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Isla Ratcliff: The Castalia

Isla Ratcliff: The Castalia (Isla Ratcliff ISLAR01CD)

The Castalia
Isla Ratcliff

Isla Ratcliff ISLAR01CD (CD, UK, 19 November 2021)

Isla Ratcliff: Tune for Annabelle (Isla Ratcliff)

Tune for Annabelle
Isla Ratcliff

Isla Ratcliff (DL single, UK, 15 October 2021)

Only in Cape Breton
Isla Ratcliff

Isla Ratcliff (DL single, UK, 5 November 2021)

Isla Ratcliff: Only in Cape Breton (Isla Ratcliff)

Produced by Marie Fielding;
Fiddle, cello and piano [1-7, 9-13] recorded by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Scotland;
Stepdance [3-4, 8, 11] recorded by Charlie Pilzer at Tonal Park, Takoma Park, Maryland, USA;
Piano [3, 5-6, 13] recorded by Michael Shepherd at Lakewind Sound Studios, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Mixed by Stuart Hamilton and Marie Fielding at Castlesound Studios;
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios;
Photography and design by Elly Lucas


Isla Ratcliff: fiddle [1-7, 9-13] piano [10];
Ellen Gira: cello [1-5, 9-10, 12-13];
Annabelle Bugay: stepdance [3-4, 8, 11];
Adam Young: piano [3, 5-6, 13]


  1. The Three Mile Bridge: The Three Mile Bridge / The Chorus / The Scotch Style jigs (3.50)
  2. Only in Cape Breton: Turkey Soup / The Jello Bass / Never Trust Google Maps (4.40)
  3. Lively Steps: Killiecrankie march / Athole Brose strathspey / Julia Delaney / Lively Steps reels (6.10)
  4. Tune for Annabelle F major slipjig (4.09)
  5. Memories of Cape Breton slow air (4.56)
  6. The Blue Mist: Isla Ratcliff / Ten Hugs for Paul Cranford / Isla Ratcliff / Laybourn’s Hornpipe (5.20)
  7. Kilts on Fire: Kilts on Fire / Còta Mòr Ealasaid (3.50)
  8. Thinking on My Feet (1.03)
  9. Dusky Meadow: Dusky Meadow / Captain Campbell / Munlochy Bridge / Maggie Cameron strathspeys (3.34)
  10. Canadian Cousins: The Castalia / Chrissy Ogilvy / Canadian Cousins (6.59)
  11. Carol and Mario: Eat Drink and Be Mario / Carol’s Concerto (3.29)
  12. Lament for Owen Christy (5.33)
  13. Isla Be Home for Christmas: Isla Be Home for Christmas / Carnie’s Canter / West Mabou Reel / Wissahickon Drive reels (4.42)

Tracks 1ab, 3ac, 6d, 7a, 9bcd, 13c trad.;
Track 1c Andy Dejarlis;
Tracks 2ac, 4-5, 6b, 10abc, 11ab Isla Ratcliff;
Tracks 2b, 6a Paul Cranford;
Track 2b Abraham MacIntosh;
Track 2d Jerry Holland;
Track 6c Doug MacPhee;
Track 7a Brenda Stubbert and Howie MacDonald;
Track 8 Annabelle Bufay;
Track 9a Donald MacLellan;
Track 12 Jim Stewart;
Track 13a Peter Corfield;
Track 13b James Scott Skinner;
Track 13d Liz Carroll

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