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Most of the information in this section is from Alistair Banfield. Thank you!

Nigel Pegrum was the owner of the “Plant Life” label. He also founded the label “Burlington” which seemed to be a subdivision of Plant Life later on but not initially.

I know of these records with Nigel playing on:

  • The Tannahill Weavers: cAre Ye Sleeping Maggie
    Plant Life PLR 001 (LP, UK, 1976)
    Hedera Records HRCD 101 (CD, UK, 1993)

    Nigel plays gong and snare drum

  • Johnny Silvo: Time Enough to Spare
    Plant Life PLR 003 (LP, UK, March 1977)

    Nigel plays congas on one track

  • Alex Atterson: Pushing the Business On
    Plant Life PLR 005 (LP, UK, March 1977)

    Nigel plays percussion, oboe and flute

  • Michael Moore: The Tallest Man in the World
    Plant Life PLR 007 (LP, UK, June 1977)

    Nigel plays drums

  • Wizz Jones: Magical Flight
    Plant Life PLR 009 (LP, UK, 1977)
    Folk Freak FF4003 (LP, Germany, 1978)
    Scenescof SCOFCD 1006 (CD, USA, 1999)

    Nigel plays drums on four tracks

  • Alan Roberts and Dougie MacLean: Caledonia
    Plant Life PLR 012 (LP, UK, 1980)

    Nigel plays percussion

  • Rosie Hardman: Eagle Over Blue Mountain
    Plant Life PLR 013 (LP, UK, 1978)

    Nigel plays drums, percussion and oboe

  • The Celebrated Ratcliffe Stout Band: Behind the Mask
    Plant Life PLR 020 (LP, UK, autumn 1979)

    Nigel plays percussion and flute

  • Rosie Hardman: Stopped in My Tracks
    Plant Life PLR 023 (LP, UK, 1980)

    Nigel plays drums, percussion, oboe and flute

  • The Celebrate Ratcliffe Stout Band: Van Lag
    Plant Life PLR 030 (LP, UK, 19??)

    Nigel plays percussion

  • Lorbass: Wohl Bekomms
    Burlington Burl 011 (LP, UK, May 1981)

    Nigel play drums; other musicians include Dougie MacLean and Jon Gillaspie

  • Ken Okines and Sue Ashby: Close Relations
    Burlington Burl 012 (LP, UK, 1981)

    Nigel plays percussion

  • Various: Lovely in the Dances: Songs of Sydney Carter
    Plant Life PLR 032 (LP, UK, August 1981)
    Osmosys Records OSMO CD008 (CD, AAD, 1997)

    Nigel plays drums, percussion and flute

  • Dougie MacLean: On a Wing and a Prayer
    Plant Life PLR 034 (LP, UK, 1981)

    Nigel plays drums, percussion, flute and oboe

At this stage, i.e. about 1981/82, it seems Nigel stopped engineering with the Plant Life mobile and although the label continues no mention is made of him either engineering or producing. In fact from this date onwards the records seem to be either reissues of US or Australian recordings or self produced by the groups in question, e.g.

  • The Maddy Prior Band: Hooked on Winning
    Interfusion L37794 (LP, UK, 1982)
    Kempire KMPA 001 (LP, UK, 1982)
    Plant Life PLR 036 (LP, UK, 1982)

  • Blowzabella: Blowzabella
    Plant Life PLR 038 (LP, UK, 1982)

  • Blowzabella: In Colour
    Plant Life PLR 051 (LP, UK, 1983)

  • Six Hands in Tempo: Desperate Digits
    Plant Life PLR 054 (LP, UK, 1983)

  • Blowzabella: Bobbityshooty
    Plant Life PLR 064 (LP, UK, 1984)
    Osmosys OSMO CD015 (CD, UK, 1998)

  • Mara!: Images
    Plant Life PLR 070 (LP, UK, 1984)

  • Blowzabella: The Blowzabella Wall of Sound
    Plant Life PLR 074 (LP, UK, 1986)
    Osmosys OSMO CD005 (CD, UK, 1996)

  • Blowzabella: A Richer Dust
    Plant Life PLR 080 (LP, UK, 1988)
    Osmosys OSMO CD010 (CD, UK, 1996)

It may be that Nigel contributed to a number of other records without credits.

Probably the last recordings on the Plant Life label were Robin Williamson's Ten of Songs (PLR 081) and the Late Night Band's Kings of Baroque-a-Billy (PLR 082).