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Shining Bright

Shining Bright (Topic TSCD519)

Shining Bright
The Songs of Lal & Mike Waterson
Various Artists

Topic Records TSCD519 (CD, UK, July 2002)

A tribute to Lal & Mike Waterson’s seminal album Bright Phoebus.

Produced by David Suff for Deep Sea;
Mastered by Dennis Blackham at Country Masters;
Design and illustration by John Haxby


  1. John Pashley’s Phoenix New Orleans Parade Band: Bright Phoebus (1.51)
    John Brunton, tenor saxophone; Eugene Farrar, trombone; Philip Kampen, sousaphone; Howard Maude, bass drum; John Pashley, trumpet; Dave Stanley, snare drum
  2. Linda & Teddy Thompson: Evona Darling (3.16)
    Linda Thompson, vocals; Teddy Thompson, vocals and acoustic guitar; Van Dyke Parks, accordion, Hammond B3 organ
  3. Dick Gaughan: Scarecrow (5.43)
    Dick Gaughan, vocals and guitar
  4. Martin Carthy: Never the Same (3.33)
    Martin Carthy, vocal; The Wrecking Crew: Sophie Sirota, viola; Howard Gott, Jackie Norrie, violin; Sarah Willson, ’cello; Andy Waterworth, double bass. Arranged and conducted by Robert Kirby
  5. Norma Waterson: Song for Thirza (4.09)
    Norma Waterson, vocals; Eliza Carthy, violin; Martin Carthy, guitar; Ben Ivitsky, violin
  6. Christy Moore: The Piper’s Path (2.31)
    Christy Moore, vocals; Dónal Lunny, bouzouki; Declan Sinnott, guitars
    from This Is the Day
  7. The Eliza Carthy Band: Child Among the Weeds (4.26)
    Eliza Carthy, vocals and fiddles; Lucy Adams, backing vocals; Martin Green, piano accordion and piano; Barnaby Stradling, bass guitar and piano; Sam Thomas, drums
  8. Helen Watson & Heather Greenbank: Shine (4.11)
    Helen Watson, vocals and guitar; Heather Greenbank, electric guitar and backing vocals
    The Wrecking Crew: Sophie Sirota, viola; Howard Gott, Jackie Norrie, violin; Sarah Willson, ’cello; Andy Waterworth, double bass; string arrangement by Robert Kirby
  9. Billy Bragg & The Blokes: Danny Rose (2.28)
    Billy Bragg, vocals and guitar; Ben Mandelson, Vietnamese lap steel and Fender bajo sexto; Lu Edmonds, electric guitars; Ian McLagan, Hammond B3 organ; Martyn Barker, drums and percussion; Simon Edwards, bass guitar
  10. Maddy Prior: Winifer Odd (3.34)
    Maddy Prior, vocals; Rosie Kemp, vocals; Rick Kemp, everything else
  11. Christine Collister & Oliver Knight: Marvellous Companion (4.06)
    Christine Collister, vocals; Oliver Knight, guitar
  12. Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin: One of Those Days (2.29)
    Kate Brislin, vocals; Jody Stecher, vocals and guitar
  13. Dayteller: Fine Horseman (4.11)
    Jim Boyes, vocals and electric guitar; Barry Coope, keyboards; Steve Page, percussion; Sam Smith, oud; Gary Warmington, stick bass
  14. Richard Thompson: Red Wine Promises (3.57)
    Richard Thompson, vocals and guitar
  15. Blue Murder: Bright Phoebus (2.55)
    Jim Boyes, Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Barry Coope, Lester Simpson, Mike Waterson and Norma Waterson, vocals; Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar


In 1972 Mike & Lal Waterson released an extraordinary album of their original songs - Bright Phoebus - on Bill Leader’s Trailer label. This magical collection of very English songwriting as long been acknowledged a classic and one of the finest achievements of the British folk revival. Inexplicably Bright Phoebus was out of print for many years.

Shining Bright was conceived to pay tribute to Mike & Lal’s remarkable songs, and it draws upon the songs recorded for Bright Phoebus and on a further half dozen songs written at the same time but not previously recorded. Shining Bright has fifteen new recordings by some of the folk world’s finest performers. The songwriting of Mike and Lal is held in such high esteem that soon we had a queue of performers eager to contribute to this collection.
(Sleeve notes by David Suff)

The Coen brothers did it for the music of the deep south, Ry Cooder ditto for Cuban music. And now Topic Records have done it for Lal and Mike Waterson, two of English folk’s most original and searingly creative singers/songwriters. This is a collection that bristles and shines. A collection to bask in. A glorious gathering
(Irish Times)


Thanks to David Suff, Topic Records, and Bob Hudson