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Old Chairs to Mend

David Gibb & Elly Lucas: Old Chairs to Mend (Hairpin HAIRPIN002)

Old Chairs to Mend
David Gibb & Elly Lucas

Hairpin Records HAIRPIN002 (CD, UK, 5 March 2012)

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Produced by Chris Harding, David Gibb and Elly Lucas;
Recorded and mixed by Chris Harding;
Mastered by James Singleton at Beefstock;
Artwork and photography by Elly Lucas


David Gibb: guitars, melodeon, vocals;
Elly Lucas: fiddle, viola, vocals


  1. Man on the Road (3.54)
  2. Uncle Joe (2.57)
  3. The Blacksmith (Roud 816) (3.32)
  4. Jerusalem Cuckoo (Roud 1147) (3.29)
  5. Over the Fire (3.32)
  6. Goodbye to the Plough Horse (3.36)
  7. Leapfrog (1.33)
  8. My Boy Jack (3.06)
  9. Sam Hall (Roud 369; Laws L5) (3.16)
  10. Three Magpies (3.29)
  11. Old Chairs to Mend (3.59)

Track 1 Gary & Vera Aspey;
Tracks 2, 5, 10 David Gibb, Elly Lucas;
Tracks 3-4, 9 trad. arr. David Gibb, Elly Lucas;
Track 6 Linda Woodroffe;
Track 7 trad.;
Tracks 8, 11 David Gibb


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Up Through the Woods

David Gibb & Elly Lucas: Up Through the Woods (Hairpin HAIRPIN004)

Up Through the Woods
David Gibb & Elly Lucas

Hairpin Records HAIRPIN004 (CD, UK, 2 September 2013)

David Gibb & Elly Lucas: Up Through the Woods Album Sampler (Hairpin)
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Produced by David Gibb, Elly Lucas, Robin Newman and Rich Collins;
Engineered, mixed and mastered at Snug Recordings Co.;
Photography and artwork by Elly Lucas


David Gibb: vocals, guitars, ukulele, bass, chord organ, piano;
Elly Lucas: vocals, fiddle, viola, whistles;
Jim Molyneux: drums, various percussion;
Will Pound: harmonica, melodeon;
Oli Matthews: clarinet



  1. Jackwire (3.25)
  2. The Way Through the Woods (3.16)
  3. Dalmatian Cradle Song (2.47)
  4. England’s Skies (2.48)
  5. Up Through the Woods (1.07)
  6. Four Poster Bath (4.13)
  7. Waterloo Johnny (3.07)
  8. Paper Boat (3.24)
  9. A Place Called Home (3.47)
  10. Lovely Molly (Roud 1446; Henry H780) (3.18)
  11. Wheel Tapper (3.46)

Album Sampler

  1. Jackwire (3.25)
  2. Waterloo Johnny (3.07)
  3. Dalmatian Cradle Song (2.47)

Tracks 1, 6-7, 9 David Gibb;
Track 2 words Rudyard Kipling, music David Gibb;
Tracks 3, 10 trad. arr. David Gibb, Elly Lucas;
Tracks 4 David Gibb, Elly Lucas;
Track 5 words David Gibb, music trad. (Old Tom of Oxford);
Tracks 8, 11 Elly Lucas

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In the Quiet of the Waiting

Elly Lucas: In the Quiet of the Waiting (Elly Lucas)

In the Quiet of the Waiting
Elly Lucas

Elly Lucas (DL EP, UK, 2 January 2023)

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Recorded during the early lockdowns of 2020

Folk Radio UK review by Thomas Blake


Elly Lucas: vocals, fiddle, viola


  1. How Can I Keep From Singing? (4.36)
  2. When the Boat Comes In (Roud 2439; G/D 8:1562) (2.48)
  3. Irwin’s Orange: Planxty Irwin / Orange in Bloom (4.47)
  4. Something’s in the Kitchen (2.53)
  5. The Moth (4.08)
  6. Birdwatching (4.07)

Track 1 trad. with reworked lyrics by Pete Seeger and Doris Plenn, music Robert Wadsworth Lowry, arr. Elly Lucas;
Track 2 words William Watson;
Tracks 3ab trad.;
Tracks 4, 6 Elly Lucas;
Track 6 Anne Lister, arr. Elly Lucas

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> Folk Music > Records > Elly Lucas

Album photography or design by Elly Lucas

See also Elly Lucas’ art & design work and blog.

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Spell Songs: Gifts of Light (Hudson HUD043D) Various Artists, Spell Songs: Gifts of Light (Live), DL, Hudson HUD043D, 1 December 2023

From the Ground: From the Ground (From the Ground FTG02) From the Ground, From the Ground, CD, From the Ground FTG02, 29 March 2024

Jack Badcock: Cosmography (Jack Badcock JKBK003CD) Jack Badcock, Cosmography, CD/LP, Jack Badcock JKBK003CD/LP, 3 May 2024

Tom Kitching with Marit Fält: Where There’s Brass (Talking Cat TCCD2401) Tom Kitching with Marit Fält, Where There’s Brass, CD, Talking Cat TCCD2401, 10 May 2024