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Folk Against Fascism

Folk Against Fascism (FAF1CD)

Folk Against Fascism
Various Artists

Folk Against Fascism FAF1CD (2 CD, UK, May 2010)

Music compiled by Tom Rose;
Mastered by Neil Ferguson at Hill Top Studios;
Artwork design: “Garlands” image and front cover logo by David Owen


CD 1

  1. Blowzabella: The Origin of the World (4.18)
    from Octomento (Blowzabella 1)
  2. Chris Wood: Spitfires (3.53)
    from Handmade Life (R.U.G. RUFCD12)
  3. The Unthanks: Nobody Knew She Was There (5.53)
    from Here’s the Tender Coming (EMI 687 1222)
  4. Roy Bailey: Anna Mae (5.32)
    from Below the Radar (Fuse CFCD407)
  5. Laura Veirs: Wildwood Flower (3.53)
  6. The Imagined Village feat. Billy Bragg: England Half English meets John Barleycorn (2.51)
    from The Imagined Village (Real World CDRWEP 10)
  7. Bellowhead: Roll Her Down the Bay (3.26)
    from Matachin’ (Navigator NAGIGATOR17)
  8. Chumbawamba /No Masters Co: Dance, Idiot, Dance (2.43)
    from ABCDEFG (No Masters NMCD33)
  9. Ray Hearne: Point the Finger at the Emperor (3.16)
    from The Wrong Sunshine (No Masters NMCD31)
  10. Kate Rusby: High on a Hill (4.30)
    from Awkward Annie (Pure PRCD23)
  11. Christy Moore: Pink Triangle (3.35)
  12. The Bevvy Sisters: The Littlest Birds (3.23)
  13. Lau: Horizontigo (7.20)
    from Arc Light (Reveal REVEAL001CDX)
  14. Duotone: Work Harder (4.29)
  15. June Tabor: Standing in Line (5.39)
    from Apples (Topic TSCD568)
  16. Andy Cutting: Edges / Thin Waltz (6.10)

CD 2

  1. James Yorkston & The Big Eyes Family Players: Martinmas Time (5.10)
    from Folk Songs (Domino WIGCD236X)
  2. Eliza Carthy: Like I Care (3.28)
    from Dreams of Breathing Underwater (Topic TSCD571)
  3. Ian King: Four-Loom Weaver (Roud 937) (3.48)
    from Panic Grass & Fever Few (Fledg’ling FLED 3082)
  4. Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara: Subuhanalaii (4.00)
  5. Jon Boden: Beating the Bounds (4.31)
    from Songs From the Flood Plain (Navigator NAVIGATOR21)
  6. Belshazzar’s Feast: Softly Good Tummas; Shropshire Lass (4.44)
    from The Food of Love (WildGoose WGS353CD)
  7. Show of Hands: Roots (4.48)
    from Witness (Hands On Music HMCD23)
  8. Heidi Talbot: Bedlam Boys (Roud V16366) (3.47)
    from In Love + Light (Navigator NAVIGATOR6)
  9. Damien Dempsey: Colony (7.10)
  10. John McCusker’s Under One Sky: Under One Sky (9.50)
    from Under One Sky (Big Bash BBRCD016)
  11. Corrina Hewat: New Voice (4.58)
    from Harp I Do (Navigator NAVIGATOR3)
  12. Kris Drever: The Call and the Answer (3.56)
    from Mark the Hard Earth (Navigator NAVIGATOR30)
  13. Ruth Notman: Holding On (4.46)
    from The Life of Lilly (Mrs Casey MCRCD9002)
  14. John Tams: Safe House (4.22)
    from The Reckoning (Topic TSCD551)
  15. Shirley & Dolly Collins: Two Brethren (2.54)
    from Snapshots (Fledg’ling FLED3057)