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Various Artists: The Harvest of Gold

The Harvest of Gold (Dejavu Retro Gold R2CD 42-47)

The Harvest of Gold
The English Folk Almanac

Various Artists

Dejavu Retro Gold Collection R2CD 42-47 (2 CD, UK, February 2003)

This is a collection of live recordings from four bands. There is no information provided with this release as to the source of the tracks except that they are shown as being licensed from Music Masters USA. Ian and Stephanie Rennie suggested on their (defunct) Expletive Delighted website that the Fairport tracks are most likely from a “Sounds on Sunday” BBC radio session recorded in early 1971 at the Royal Albert Hall. The Steeleye Span and Amazing Blondel tracks are very probably from the “Sound of Britain” concert at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, Germany, on 17 January 1973, recorded by Hessischer Rundfunk. Note that the CD’s “20 page booklet with rare photographs” shows pictures of a later Steeleye Span line-up with drummer Nigel Pegrum.

Two of the Fairport tracks (The Deserter and The Lark in the Morning) have been released in 1987 on the BBC LP Through Bushes and Briar.


CD 1

Fairport Convention

  1. Dirty Linen (3.55)
  2. The Deserter (Roud 493; G/D 1:83) (4.25)
  3. Bridge Over the River Ash (2.17)
  4. The Lark in the Morning (3.46)
  5. Sir Patrick Spens (Roud 41; Child 58; G/D 1:17) (3.27)

Steeleye Span

  1. One Misty Moisty Morning (Roud 20075) (2.57)
  2. The Banks of Ireland / Lucy Campbell (2.46)
  3. Three Drunken Maidens (Roud 252) (2.28)
  4. Gaudete (2.34)
  5. The Royal Forester (Roud 67; Child 110; G/D 7:1465) (4.09)
  6. Reels: Dowd’s Favourite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew (2.56)

CD 2

Amazing Blondel

  1. Toye (3.55)
  2. Seascape (4.25)
  3. Dolor Dulcis (2.17)
  4. Pavan (3.46)
  5. Shepherd’s Song (3.27)
  6. Celestial Light (3.27)

Magna Carta

  1. Parliament Hill (2.17)
  2. Airport Song (3.46)
  3. My Son’s a Prawn (3.27)
  4. Old John Parker (3.27)


Thanks to Andreas Narr and to Ian and Stephanie Rennie, and to Greg Easton’s Steeleye Span site for the information on the Steeleye Span / Amazing Blondel gig.