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Waterson CDs Carthy

Frost and Fire (1990)

For Pence and Spicy Ale (1993)

Early Days (1994)

Waterson:Carthy (1994)

Norma Waterson (Norma, 1996)

Common Tongue (Waterson:Carthy, 1996)

Once in a Blue Moon (Lal, Oliver Knight, 1996)

Green Fields (1998)

Reflections (3CD re-release, ca. 1998)

A Bed of Roses (Lal, Oliver Knight, 1999)

The Very Thought of You (Norma, 1999)

Broken Ground (Waterson:Carthy, 1999)

Mike Waterson (Mike, 1999)

A True Hearted Girl (Lal and Norma, 1999)

Bright Phoebus (Lal and Mike, 2000)

Bright Shiny Morning (Norma, 2000)

Mysterious Day (Oliver Knight, 2002)

No One Stands Alone (Blue Murder, 2002)

Shining Bright (cover versions, 2002)

A Dark Light (Waterson:Carthy, 2002)

The Definitive Collection (The Watersons, 2003)

Mighty River of Song (2004)

Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand (Waterson:Carthy, 2004)

The Definitive Collection (Waterson:Carthy, 2005)

A Yorkshire Christmas (2005)

The Definitive Collection (Norma, 2006)

Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man (Waterson:Carthy, 2006)

Frost and Fire (2007)

Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy (2007)

For Pence and Spicy Ale (2008)

Gift (Eliza Carthy, Norma, 2010)

The Days That Shaped Me (Marry, Oliver Knight, 2011)

Live at Hull Truck (The Waterson Family, DVD, 2011)

The Gift Band Live on Tour (Eliza Carthy, Norma, Martin Carthy, 2 CD, 2011)

Hidden (Marry, Oliver Knight, 2012)

Coal Not Dole (Norma, digital download, 2013)

Lal Waterson, Teach Me to Be a Summer's Morning (Lal, book w/ CD, 2013)

Two Wolves (Marry, David A. Jaycock, 2015)

Bright Phoebus (Lal and Mike, 2017)

Death Had Quicker Wings Than Love (Marry, David A. Jaycock, 2017)

An Introduction to the Watersons and Waterson:Carthy (2018)

Anchor (Norma, Eliza Carthy, 2018)

An Introduction to Norma Waterson (2018)