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Songs for the Voiceless

Songs for the Voiceless (Haystack HAYCD006)

Songs for the Voiceless
Various Artists

Haystack Records HAYCD006 (CD, UK, 13 October 2014)

Songs for the Voiceless is an album project aiming to bring some of the lesser-known stories of World War I to light. This collection of songs is inspired by the people the War impacted: men, women and children, soldiers and civilians.

Recorded and mixed by Andy Bell in Sheffield and Bury;
Track 3 recorded by Ben Walker;
Track 5 recorded by Ben Seal;
Track 10 recorded in 2010 by Andy Bell for A Folk Song a Day: November;
Mastered by Dean Honer;
Photography by Elly Lucas;
Artwork and design by Katy Coope


Bella Hardy: vocals, fiddle;
Josienne Clarke: vocals;
The Young’uns: vocals;
Katriona Gilmore: vocals, fiddle, mandolin;
Jamie Roberts: vocals, guitar, percussion;
Ian Stephenson: vocals, guitar, harmonium, double bass;
Tom Oakes: flute, guitar;
Michael J. Tinker: vocals, guitar

Ben Walker: guitar, resonator, keyboard [3];
Jon Boden: vocals, concertina [10]


  1. Theo Jones (4.07)
  2. Trojan Tree (4.40)
  3. As The Dust Settles In (3.13)
  4. Charles Ball (4.48)
  5. Jolly Good Luck to The Girl That Loves a Soldier (3.28)
  6. Harry and Nellie’s First Dance (3.30)
  7. Billy Green (5.24)
  8. Trenches (5.37)
  9. The King’s Horse / Dawson’s Prisoners / The Calculation (3.12)
  10. If You Want to See the General (Roud 9618) (3.09)

Tracks 1, 9 Sean Cooney;
Track 2 Katriona Gilmore;
Track 3 Josienne Clarke;
Track 4 Michael J. Tinker;
Track 5 Bella Hardy;
Track 6 Tom Oakes arr. Tom Oakes, Ian Stephenson;
Track 7 Jamie Roberts;
Track 8 Ian Stephenson;
Track 10 trad. arr. Jon Boden