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Steeleye Span High Class Compilations

These are compilations of the above records with additional original tracks that are (or were) not available elsewhere. Some of these additional tracks are live recordings.

Other Good Compilations of Original Recordings:

Individually and Collectively (1972)

Almanack (1973)

Time Span (2 LP, 1977)
(the two above compilations put together)

Take 2 (cassette, 1982)
(All Around My Hat plus Rocket Cottage)

Dogs and Ferrets (2 LP, 1983)
(Commoners Crown plus All Around My Hat)

Steeleye Span (2 LP, 1984)
(Time Span reissue with reordered tracks)

Portfolio (2 LP/CD, 1988)

Steeleye Span Mk 1 and 2 Budget Compilations

There are lots of cheap—in every sense—compilations which contain very nearly only tracks from the 1970/71 B&C / Mooncrest period of Steeleye Span Mk 1 and 2. This is not bad in inself as these are fine songs, but these compilations more often than not claim to give an overview over the whole Steeleye Span history which is clearly wrong and after 40 years of their existence quite silly. Not recommended.

Steeleye Span Mk 3 and 4 Budget Compilations

More cheap compilations of Steeleye's heyday of the years 1972-76. Putting the label “Best of” in the sense of “Most sold” to these collections makes some sense. However, I'd rather recommend the 2 CD set Spanning the Years if you want a fairly recently overview.

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Budget Anthologies with Steeleye Span Tracks

More often than not these are repackaged Mooncrest recordings from the early 1970s.