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Laura-Beth Salter: Breathe

Laura-Beth Salter: Breathe (Shee LBSHEE01)

Laura-Beth Salter

Shee Records LBSHEE01 (CD, UK, 1 July 2013)

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Recorded and mastered at La Chunky Studios by Barry Reid;
Mixed at Reego by Barry Reid;
Produced by Laura-Beth Salter and Barry Reid;
Album design and concept by Lillias Kinsman-Blake;
Photography by Louise Bichan


Laura-Beth Salter: vocals, mandolin;
Jenn Butterworth: guitar, vocals;
James Lindsay: double bass;
Adam Sutherland: fiddle;
Nathon Jones: dobro


  1. Carry Me (3.33)
  2. Big River (5.06)
  3. Watching the Hive (4.13)
  4. Our Bottle / The Waiting Waltz (6.32)
  5. The Devil & I / Flatlands (7.55)
  6. Brother Wind (3.57)
  7. Shine (4.51)
  8. Teacher / The Bankside Girl (4.48)
  9. Yadda / Calm Before the Storm (5.30)
  10. Meet Me in the Morning (4.35)

All tracks written by Laura-Beth Salter except
Track 8b Laura-Beth’s step-father;
Track 10 Bob Dylan

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Jenn & Laura-Beth: Bound

Jenn & Laura-Beth: Bound (JBLB01)

Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter

Jenn & Laura-Beth JBLB01 (CD, UK, 20 November 2016)

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Recorded and mixed by Keir Long at Carrier Waves Studio;
Produced by Jenn Butterworth, Laura-Beth Salter and Keir Long;
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios;
Artwork and design by Seth Tinsley


Jenn Butterworth: guitar, vocals;
Laura-Beth Salter: vocals, mandolin


  1. Let the Sun Shine Down on Me / Than Hall’s (3.27)
  2. Shine (4.04)
  3. The Braver One (3.57)
  4. Wings on My Heels (4.20)
  5. 1,2,3,4 / Joseph Salter’s (5.29)
  6. The Great Divide (4.11)
  7. Apple at the Crossroads / Elzwick’s Farewell (3.42)
  8. If I Had a Lover / The Belle of the Ball (2.54)
  9. There Is a Time (4.11)
  10. Hasse’s A / 32 Bars of Filth (4.55)
  11. Come to Jesus (5.05)

Track 1a Jean Ritchie;
Tracks 1b, 5a, 8b Jenn Butterworth;
Tracks 2-3, 5b Laura-Beth Salter;
Track 4 Boo Hewerdine;
Track 6 Kate Wolfe;
Track 7a Calum MacCrimmon;
Track 7b trad.;
Track 8a Bert Jansch;
Track 9 Rodney Dillard, Mitch Jayne;
Track 10a Mikael Marin;
Track 10b Luke Plumb;
Track 11 Mindy Smith

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From the Ground: Beginnings

From the Ground: Beginnings

From the Ground

From the Ground (DL EP, UK, 9 June 2019)

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Produced by Ali Hutton, Laura-Beth Salter and Andrea Gobbi;
Mixed by Andrea Gobbi and Ali Hutton;
Mastered by Barry Reid

Folk Radio UK review by Alex Gallacher


Ali Hutton: synthesiser [1], guitar [2-3], synth bass [2];
Laura-Beth Salter: vocals [1, 3], tenor guitar [1], mandolin [2];
Andrea Gobbi: electronics [1];
Innes Watson: tenor guitar [2];
Patsy Reid: fiddle [2];
Paul Jennings: drums [2]


  1. Listen (4.07)
  2. The Beautiful Cold (6.52)
  3. God’s Golden Eyes (3.28)

Track 1 Laura-Beth Salter;
Track 2 Ali Hutton;
Track 3 John Hiatt


Laura Beth Salter and Ali Hutton perform God’s Golden Eyes live outside Tpot Studios:

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