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Against the Streams

June Tabor: Against the Streams (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD071)

Against the Streams
June Tabor

Cooking Vinyl COOK 071 / COOKCD071 (LP / CD, UK, August 1994)
Green Linnet GLCD 3096 (CD, USA, 1994)

Produced by John Ravenhall;
Recorded at Marcus Studios, London, engineer Trevor Hallesy, assisted by Oliver Back;
and at Red Forth Studio, Southall, engineer John Ravenhall;
Mixed at Swanyard Studios, London;
All tracks mixed by Trevor Hallesy and John Ravenhall, assisted by Jochen Schmalbach and Nick Kirkland,;
except [11] mixed by John Ravenhall and Mark Emerson, assisted by Christoph Bracher;
Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road, London


June Tabor, vocals;
Huw Warren, piano, cello;
Mark Emerson, viola, violin, piano accordion [5];
Andy Cutting, diatonic accordion;
Mark Lockheart, clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone;
Dudley Philips, double bass


Side 1Side 2
  1. Shameless Love [Eric Taylor] (4.24)
  2. I Want to Vanish [Elvis Costello] (2.24)
  3. False, False (Roud 8276) (3.46)
  4. Pavanne [Richard Thompson] (5.58)
  5. He Fades Away [Alistair Hulett] (4.32)
  1. The Irish Girl [Peter Bond] (4.38)
  2. Apples and Potatoes [trad. arr. June Tabor, Mark Emerson] (2.19)
  3. Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary [words Jane Yolen, music Huw Warren] (2.35)
  4. The Turn of the Road [words Les Barker, music trad.] (5.43)
  5. Windy City [Ian Telfer] (4.48)
  6. Waiting for the Lark [Bill Caddick] (4.10)