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Against the Streams

June Tabor: Against the Streams (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD071)

Against the Streams
June Tabor

Cooking Vinyl COOK 071 / COOKCD071 (LP / CD, UK, August 1994)
Green Linnet GLCD 3096 (CD, USA, 1994)

Produced by John Ravenhall;
Recorded at Marcus Studios, London, engineer Trevor Hallesy, assisted by Oliver Back;
and at Red Forth Studio, Southall, engineer John Ravenhall;
Mixed at Swanyard Studios, London;
All tracks mixed by Trevor Hallesy and John Ravenhall, assisted by Jochen Schmalbach and Nick Kirkland,;
except [11] mixed by John Ravenhall and Mark Emerson, assisted by Christoph Bracher;
Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road, London


June Tabor: vocals;
Huw Warren: piano, cello;
Mark Emerson: viola, violin, piano accordion [5];
Andy Cutting: diatonic accordion;
Mark Lockheart: clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone;
Dudley Philips: double bass


Side 1Side 2
  1. Shameless Love (4.24)
  2. I Want to Vanish (2.24)
  3. False, False (Roud 8276) (3.46)
  4. Pavanne (5.58)
  5. He Fades Away (4.32)
  1. The Irish Girl (4.38)
  2. Apples and Potatoes (2.19)
  3. Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary (2.35)
  4. The Turn of the Road (5.43)
  5. Windy City (4.48)
  6. Waiting for the Lark (4.10)

Track 1 Eric Taylor;
Track 2 Elvis Costello;
Tracks 3, 7 trad.;
Track 4 Richard Thompson;
Track 5 Alistair Hulett;
Track 6 Peter Bond;
Track 8 words Jane Yolen, music Huw Warren;
Track 9 words Les Barker, music trad.;
Track 10 Ian Telfer;
Track 11 Bill Caddick