & June Tabor: Silly Sisters (CHR 1101) Maddy Prior & June Tabor, Silly Sisters, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1101, 1976

June Tabor: Airs and Graces (12TS298) June Tabor, Airs and Graces, LP, Topic 12TS298, 1976, 1976

The Greater Antilles Sampler (Antilles AX 7000) Various Artists, The Greater Antilles Sampler, comp. LP, Antilles AX 7000, 1976


Peter Bellamy: The Transports (Free Reed FRRD 021/022) Peter Bellamy et al, The Transports, 2 LP, Free Reed FRR 021/022, 1977

Flowers and Frolics: Bees on Horseback (Free Reed FRR 016) Flowers & Frolics, Bees on Horseback, LP, Free Reed FRR 016, 1977

June Tabor: Ashes and Diamonds (Topic TSCD350) June Tabor, Ashes and Diamonds, LP, Topic 12TS360, 1977


Folk Vol. 1 (Anvil ANV001) Various Artists, Folk Vol. 1: Musik aus England, Irland und Schottland, LP, Anvil ANV001, 1979


June Tabor with Martin Simpson: A Cut Above (Topic 12TS410) June Tabor with Martin Simpson, A Cut Above, LP, Topic 12TS410, 1980

The Good Old Way (Topic TPSS412) Various Artists, The Good Old Way, LP, Topic TPSS412, 1980


The Albion Band, Albion River Hymn, Radio Trent show, 1981


Andrew Cronshaw: The Great Dark Water (Waterfront WF 009) Andrew Cronshaw, The Great Dark Water, LP, Waterfront WF009, 1982


June Tabor: Abyssinians (Topic 12TS432) June Tabor, Abyssinians, LP, Topic 12TS432, 1983

June Tabor: A Cold Wind (BBC RESL140) June Tabor, A Cold Wind, single, BBC RESL140, 1983

June Tabor: A Folk Song (Golden Vale promotional single) June Tabor, A Folk Song, promotional single, Golden Vale, 1983


Bill Caddick: The Wild West Show (Topic 12TS441) Bill Caddick, The Wild West Show, LP, Topic 12TS441, 1986

June Tabor: The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit SFPS015) June Tabor, The Peel Sessions, EP, Strange Fruit SFPS 015, 1986

A Tribute to Television (K-tel ONE 1332) Various Artists, A Tribute to Television, LP, K-tel ONE 1332, 1986


Square Roots (Folk Roots FROOT 001) Various Artists, Square Roots: An Unlikely Selection From the Pages of Folk Roots Magazine, LP, Folk Roots FROOT 001, 1987


Andrew Cronshaw: Till the Beasts’ Returning (Topic 12TS447) Andrew Cronshaw, Till the Beasts’ Returning, LP, Topic 12TS447, 1988

Fairport Covention: The Third Leg (Woodworm, UK) Fairport Convention, The Third Leg (live at Cropredy 1987), cass., Woodworm, 1988

Maddy Prior & June Tabor: No More to the Dance (Topic TSCD450) Maddy Prior & June Tabor, No More to the Dance, LP, Topic 12TS450, 1988, CD, Topic TSCD450, 1988

June Tabor: Aqaba (Topic TSCD449) June Tabor, Aqaba, LP, Topic 12TS449, 1988, CD, Topic TSCD449, 1988


The Stones of Callanish (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 005/6) Various Artists, The Stones of Callanish, 2 LP/CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 005/6, 1989

Andrew Cronshaw: The Andrew Cronshaw CD (Topic TSCD447) Andrew Cronshaw, The Andrew Cronshaw CD, CD, Topic TSCD447, 1989

June Tabor: Some Other Time (Hannibal HNCD 1347) June Tabor, Some Other Time, CD, Hannibal HNCD1347, 1989

3.06: A Roots Album for Liverpool (Hillsborough Disaster Fund HILL 306) Various Artists, 3.06: A Roots Album for Liverpool, LP, Hillsborough Disaster Fund HILL 306, 1989


The Albion Band: Songs From the Shows (Albino ALB003) The Albion Band, Songs From the Shows, cassette, Albino ALB003, 1990

The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Oranges and Lemmings (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 007) The Mrs Ackroyd Band, Oranges and Lemmings, cassette/CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 007, 1990

June Tabor and the Oyster Band: Freedom and Rain (Cooking Vinyl COOK031) June Tabor and the Oyster Band, Freedom and Rain, LP/CD, Cooking Vinyl COOK031/COOKCD031, 1990

