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Nat Brookes: Cormorant

Nat Brookes: Cormorant (Nat Brookes CUBORACLE001)

Nat Brookes

Nat Brookes CUBORACLE001 (CD, UK, 13 January 2021)

Arrangements by Nat Brookes;
Recorded and mixed Josh Clark;
Mastering by Nick Cooke;
Photography and design by Elly Lucas

Cormorant sleeve notes

Folk Radio UK review by Bob Fish


Nat Brookes: accordion, piano;
Deb Chalmers: violin, viola;
Sam Partridge: flute;
Tom Evans: guitar, bass


  1. Mushroom Vent / Cormorant (7.18)
  2. Painted Cuboracle / Bicycle Hunt (5.56)
  3. Nat’s Groovy Tune (6.28)
  4. Spring at Last / Ten Penny Bit (4.00)
  5. The Abbey / Motorway Mazurka (7.51)
  6. Steam Powered Sponge (5.10)
  7. Bootleg Mazurka (6.37)
  8. Mushroom Interval / The Round Jig (7.04)
  9. The Good Old Way (Roud 23864) / Ultra Breath (6.53)

All tunes and arrangements by Nat Brookes except
Track 4b trad. Irish;
Track 5b Jon Swayne;
Track 9a Manx trad. adapted Latterly by John Offord