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Norma Waterson: Bright Shiny Morning

Norma Waterson: Bright Shiny Morning (TSCD520)

Bright Shiny Morning
Norma Waterson

Topic Records TSCD520 (CD, UK, 16 October 2000)

Produced by Eliza Carthy and Ben Ivitsky;
Engineered by Oliver Knight at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay


Norma Waterson: vocals, triangle;
Eliza Carthy: vocals, violin, tenor guitar;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, banjo;
Mary Macmaster: electro harp;
Ben Ivitsky: vocals, violin, viola, tenor guitar;
Alice Kinloch: euphonium, trombone;
Martyn Lewington: trumpet;
Chris Parkinson: piano accordion, harmonica;
Julian Goodacre: English doublepipes, Leicestershire smallpipes;
Maria Gilhooley, Nadine Elliott & Mike Waterson: vocals


  1. The Chaps of Cockaigny (Roud 1451) (4.42)
  2. Three Maids A-Milking (Roud 290) (3.04)
  3. One April Morning (Roud 1546) (3.55)
  4. Sheep Crook & Black Dog (Roud 948; Henry H30a) (3.34)
  5. Game of All Fours (Roud 232) (3.31)
  6. Banks of the Dee (Roud 3814; Henry H583) (3.44)
  7. Bright Shiny Morning (Roud 2; Laws Q26) (4.33)
  8. Barbary Allen (Roud 54; Child 84; G/D 6:1193; Henry H236) (5.50)
  9. Flower of Sweet Strabane (Roud 2745; G/D 4:722; Henry H224a) (4.42)
  10. Green Grows the Laurel (Roud 279; G/D 6:1138; Henry H165ab) (3.42)
  11. Go and Leave Me (Roud 459; G/D 6:1145) (2.53)
  12. My Flower, My Companion & Me (Roud 16555) (3.49)

All tracks trad. arr. Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy, Ben Ivitsky except
Track 2 trad. arr. Norma Waterson, Martin Green
Tracks 4, 8 trad. arr. Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy, Ben Ivitsky, Mary Macmaster
Tracks 5, 10 trad. arr. Norma Waterson; pub Topic Records
Track 11 trad. arr. Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy
All tracks pub. Topic Records

Sleeve Notes

I don’t like writing notes so I’m going to leave it to Liz and Martin, but this is a short exception. All these songs, one way or another, are love songs. Some are about pure love, others are straightforward lust. Some tell stories about longing, waiting and loss, but all have that directness which is to be found in traditional song. There are moments in songs which light them up unexpectedly you can think that you know a song for years and, all of a sudden, be taken off guard, In every one of these songs there is a moment or a turn of phrase which hits me so directly that the rest of the song becomes almost secondary. It was a great privilege and a pleasure working with all the singers and musician on this album, particularly having it engineered by Oliver and produced by Liza and Ben.

Thanks to everybody: to Mary Macmaster for colouring the album in such a subtle and fantastic way; to Martin Green, Julian Goodacre, Alice Kinloch and Martyn Lewington, Maria Gilhooley, Nadine Elliott and Mike Waterson; and to Tony Engle for being sooo patient.

[Norma Waterson]

Producing this album has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever been involved with. The fact that this is my Mam’s first solo traditional album and that we were allowed to produce it has made me prouder than anything; I feel honoured to be able to present this music to the world. My mother is one of the best singers I know, full of warmth and skill and with almost telepathic intuition. She also has incredible grace for letting us take over and tell everyone what to do! I thank her sincerely with all my heart and I hope that Ben and myself have served her glorious talent well. I would also like to thank Ben for all his work and thought, and Oliver for being patient and helpful when the waters were not so clear!

[Eliza Carthy]


Thanks to John Haxby for permission to use the image of the CD cover.