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The Stones of Callanish

The Stones of Callanish (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 005/6)

The Stones of Callanish
A Folk Opera by Les Barker

Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 005/6 (2 LP/CD, UK, 1989)

The Stones of Callanish (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 005/6)

All the music is traditional. English words by Les Barker.
Gaelic words by Simon MacKenzie.
Harp arrangements by Savourna Stevenson.
Guitar arrangements by Rod Paterson,
except track 6 by Nick Dow & Bernard Wrigley and track 9 by Nick Dow.



The man: Rod Paterson;
The girl: Lesley Davies;
Hebridean woman: Janet Russell;
Lorry drivers: Nick Dow, Bernard Wrigley;
The Stones of Callanish: June Tabor;
The Towers of London: Fiona Simpson;
Gaelic Singer: Cathy-Ann MacPhee


Savourna Stevenson: harp;
Rod Paterson, Nick Dow: guitar;
Bernard Wrigley: guitar, bass concertina;
Jim Sutherland: percussion;
Neil Hay: fretless bass;
Jack Evans: whistles, harmonica;
John Martin: fiddle, viola, cello;
Phil Cunningham: synthesiser, accordion;


Side 1

  1. [JT] The Stones on the Hill (2.02)
  2. [RP] Crucified on Your Old Broken Cross (3.30)
  3. [LD] Don’t Say Goodbye (2.34)
  4. [JR] Across the Wide Ocean (5.05)
  5. [CM] Latha dhomh ’s mi gabhail a’ mhonaidh (1.33)

Side 2

  1. [ND, BW] Going Down to Metal Bridge (2.52)
  2. [JR] You Ebb and Flow (3.04)
  3. [LD] I Stand Here Alone on the Beach (2.26)
  4. [ND] On Me Way to Dover (1.21)
  5. [JT] The Stones on the Hill (1.01)
  6. [RS] Towers of London (3.40)

Side 3

  1. [RP] You Ebb and Flow (2.19)
  2. [CM] Tasdan a’righ ’s feileadh an t-saighdeir (3.06)
  3. [RP, FS, CM] Down from the Hills (2.29)
  4. [LD] Sleep On, My Darling (4.05)

Side 4

  1. [JT] The Stones on the Hill (2.20)
  2. [RP] Another Pint (3.40)
  3. [RP, LD] Reconciliation (4.27)
  4. [LD] Take Me Back to Lewis (2.39)