June Tabor: Aspects (Conifer CDRR 501) June Tabor, Aspects, compilation LP/CD, Conifer Request CDRR 501, 1990

Circle Dance (Hokey Pokey ConeD) Circle Dance (Hypertension HYCD 200 111) Circle Dance (Green Linnet GLCD 3054) Various Artists, Circle Dance: The Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation, CD, Hokey Pokey ConeD, 1990

Richard Thompson et al: Hard Cash (Special Delivery SPDCD 1027) Richard Thompson et al: Hard Cash (Fledg'ling FLED 3017) Richard Thompson et al, Hard Cash, LP/CD, Special Delivery SPD/SPDCD 1027, 1990

Hootenanny (Cooking Vinyl GRILL003) Various Artists, Hootenanny, LP/CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILL003, 1990

Voices (Hannibal HNCD8301) Various Artists, Voices: A Collection of Vocalists on Hannibal Records, LP/CD, Hannibal HNBL8301, 1990


The Albion Band: Songs From the Shows Volume 2 (ALB005) The Albion Band, Songs From the Shows Volume 2, cassette, Albino ALB005, 1991

June Tabor and the Oyster Band: Freedom and Rain Tour ’91 Sampler (Rykodisk RCF PRO 9012) June Tabor and The Oysterband, Freedom and Rain Tour ’91 Sampler, promotional CD, Rykodisk RCD PRO 9012, 1991

Before the Fall: The Peel Sessions 67-77 (Strange Fruit SFRSCD203) Various Artists, Before the Fall: The Peel Sessions 67-77 (Peel Sessions compilation), CD, Strange Fruit SFRCD203, 1991

The Best of Mountain Stage Volume Two (Blue Plate BPM-002CD) Various Artists, The Best of Mountain Stage Volume Two, CD, Blue Plate BPM-002CD, 1991


Some Love: Songs by Les Barker (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 009) Les Barker, Some Love, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 009, 1992

June Tabor: Angel Tiger (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD049) June Tabor, Angel Tiger, CD, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD049, 1992

Voices (Fellside FECD87) Voices (Musica Pangaea MP10004) Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD87, 1992


June Tabor: Anthology (Music Club MCCD 126) June Tabor, Anthology, compilation CD, Music Club MCCD 126, 1993

We Died in Hell—They Called it Passchendaele (MAP CD93004) June Tabor and others, We Died in Hell—They Called it Passchendaele, CD, MAP Records CD93004, 1993

Tomás Lynch: The Crux of the Catalogue (Linecheck LCCD02) Tomás Lynch, The Crux of the Catalogue, CD, Linecheck LCCD02, 1993

Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 1 (Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD004) Various Artists, Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 1, CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD004, 1993

Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 2 (Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD005) Various Artists, Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 2, CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD005, 1993

Giving People Choices (Actionaid AA CD 1001 S) Various Artists, Giving People Choices, CD, Actionaid AA CD 1001 S, 1993

Medium Rare (Rykodisk VRCD001) Various Artists, Medium Rare, CD, Rykodisk VRCD001, 1993


Les Barker & the Mrs Ackroyd Band: Gnus and Roses (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 010) Mrs Ackroyd Band, Gnus and Roses, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 010, 1994

June Tabor: Against the Streams (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD071) June Tabor, Against the Streams, CD, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD071, 1994

Beat the Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson (Capitol 7243 8 31 482 2 6) Various Artists, Beat the Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson, CD, Capitol 831 482 2, 1994

The Cooking Vinyl Sampler for Mid and Budget Titles at a Special Price (Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD006) Various Artists, The Cooking Vinyl Sampler for Mid and Budget Titles at a Special Price, CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD006, 1994

Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 3 (Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD007) Various Artists, Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 3, CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD007, 1994

Planète Mer (Déclic 8411982) Various Artists, Planète Mer, CD, Déclic 8411982, 1994


Maddy Prior: Memento: The Best of Maddy Prior (Park PRK CD28) Maddy Prior, Memento: The Best of Maddy Prior, CD, Park PRK CD28, 1995

Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 4 (Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD008) Various Artists, Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 4, CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD008, 1995

The Disagreement of the People (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD078) Various Artists, The Disagreement of the People, CD, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD078, 1995

Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 3 (Rhino R2 72162) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 3, CD, Rhino R2 72162, 1995


Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson: Singing the Storm (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD102) Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson, Singing the Storm, CD, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD102, 1996

