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John Smith: Hummingbird

John Smith: Hummingbird (Commoner COMM01CD)

John Smith

Commoner Records COM01LP/COMM01CD (LP/CD, UK, 5 October 2018)

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Produced by Sam Lakeman;
Recorded at Random Sounds, Somerset, in March 2018;
Mixed by Mike ‘Spike’ Drake and Sam Lakeman;
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis;
Portraits by Rose Cousins;
Design by Oliver Smith


John Smith: guitars, vocals, keyboards;
Cara Dillon: vocals;
John McCusker: fiddle, whistles;
Ben Nicholls: double bass, Fender P-bass;
Sam Lakeman: shakers;
Jon Thorne: double bass [3];
Rachael Lander: cello [3];
Kirsty Mangan: violin, viola [3]


  1. Hummingbird (5.19)
  2. Lowlands of Holland (Roud 484; G/D 6:1116; Henry H180) (3.53)
  3. Boudicca (3.46)
  4. Hares on the Mountain (Roud 329) (4.22)
  5. Lord Franklin (Roud 487; Laws K9; G/D 1:16; Henry H815) (3.26)
  6. Master Kilby (Roud 1434) (2.41)
  7. The Time Has Come (2.52)
  8. Willy Moore (Roud 4816) (4.12)
  9. Axe Mountain (Revisited) (5.52)
  10. Unquiet Grave (Roud 51; Child 78) (5.14)

Tracks 1, 3, 9 John Smith;
Tracks 2, 4-6, 8, 10 trad. arr. John Smith;
Track 7 Anne Briggs

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John Smith: The Fray

John Smith: The Fray (Commoner COMM05)

The Fray
John Smith

Commoner Records COMM05/COM05CD (LP/CD, UK, 26 March 2021)

John Smith: The Fray (Commoner COMM05CD)
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Produced by Sam Lakeman and John Smith;
Recorded by Sam Lakeman, Katie May and Oli Middleton at Real World Studio in Box, UK;
Mixed by Shani Gandhi in Nashville, Tennessee, assisted by Erica Nalow;
Mastered by João Carvalho in Toronto, Ontario;
Studio photos by Simon Whitehead;
Cover photography by Elly Lucas;
Design by Oliver Smith


John Smith: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel;
Ben Nicholls: electric and double bass;
Jason Rebello: piano;
Jay Sikora: drums & percussion;
Marcus Hamblett: horns;
Emma Gattrill: clarinet, bass clarinet;
Sam Lakeman: percussion;
Bill Frisell: electric guitar [5];
Sarah Jarosz: vocals [4, 8];
The Milk Carton Kids: vocals [10];
Kenneth Pattengale: guitar solo [6];
Courtney Hartman: vocals [4-5];
Lisa Hannigan: vocals [6, 9-10];
Jessica Staveley-Taylor: vocals [2, 7, 9]


  1. Friends (3.16)
  2. Hold On (4.51)
  3. Sanctuary (4.30)
  4. Deserving (4.09)
  5. The Best of Me (4.44)
  6. Star-Crossed Lovers (4.06)
  7. To the Shore (3.14)
  8. Eye to Eye (3.51)
  9. Just As You Are (3.43)
  10. The Fray (4.09)
  11. She’s Doing Fine (1.59)
  12. One Day at a Time (4.39)

Track 1 John Smith, Paul Usher;
Track 2, 4, 6, 11-12 John Smith;
Track 3 John Smith, Jonathan Quarmby;
Track 5, 8 John Smith, Sarah Siskind;
Track 7 John Smith, John Garrison;
Track 9 John Smith, Anders Hojer;
Track 10 John Smith, Dennis Ellsworth


Album Trailer:

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