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The Watersons: Reflections

The Watersons: Reflections (Topic TSBX 1002)

The Watersons

Topic Records TSBX 1002 (3 CD, UK, ca. 1998)


This box contains three Watersons CDs:

The Watersons: Frost and Fire (Topic TSCD136) The Watersons, Frost and Fire: A Calendar of Ceremonial Folk Songs, CD, Topic TSCD136, 1990

The Watersons: For Pence and Spicy Ale (Topic TSCD462) The Watersons, For Pence and Spicy Ale, CD, Topic TSCD462, 1993

The Watersons: Early Days (Topic TSCD472) The Watersons, Early Days, CD, Topic TSCD472, 1994


Thanks to Ian & Stephanie at Musikfolk for the cover scan and the information.