New Electric Muse (Castle ESB CD 416) Various Artists, New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 416, 1996

The Voice of Folk (TSCD705) Various Artists, The Voice of Folk, CD, Topic TSCD705, 1996


June Tabor: Aleyn (Topic TSCD490) June Tabor, Aleyn, CD, Topic TSCD490, 1997

New Electric Muse II (Castle ESB CD 517) Various Artists, New Electric Muse, Volume 2, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 517, 1997

Poppies (Dressed for Peace DTKBOX70) Various Artists, Poppies, 3 CD, Dressed for Peace DTKBOX70, 1997


June Tabor: On Air (Strange Fruit SFRSCD074) June Tabor, On Air, CD, Strange Fruit SFRSCD074, 1998

June Tabor: Reflections (Topic TSBX 1001) June Tabor, Reflections, 3CD re-release, TSBX1001, ca. 1998

Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, Detours & Rendezvous (Rhino R2 75273) Various Artists, Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, Detours & Rendezvous: The Songs of Elvis Costello, Rhino R2 75273, 1998

The Rough Guide to English Roots Music (World Music RGNET 1018 CD) Various Artists, The Rough Guide to English Roots Music, CD, World Music RGNET 1018 CD, 1998


The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Tubular Dogs (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 014) Mrs Ackroyd Band, Tubular Dogs, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 014, 1999

June Tabor: A Quiet Eye (Topic TSCD510) June Tabor, A Quiet Eye, CD, Topic TSCD510, 1999

English Originals (Topic TSCD706) Various Artists, English Originals: A Defining Collection of English Folk Song, CD, Topic TSCD706, 1999

The Folk Collection (Topic TSCD707/8) Various Artists, The Folk Collection, 2 CD, Topic TSCD707/8, 1999

The Wings of Butterflies: Songs by Les Barker (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 013) Various Artists, The Wings of Butterflies, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 013, 1999


Ashley Hutchings: Along the Downs (Mooncrest CRESTCD 055) Ashley Hutchings, Along the Downs, CD, Mooncrest CRESTCD 055, 2000

Maddy Prior: Ballads & Candles (Park PRK CD54) Maddy Prior, Ballads and Candles, CD/video/DVD, Park PRK CD54, 2000

And We'll All Have Tea (Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106) Various Artists, And We'll All Have Tea… English Folk Anthology, 2 CD, Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106, 2000

English Folk Collection (Cooking Vinyl GUMBO CD 015) Various Artists, English Folk Collection, CD, Cooking Vinyl GUMBO CD 015, 2000

Mr Straw’s Hallway (Terra Nova TERR CD019/020) Various Artists, Mr Straw’s Hallway, 2 CD, Terra Nova TERR CD 019/020, 2000


Martin Carthy: The Carthy Chronicles (Free Reed FRQCD 60) Martin Carthy, The Carthy Chronicles, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 60, 2001

Fairport Convention: The Other Boot / The Third Leg (Woodworm WR3CD037) Fairport Convention, The Other Boot / The Third Leg (live at Cropredy 1986/87), 3 CD, Woodworm WR3CD037, 2001

Ashley Hutchings et al: Street Cries (Topic TSCD535) Ashley Hutchings, Street Cries, CD, Topic TSCD535, 2001

June Tabor: Rosa Mundi (Topic TSCD532) June Tabor, Rosa Mundi, CD, Topic TSCD532, 2001

The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Airs of the Dog (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 016) Various Artists, Airs of the Dog, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 016, 2001

A Woman's Voice: First Person Singular (Topic TSCD521) Various Artists, A Woman's Voice: First Person Singular, CD, Topic TSCD521, 2001

Tim Winton: Dirt Music (ABC Classics 472 046-2) Various Artists, Dirt Music, 2 CD, ABC 472 046-2, 2001


The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic TSFCD 4001) Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4001, 2002

This Label Is Not Removable (Free Reed FRTCD 25) Various Artists, This Label is Not Removable, 3 CD, Free Reed FRTCD 25, 2002

Songs in the Key of Cooking Vinyl (Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD020) Various Artists, Songs in the Key of Cooking Vinyl, CD, Cooking Vinyl GRILLCD20, 2002

Women in Folk (Park PRKCD 62) Various Artists, Women in Folk, CD, Park PRK CD62, 2002


The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Yelp! (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 017) Mrs Ackroyd Band, Yelp!, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 017, 2003

