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Oranges and Lemmings

The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Oranges and Lemmings (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 007)

Oranges and Lemmings
A Celebration of Our Musical Heritage

The Mrs Ackroyd Band

Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 007 (cassette/CD, UK, 1990)

Arrangements (except for Martin Carthy’s Hard Cheese) by Chris Harvey;
Engineered by Chris Harvey;
Food by Alison Younger. She got the celery and cheese recipe from Lesley Davies;
Les Barker made most of the tea;
Lemmings by Rob Armstrong;
June Tabor appears by permission of her dogs.


Les Barker: vocals, knockers;
Eliza Carthy: vocals;
Martin Carthy: vocals;
Lesley Davies: vocals, tambourine, knockers;
Chris Harvey: keyboards, fiddle, seasonal eaxhortation, guitar, accordion;
Teddy Novak: sax;
Andy Sails: guitar;
June Tabor: vocals;
Norma Waterson: vocals, trangle, Philips screwdriver;
Bernard Wrigley: bass, distant rumblings;
Alison Younger: vocals, heavy breathing


  1. Tortoise from Hell (4.06)
    Martin: lead vocals; Lesley, Alison, Norma, June: backing vocals; Andy: lead guitar; Chris: keyboards
  2. The Trains of Waterloo (3.16)
    Lesley and June: vocals
  3. Steven and Stella (5.30)
    Les: lead vocals; Lesley, Alison: backing vocals; Chris: keyboards; Bernard: bass and distant rumblings; Teddy: sax
  4. Nancy and Willie (4.31)
    Lesley: vocals; Chris: keyboards and fiddle
  5. She Moves Through the Fair (3.55)
    Alison: vocals and heavy breathing; Chris: keyboards
  6. In the Snow of Deep Midwinter (4.26)
    Lesley: lead vocals; Alison: backing vocals; Chris: keyboards and seasonal eaxhortation
  7. Quasi B. Goode (2.46)
    Les: lead vocals; Lesley, Alison, Norma, June, Bernard,Chris: backing vocals; Norma: trangle, Philips screwdriver; Chris: keyboards; Teddy: sax; Martin: guitar; Bernard: bass
  8. Hunting the Cutty Wren (3.32)
    Martin, June: lead argument; Norma, Lesley, Alison, Eliza: backing argument
  9. Jehovah’s Witness at the Door (5.30)
    Les: lead vicar; Lesley, Alison, Norma, Martin, Bernard, June: backing vicars; Lesley, Alison: deceptively angelic choir; Lesley: tamblorine and word; Les, Alison: knockers; Chris: wobbly organ
  10. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch (3.25)
    Alison: vocals; Chris: keyboards, guitar
  11. The Hard Cheese of Old England (2.57)
    Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar
  12. My Snails Have Not Yet Arrived (3.48)
    Lesley, Les: vocals; Chris: keyboards, accordion; Bernard: bass; Teddy: sax
  13. The William Patel Ouverture (4.03)
    Les: lead vocals; Lesley, Alison, Bernard, Norma, Martin, June: poppadoms (except that Martin kept going ’bom’. Probably a regional variant); Chris: keyboards

All tracks Barker / Pollington pub Mrs Ackroyd Music / Cock Robin Music
except tracks 2, 8 Barker / Trad. pub Mrs Ackroyd Music
Track 4 Barker / L. Davies / J. Davies / Pollington pub Mrs Ackroyd Music / Cock Robin Music
Track 7 Berry / parody Lyrics Barker pub. Chappell Music
Track 11 Barker / Trad. arr. Carthy pub Mrs Ackroyd Music / Topic Music
Track 13 Barker / Rossini / arr. Pollington pub Mrs Ackroyd Music / Cock Robin Music

Hunting the Cutty Wren and Hard Cheese of Old England were included in 2001 on the 4 CD compilation The Carthy Chronicles.