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Lal Waterson: Teach Me to Be a Summer’s Morning

Lal Waterson: Teach Me to Be a Summer’s Morning (Fledg’ling FLED3095)

Teach Me to Be a Summer’s Morning
A portrait of Lal Waterson

Fledg’ling Books FLED3095 (book w/ CD, UK, 21 October 2013)

All original content and artwork © The Estate of Elaine (Lal) Waterson;
Selection, design and additional materials © Maria Gilhooley (Marry Waterson) / A Wing & a Prayer Ltd;
Photography by Jay Goldmark;
Additional photography by Marry Waterson;
Design by Marry Waterson;
CD compiled by Oliver Knight and Marry Waterson;
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Masters


Teach Me To Be A Summer’s Morning is an intimate portrait of Lal Waterson (1943–1998) through a 15-track CD of very rare home demo recordings plus a hardback book of her writings, drawings, paintings, and stained glass.

Known primarily as a singer and songwriter, Lal Waterson is shown, through this beautiful accompanying new book, to be much more—a versatile and vibrant artist. The 15 songs on the CD confirm her stature as a songwriter of rare imagination, depth and rich beauty; combine this ability with the many drawings, paintings, thoughts and poems illustrated in the book and a clearer picture emerges of Lal’s individual, tender, intense, complex but ultimately very human talents.

Teach Me To Be A Summer’s Morning is curated by Lal’s daughter Marry Waterson and offers a unique, intimate portrait of Lal, through a wonderful selection of her work from a life lived making sense of the world through music, words, and pictures.


  1. Never the Same (2.38)
  2. The Scarecrow (3.49)
  3. Evon Our Darling (2.07)
  4. May Butterflies (2.02)
  5. To Make You Stay (2.06)
  6. Marvellous Companion (3.13)
  7. Red Wine and Promises (3.04)
  8. Shine (2.09)
  9. The Piper’s Path (2.16)
  10. Black Horse (1.16)
  11. Song for Thirza (4.27)
  12. Shady Lady (2.01)
  13. Once in a Blue Moon (3.07)
  14. Anna Dixie (3.32)
  15. Telephone Raider (3.01)

All tracks written by Lal Waterson