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Steeleye Span: 25 Live

Steeleye Span: 25 Live (Wienerworld Limited WNR 2052)

25 Live
The Classic Twenty Fifth Anniversary Tour Concert
Steeleye Span

Wienerworld Limited WNR 2052 (Video, UK, 1995)

Running time: approx 90 Min;
Recorded at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff, on 6 December 1994;
Management: Adrian Hopkins for Chester Hopkins International;
Produced by Wolshys London


Maddy Prior: vocals;
Gay Woods: vocals;
Bob Johnson: guitar, vocals;
Peter Knight: piano, fiddle, vocals;
Tim Harries: bass, piano;
Liam Genockey: drums


  1. Gentleman Soldier (Roud 178; G/D 7:1471) / Fighting for Strangers
  2. We Poor Labouring Men (Roud 1394)
  3. My Johnny Was a Shoemaker (Roud 1388; G/D 8:1848)
  4. Seagull
  5. E English
  6. Tam Lin (Roud 35; Child 39; G/D 2:330)
  7. The Dark-Eyed Sailor (Roud 265; Laws N35; G/D 5:1037; Henry H232)
  8. Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163)
  9. Lowlands of Holland (Roud 484; G/D 6:1116; Henry H180)
  10. The Padstow May Song (Roud 305)
  11. Picnic
  12. Jack Hall (Roud 369; Laws L5)
  13. All Around My Hat (Roud 22518)
  14. The Mason’s Apron
  15. Let Her Go Down

#3, 7 and 9 were originally released on Hark! The Village Wait
#13 was originally released on All Around My Hat
#1b was originally released on Rocket Cottage
#15 was originally released on Sails of Silver
#4, 10 and 12 were originally released on Tempted and Tried
#8 was originally released on Time
#1a and 6 were for the first time released live on Tonight’s the Night
#5 and 11 were originally released on Peter Knight’s album An Ancient Cause
#2 and 14 were previously unreleased

Sleeve Notes

Like a fine wine, Steeleye Span, a 1969 vintage, has aged extremely well. In the band’s 25 year history Maddy Prior’s voice has lost none of its beauty and mettle, whilst her high energy performances continue to be Steeleye Span’s magnificent driving vocal point. Peter Knight and Robert Johnson together possess an individuality and distinctive sound which, when combined with that of Maddy, still make Steeleye Span the major force on the world’s folk stage.

It’s interesting to note that Gay Woods, who sang on Hark! The Village Wait some 25 years ago, has never sung on stage with Steeleye Span until this tour.

Joining Steeleye Span over six years ago, Tim Harries on bass and Liam Genockey or drums also show why they are not only permanent fixtures in the band but also two of the most sought after session musicians in England.

What is the secret of Steeleye Span’s longevity? This question is probably very easy to answer once you have sat down and watched this classic tribute and testament to the band’s everlasting appeal.

All the favourites are included in this superb silver anniversary special. Steeleye Span treat their music with respect. The tunes are now honed to a fine degree entertaining fans, both new and old, to an evening of high calibre, laid-back entertainment.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy... Steeleye Span - 25 Live!


Maddy Prior Gay Woods and Bob Johnson Bob Johnson and Peter Knight Liam Genockey Tim Harries