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Laura-Beth Salter: Breathe

Laura-Beth Salter: Breathe (Shee LBSHEE01)

Laura-Beth Salter

Shee Records LBSHEE01 (CD, UK, 1 July 2013)

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Recorded and mastered at La Chunky Studios by Barry Reid;
Mixed at Reego by Barry Reid;
Produced by Laura-Beth Salter and Barry Reid;
Album design and concept by Lillias Kinsman-Blake;
Photography by Louise Bichan


Laura-Beth Salter: vocals, mandolin;
Jenn Butterworth: guitar, vocals;
James Lindsay: double bass;
Adam Sutherland: fiddle;
Nathon Jones: dobro


  1. Carry Me (3.33)
  2. Big River (5.06)
  3. Watching the Hive (4.13)
  4. Our Bottle / The Waiting Waltz (6.32)
  5. The Devil & I / Flatlands (7.55)
  6. Brother Wind (3.57)
  7. Shine (4.51)
  8. Teacher / The Bankside Girl (4.48)
  9. Yadda / Calm Before the Storm (5.30)
  10. Meet Me in the Morning (4.35)

All tracks written by Laura-Beth Salter except
Track 8b Laura-Beth’s step-father;
Track 10 Bob Dylan

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Jenn & Laura-Beth: Bound

Jenn & Laura-Beth: Bound (JBLB01)

Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter

Jenn & Laura-Beth JBLB01 (CD, UK, 20 November 2016)

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Recorded and mixed by Keir Long at Carrier Waves Studio;
Produced by Jenn Butterworth, Laura-Beth Salter and Keir Long;
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios;
Artwork and design by Seth Tinsley


Jenn Butterworth: guitar, vocals;
Laura-Beth Salter: vocals, mandolin


  1. Let the Sun Shine Down on Me / Than Hall’s (3.27)
  2. Shine (4.04)
  3. The Braver One (3.57)
  4. Wings on My Heels (4.20)
  5. 1,2,3,4 / Joseph Salter’s (5.29)
  6. The Great Divide (4.11)
  7. Apple at the Crossroads / Elzwick’s Farewell (3.42)
  8. If I Had a Lover / The Belle of the Ball (2.54)
  9. There Is a Time (4.11)
  10. Hasse’s A / 32 Bars of Filth (4.55)
  11. Come to Jesus (5.05)

Track 1a Jean Ritchie;
Tracks 1b, 5a, 8b Jenn Butterworth;
Tracks 2-3, 5b Laura-Beth Salter;
Track 4 Boo Hewerdine;
Track 6 Kate Wolfe;
Track 7a Calum MacCrimmon;
Track 7b trad.;
Track 8a Bert Jansch;
Track 9 Rodney Dillard, Mitch Jayne;
Track 10a Mikael Marin;
Track 10b Luke Plumb;
Track 11 Mindy Smith

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From the Ground: Beginnings

From the Ground: Beginnings (From the Ground FTG01)

From the Ground

From the Ground Records FTG01 (DL EP, UK, 9 June 2019)

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Produced by Ali Hutton, Laura-Beth Salter and Andrea Gobbi;
Mixed by Andrea Gobbi and Ali Hutton;
Mastered by Barry Reid

Folk Radio UK review by Alex Gallacher


Ali Hutton: synthesiser [1], guitar [2-3], synth bass [2];
Laura-Beth Salter: vocals [1, 3], tenor guitar [1], mandolin [2];
Andrea Gobbi: electronics [1];
Innes Watson: tenor guitar [2];
Patsy Reid: fiddle [2];
Paul Jennings: drums [2]


  1. Listen (4.07)
  2. The Beautiful Cold (6.52)
  3. God’s Golden Eyes (3.28)

Track 1 Laura-Beth Salter;
Track 2 Ali Hutton;
Track 3 John Hiatt


Laura Beth Salter and Ali Hutton perform God’s Golden Eyes live outside Tpot Studios:

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From the Ground: From the Ground

From the Ground: From the Ground (From the Ground FTG02)

From the Ground
From the Ground

From the Ground Records FTG02 (CD, UK, 29 March 2024)

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Produced by Ali Hutton;
Recorded by Barry Reid at Gorbals Sound and Gran’s House;
Additional engineering by Ali Hutton;
Mixed by Duncan Lyall at Red Deer Studios;
Mastered by Nick Cooke at Nick Cooke Mastering;
Photography by Paul Jennings;
CD artwork and design by Elly Lucas


Ali Hutton: Highland bagpipes, whistles, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synths, piano and programming / sound design;
Laura-Beth Salter: vocals, mandolin, tenor guitar;
Duncan Lyall: double bass, electric bass, moog, additional programming [7];
Patsy Reid: fiddles;
Paul Jennings: drums;
Danny Schwarze, Kim Carnie, Jeremy Raison, Nick Ray, Jim Mackintosh, Scott Bamford: vocals


  1. The Eleventh Hour (3.41)
  2. From the Ground (4.41)
  3. Boreal (Paper Boats / Taiga) (4.51)
  4. Broken Shores (To Catch the Coming Rain / Lifeblood / Broken Shores) (9.29)
  5. Wake Lines (6.27)
  6. Aquila (3.51)
  7. Braver One (4.36)
  8. The Beautiful Cold (6.47)
  9. Breathe (6.44)

All tracks written and arranged by Ali Hutton and Laura-Beth Salter except
Track 4 written by Jim Mackintosh

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