June Tabor: An Echo of Hooves (Topic TSCD543) June Tabor, An Echo of Hooves, CD, Topic TSCD543, 2003

June Tabor: The Definitive Collection (Highpoint HPO6003) June Tabor, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6003, 2003

The English Collection (Highpoint HPO6010) Various Artists, The English Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6010, 2004

Folk Festival Sidmouth (Godd Disks GOTTBOX 011) Various Artists, Folk Festival: A Celebration of Music Recorded at the Sidmouth International Festival, 2 CD, Gott Disks GOTTBOX 011, 2004

Guide Cats for the Blind (Osmosys OSMO CD 020/021) Various Artists, Guide Cats for the Blind: Songs & Poems of Les Barker, 2 CD, OSMO CD 020/21, 2003


Oysterband: The Big Session Volume 1 (Westpark 87105) Oysterband, The Big Session Vol. 1, CD, Westpark 87105, 2004


Burning Bright: The Ashley Hutchings Story (Free Reed FRQCD 50) Ashley Hutchings, Burning Bright, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 50, 2005

Oysterband: The 25<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Concert (Westpark 87111) Oysterband, The 25th Anniversary Concert, DVD, Westpark 87111, 2005

June Tabor: Always (Topic TSFCD4003) June Tabor, Always, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4003, 2005

June Tabor: At the Wood’s Heart (Topic TSCD557) June Tabor, At the Wood’s Heart, CD, Topic TSCD557, 2005

Seeds of Peace: Passendale Suite 2 (Vredesconcerten Passendale VP006) June Tabor and others, Seeds of Peace: Passendale Suite 2, CD, Vredesconcerten Passendale VP006, 2005

Folk Awards 2011 (Proper PROPERFOLK11) Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2005, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK01, 2005


Folk Awards 2006 Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2006, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK02, 2006

Rubber Folk (Gott Disks GOTTCD035) Various Artists, Rubber Folk, CD, Gott GOTTCD035, 2006


Mrs Ackroyd Band: Dark Side of the Mongrel (DOG 020) Mrs Ackroyd Band, Dark Side of the Mongrel, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 020, 2007

June Tabor: Apples (Topic TSCD568) June Tabor, Apples, CD, Topic TSCD568, 2007


Three Score and Ten (Topic TOPIC70) Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Folk Against Fascism (FAF1CD) Various Artists, Folk Against Fascism, 2 CD, Folk Against Fascism FAF1CD, 2010


June Tabor: Ashore (Topic TSCD577) June Tabor, Ashore, CD, Topic TSCD577, 2011

Martin Simpson: Purpose+Grace (Topic TSCD584) Martin Simpson, Purpose and Grace, CD, Topic TSCD584, 2011

June Tabor & Oysterband: Ragged Kingdom (Topic TSCD585) June Tabor & Oysterband, Ragged Kingdom, CD, Topic TSCD585, 2011

Love Loss & Liberty: The Songs of Alistair Hulett (Red Rattler RATCD007) Various Artists, Love Loss & Liberty: The Songs of Alistair Hulett, CD, Red Rattler RATCD007, 2011


June Tabor & Oysterband: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Topic STOP2012) June Tabor & Oysterband, Love Will Tear Us Apart / Fountains Flowing, 7" single, Topic STOP2012, UK Record Store Day 2012


Quercus: Quercus (ECM 2276) Quercus, Quercus, CD, ECM 2276, 2013

Folk Awards 2012 (Proper PROPERFOLK12) Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012, 3 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK12, 2012


Quercus: Nightfall (ECM 2522) Quercus, Nightfall, CD, ECM 2522, 2017

Topic: The Real Sound of Folk Music (Topic TICD001) Various Artists, Topic Records: The Real Sound of Folk Music, 2 CD, Topic TICD001, 2017


An Introduction to June Tabor (Topic TICD003) June Tabor, An Introduction to June Tabor, CD, TICD003, 2018


June Tabor & Oysterband: Fire & Fleet (Running Man RMCD7) June Tabor & Oysterband, Fire & Fleet, CD, Running Man RMCD7, 2019

From Here: English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2 (From Here SITW011CD) Stick in the Wheel present: From Here: English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2, CD/LP, From Here SITW011CD/SITW011LP, 2019


The Electric Muse Revisited (Good Deeds GDM060) Various Artists, The Electric Muse Revisited: The Story of Folk into Rock and Beyond, 4 CD, Good Deeds Music GDM060, 2021