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Steeleye Span: Bedlam Born

Steeleye Span: Bedlam Born (Park PRK CD55)

Bedlam Born
Steeleye Span

Park Records PRK CD55 (CD, UK, 25 September 2000)

Recorded at the Warehouse Studios, Oxford;
Engineered by Steve Watkins;
Mixed by John Etchells (except for Poor Old Soldier mixed by Steve Watkins);
Produced by Steeleye Span;
mastered by Denis Blackham at Country Masters;
Graphics by Gwen Morgan at Riverline;
Album co-ordination John Dagnell at Park Records

A first comment on the CD some time before its release by Tom Nelligan on the Fairport Convention mailing list: “I ran into [Dave Mattacks] earlier this week at a local gig and he talked a bit about the recent Steeleye recording session. He said it’s going to be Steeleye’s best album in years, or words to that effect, and had a lot of compliments for Gay Woods’ singing. I’ll allow him a little hyperbole!”


Gay Woods: vocals, bodhrán;
Bob Johnson: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar;
Peter Knight: vocals, keyboards and violin;
Tim Harries: bass & electric guitars, keyboards, vocals;
with Dave Mattacks: drums and percussion

Note: Bob Johnson left Steeleye Span after recording this album and was replaced by Rick Kemp, at least for the following US & UK tours.


  1. Well Done Liar! (Roud 473; G/D 8:1703) (4.35)
  2. Who Told the Butcher? (2.58)
  3. John of Ditchford (3.43)
  4. I See His Blood upon the Rose (4.58)
  5. Black Swan (1.50)
  6. The Beggar (Roud 1573) (3.00)
  7. Poor Old Soldier (2.20)
  8. Arbour (1.26)
  9. There Was a Wealthy Merchant (Roud 268; Laws N7; G/D 1:171, 1:172) (4.58)
  10. Beyond the Dreaming Place (3.04)
  11. We Poor Labouring Men (Roud 1394) (5.05)
  12. The Connemara Cradle Song (Henry H596) (5.38)
  13. Stephen (Roud 3963; Child 22) (4.25)
  14. The White Cliffs of Dover (3.06)

Tracks 1, 6, 9, 11, 13 trad.;
Tracks 2, 7 Peter Knight;
Track 3 Tim Harries, adapted from “A Lynching” (1322) by Eric Jenkins;
Track 4 words Joseph Plunkett, music Gay Woods;
Track 5 Tim Harries;
Track 8 words Gay Woods, music Tim Harries;
Track 10 words Gay Woods, music Peter Knight;
Track 12 John Francis Waller;
Track 14 words Nat Burton, music Walter Kent (1941)