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Michael Chapman: Rainmaker (1969)

Michael Chapman: Fully Qualified Survivor (1970)

Michael Chapman: Window (1970)

Michael Chapman: Wrecked Again (1971)

Lea Nicholson, Stan Ellison: God Bless the Unemployed (1972)

Steve Tilston: Collection (1972)

Michael Chapman: Millstone Grit (1973)

Michael Chapman: Deal Gone Down (1974)

Michael Chapman: Savage Amusement (1976)

Andrew Cronshaw: Earthed in Cloud Valley (1977)

Wizz Jones: Magical Flight (1977)

June Tabor: Ashes and Diamonds (1977)

Andrew Cronshaw: Wade in the Flood (1978)

Martin Best: Desdemonalisa (1979)

Michael Chapman: Life on the Ceiling (1979)

Rosie Hardmann: Stopped in My Tracks (1980)

Lovely in the Dances: Songs of Sydney Carter (1981)

Tim Hart and Friends: My Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme Record (1981)

Isla St Clair: The Song and the Story (1981)

Andrew Cronshaw: The Great Dark Water (1982)

Rosie Hardmann: The Weakness of Eve (1983)

Tim Hart and Friends: Drunken Sailor and Other Kids Songs (1983)

Buttons & Bows Volume 2 (1985)

Swan Arcade: Diving for Pearls (1986)

Andrew Cronshaw: The Andrew Cronshaw CD (1989)

Tim Hart and Friends: Favourite Nursery Rhymes and Other Children's Songs (1989)

Jim Boyes: Out' the Blue (1992)

Michael Chapman: Navigation (1995)

John Wright Band: The Things We've Handed Down (1996)

Fyre & Sworde: Songs of the Border Reivers (1998)

A Stroll Through the Park (1999)

Flash Company (2 CD, 2000)

Swan Arcade: Round Again (2001)

Shining Bright: The Songs of Mike & Lal Waterson (2002)

Maddy Prior & The Girls: Bib & Tuck (2002)

Strawbs: Blue Angel (2003)

Folk for Peace: Rumours of Rain (CD single, 2004)

Ken Nicol: Thirteen Reasons (2006)

Destination: Fellside Recordings 1976-2018 (2018)