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June Tabor: Apples (Topic TSCD568)

June Tabor

Topic Records TSCD568 (CD, UK, 26 March 2007)

June Tabor: Apples (Topic TSCD568)

Recorded and mixed at Red Kite Studios, Cwmargenau, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, November / December 2006;
Engineered by Martin Levan;
Mixed by Martin Levan and Mark Emerson;
Sustained by Karen Levan;
Portrait photography by John Haxby;
Apple photos by Mark Emerson;
Cover photo: Tree of Souls - apples and yew on the Welsh Marshes, 1 November 2006;
Make-up by Jan Winter;
Design by John Haxby


June Tabor: vocals;
Andy Cutting: diatonic accordion;
Mark Emerson: piano, violin, viola;
Tim Harries: double bass


  1. The Dancing / Miss Lindsay Barker (7.27)
  2. The Old Garden Gate (Roud 419; Henry H593) (4.04)
  3. The Auld Beggarman (Roud 212; Child 279 Appendix; Henry H810) (4.47)
  4. The Rigs of Rye (Roud 985; Laws O11; G/D 5:1054) (5.50)
  5. I Love My Love (Roud 3612) (4.27)
  6. Soldiers Three (Roud 8340) (2.52)
  7. Speak Easy (5.59)
  8. Au Logis De Mon Père (2.47)
  9. Standing in Line (5.38)
  10. Ce Fu En Mai (4.13)
  11. My Love Came to Dublin (Roud 22005) (4.36)
  12. Send Us a Quiet Night (5.15)

Track 1a Andy Shanks, Jim Russell;
Track 1b Andy Cutting;
Tracks 2, 4, 10 trad. arr. June Tabor, Mark Emerson, Andy Cutting, Tim Harries;
Tracks 3, 8 trad. arr. June Tabor, Andy Cutting, Mark Emerson;
Tracks 5 trad. arr. June Tabor, Mark Emerson;
Tracks 6 trad. arr. June Tabor, Andy Cutting, Mark Emerson, Tim Harries;
Track 7 words Robert Burns, tune Hector MacMillan;
Track 9 Lester Simpson;
Track 11 Patrick Galvin;
Track 12 Christopher Somerville