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The Wings of Butterflies - Songs by Les Barker

The Wings of Butterflies: Songs by Les Barker (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 013)

The Wings of Butterflies
Songs by Les Barker

Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 013 (CD, UK, 1999)

Norma Waterson’s version of Earth recorded by Oliver Knight;
Soldier recorded at Sight and Sound;
Two Per Cent recorded and mixed by Phil Beer;
Choral tracks recorded at the Wesleyan chapel, Birdsedge by Steve Rusby;
All others recorded at Cock Robin Studio by Chris Harvey;
All except Two Per Cent mixed at Cock Robin Studio by Chris Harvey


Phil Beer: vocals, instruments;
Dave Burland: vocals, guitar;
Martin Carthy: guitar;
Coope, Boyes & Simpson: vocals;
Lesley Davies: vocals;
Chris Harvey: keyboards, piano;
Pete Morton: vocals, guitar;
Fiona Simpson: vocals;
Hilary Spencer: vocals;
June Tabor: vocals;
Steve Tilston: vocals, guitar;
Norma Waterson: vocals;
Alison Younger: vocals;
The choir (conducted by Chris Harvey): Brian Bedford, Jim Boyes, Maggie Boyle, John Ellison, Lynda Hardcastle, Alan Rose, Janet Russell, Lester Simpson, Hilary Spencer, Alison Younger


  1. Chaos (3.45)
    Pete Morton: vocals, guitar
  2. Earth (2.56)
    Norma Waterson: vocals; Martin Carthy: guitar
  3. Cortez (5.38)
    Fiona Simpson: vocals; Chris Harvey: piano
  4. The Child
    June Tabor: vocals; Chris Harvey: piano
    Lead Kindly Light (4.28)
    The choir
  5. Two Per Cent (5.45)
    Phil Beer: vocals and instruments
  6. They Make the Laws (4.20)
    Hilary Spencer: vocals; Chris Harvey: keyboards
  7. Spheres of Influence (5.26)
    The choir
  8. Safe Haven (2.20)
    Dave Burland: vocals, guitar
  9. Unnecessary People (4.45)
    The choir
  10. I Have Blown It All Away (5.42)
    Lesley Davies: lead vocals; Alison Younger: backing vocals; Chris Harvey: keyboards
  11. Soldier (4.15)
    Coope, Boyes and Simpson
  12. War Horse Town (3.32)
    Steve Tilston: vocals, guitar; Fiona Simpson, backing vocals
  13. All One Nation
    Alison Younger and the choir: vocals; Chris Harvey: keyboards
    The Flowers of the Field
    Chris Harvey: keyboards
    Earth (7.58)
    The choir: vocals

All tracks: words by Les Barker

Track 1 Les Barker / Pete Morton
Track 2 Les Barker / Trad. arr. Martin Carthy
Track 3 Les Barker / Claude Debussy / Chris Harvey
Track 4 Les Barker / Purday arr. Chris Harvey
Track 5 Les Barker / Phil Beer
Tracks 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 Les Barker / Chris Harvey
Track 8 Les Barker / Dave Burland
Track 12 Les Barker / Steve Tilston
Track 13a, 13c Les Barker / Trad. arr. Chris Harvey
Track 13b Chris Harvey