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Steeleye Span: A 20th Anniversary Celebration

Steeleye Span: A 20th Anniversary Celebration (Dover DVHS 5039)

A 20th Anniversary Celebration
Live at the Beck Theatre
Saturday 16 September 1989

Steeleye Span

Dover Records DVHS 5039 (Video, UK, 1989)
Shanachie SH-DVD 203 (DVD, USA, March 2003)

Steeleye Span: A 20th Anniversary Celebration (Shanachie SH-DVD 203)
Steeleye Span: Steeleye Span (Classic Rock Legends CRL 0814)

Steeleye Span
Steeleye Span

Classic Rock Legends CRL 0814 (PAL DVD, UK, 2002)
Classic Rock Productions CRP 0985 (CD + PAL DVD, UK, 2002)
Classic Rock Productions CRP 0986 (CD + NTSC DVD, UK, 2002)

Steeleye Span Live in Nottingham
Steeleye Span

Classic Rock Productions CRP 1051 (CD, UK, 2002)

Recorded live at the Beck Theatre, Hayes, Middlesex (UK) on 16 September 1989;
Running Time: approx 53 Min;
Executive Producer: Duncan Smith;
Producer/Director: Ken O’Neill;
Production Assistant: Carol Frankland

This video has been re-released on DVD and on CD in 2002 by the label Classic Rock Legends. I have mixed feelings about this reissue. At least, this concert is available again now. But the packaging is very shoddy: Besides the nondescriptive title and cover picture, the booklet doesn’t give any details about musicians, recording date and venue. Instead, it elaborates on other DVDs on the same label which are probably equally bad packaged.


Maddy Prior: vocals;
Bob Johnson: vocals, electric guitar;
Peter Knight: vocals, violin;
Tim Harries: bass, keyboards, vocals;
Liam Genockey: drums, percussion


  1. Sailor’s Bonnet (2.33)
  2. Black Jack Davy (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278; Henry H124) (4.51)
  3. The Fox (4.51)
  4. Shaking of the Sheets (Roud V11404) (3.24)
  5. Following Me (4.06)
  6. The Weaver and the Factory Maid (Roud 3085, 17771) (6.11)
  7. Thomas the Rhymer (Roud 219; Child 37) (6.47)
  8. Padstow (Roud 305) (3.43)
  9. Cam Ye O’er Frae France (Roud 5814; G/D 1:120) (4.55)
  10. Jack Hall (Roud 369) (4.52)
  11. Gaudete (2.28)
  12. All Around My Hat (Roud 22518) (4.22)

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 3, 5 Peter Knight

#11 was originally released on Below the Salt
#6 and 9 were originally released on Parcel of Rogues
#7 was originally released on Now We Are Six
#2 and 12 were originally released on All Around My Hat
#1, 3-5, 8, and 10 were originally released on Tempted and Tried