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Norma Waterson: The Definitive Collection

Norma Waterson: The Definitive Collection (Highpoint HPO6013)

The Definitive Collection
Norma Waterson

Highpoint Recordings HPO6013 (CD, UK, February 2006)

Issued under licence from Topic Records Ltd.


  1. With Kitty I’ll Go (Roud 3052) (3.21)
    from Waterson:Carthy
  2. Once in a Blue Moon (4.10)
    from Oliver Knight: Mysterious Day
  3. Polly’s Love (The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter) (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202) (4.40)
    from Waterson:Carthy: Common Tongue
  4. Sheep Crook and Black Dog (Roud 948; Henry H30a) (3.34)
    from Bright Shiny Morning
  5. Fare Thee Well Cold Winter (Roud 1034; Henry H504) (3.46)
    from Waterson:Carthy: Broken Ground
  6. Song for Thirza (4.09)
    from Shining Bright: The Songs of Lal & Mike Waterson
  7. Hard Times Heart (3.20)
    from Norma Waterson
  8. Grace Darling (Roud 1441) (4.40)
    from Lal & Norma Waterson: A True Hearted Girl
  9. Fallen Leaves (5.02)
    from The Very Thought of You
  10. Black Muddy River (4.21)
    from Waterson:Carthy: Fishes and Fine Yellow Sand
  11. Bright Shiny Morning (Roud 2; Laws Q26) (4.33)
    from Bright Shiny Morning
  12. Flowers of Knaresborough Forest
    from The Watersons: Mighty River of Song
  13. The Outlandish Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163) (5.03)
    from Waterson:Carthy: A Dark Light
  14. Meeting is a Pleasure (Roud 454; G/D 6:1192; Henry H625) (2.02)
    from Waterson:Carthy: Common Tongue
  15. There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth the Salt of My Tears (2.54)
    previously unreleased Waterson:Carthy live recording from the Raunds Music Festival, Northamptonshire, 2-4 May 2003